When one is asked about their childhood, they might respond with It was happy, or it was sad. honestly, there are hundreds of ways to describe it, if not thousands. One could describe a single birthday, or even a weeklong vacation. But for me, I don have a story to tell.

Four years is the limit of my memories. When I was 12 years old, I had awoken in a hospital room with no knowledge of my past. I had for some reason remembered my name, but that was it. I couldn say where I was, or where I was from. You could probably imagine a lost child in a crowd, who had long forgotten what his family looked like and therefore could not return to that familiar, loving warmth. That was me, a lost child, a lost child stranded to find his own way in the world.

After waking up, I spent around two months in the hospital room receiving medicine and daily checkups. I had seen many different doctors during my stay, some tall, some short, some male, and some female, but no matter which one did my many exams, the result would always end up the same. Nothing they had tried worked, and I could possibly, and most likely never regain my lost memories.

Upon my release from the hospital, I had been invited to live with an older man who had claimed to be the one who had found me. I had asked him about myself, more specifically, about my accident, about what he knew regarding the events of finding me. All the man did was give me a warm smile and respond with how he found me laying off the bank of a river near his mountain cabin.

Other than the mans mountain cabin as a location, I had not a single shred of knowledge as to what I could do to discover my lost past. That being known, I tried my best to move forward in this new life, while still keeping the search for my past in my sights.

The name of the man that came to be my guardian was Fujiwara Isahito. Fujiwara Isahito was a doctor and a professor, but he had always told me that he was a doctor first and foremost. For that reason, I started to call him Doc. I had recognized Doc before I came to live with him, as he did occasionally stop by my hospital room during the days that I had been there, and I came to think of him as a father figure.

Although I did not know how a father would act, Doc had treated me well and would tell me stories about his past. He would cheer me up and help me see the good in the future since I was unable to dwell on past memories like him. For these reasons and many more, I deemed him worthy of the title Father Figure.

I don know the reason that Doc had decided to accept me into his household, whether because he was the one that had found me, or because he felt bad about the position I was in, or any other reason that he might have thought of, I was truly grateful.

When Doc had brought me into his home for the first time, I was extremely surprised at the residence that he had owned and lived at. Doc had said that he also owned a mountain home in Japans rural forest region, which was where I had been found, and a few city homes in Tokyo and other cities around Japan, but he then continued to list off a couple other places around the world that he had homes at. I honestly don know how he could remember them all, but maybe thats because of my amnesia, or the fact that I had thought about him having a large keyring with dozens of front door keys dangling.

Of all his different residences, the one that we had occupied was an ocean view mansion outside of Chiba Prefecture. Docs grandson, Isami Fujiwara, had also lived here alongside me. Coincidentally, we were around the same age and had gotten along really well. We attended the same middle school, and eventually continued into high school, managing to be in the same classroom through it all.

During middle school, Isami had brought out an unknown talent of mine, one that I didn know whether I should pursue or cast away. The talent that I had stumbled upon, or perhaps I had accessed a hidden memory from my past, well, Im not sure if It was related to then, or just something I was naturally good at, anyways, the new talent I had discovered, the new skill I had added to my refreshed characters skill tree was a technique that had allowed me to be extremely sly, and surprisingly good at taking things, or in the correct language for that nature, stealing. It was not that I had randomly taken other peoples stuff, I had just started with getting us free lunch passed or change for vending machine drinks.

After the discovery of this new ability of mine, I was extremely excited, mainly for the fact that it could have found out something about my past. Although that was a possibility, I had always considered that it was something new that had nothing to do with my past, and for that I hadn gotten my hopes too high on the return of partial memories.

Now Doc had no idea of the little devils that he had living in his home, and I had never once considered taking anything of his because he had given me everything I had ever needed. If anyone had suspected us of stealing lunch passes or sneaking change from other students, I think Doc would be disappointed in what we had become. In fact, I often wondered why we even bothered doing this kind of thing when all we had to do was ask Doc for some school money, I mean the guy had so much money they Im sure he couldn spend it all.

Isami had told me that the point of us stealing was the thrill of it all, and I won lie, it was exhilarating. Isami had worked on setting up his own set of skills using the premise of counterfeiting. With plenty of practice, we were finally able to make copies of paintings.

With Isami continuing to practice his counterfeit art, we had been able to switch out some of the schools paintings with his fake paintings. We did all of this just to switch the real ones back to their original place as good practice. We were truly becoming good at these bad deeds, and we were proud of it.

Eventually we had started switching art museum paintings for Isamis counterfeits. Instead of returning the original paintings, we had decided to keep the real paintings that we had stolen and thought about selling them to start our own little cash stockpile, although we didn really need such things since we lived with someone as rich Doc.

Isami had learned to not only counterfeit, but he also had gotten good at searching the internet and breaking into government files for information on our targets and their hidden notes including their security layout.

With our skills becoming even better, Isami and I had occasionally started skipping class in our addiction to stealing paintings and replacing them with counterfeits, and recreating sculptures till there was no faults that we could find. Life was good for us, and we had managed to never get caught during our crimes, and if our counterfeits had faults, they would be found out after we were long gone.

Even with doing our crimes in the backdrop, our school life was decent since we pretty much attended by choice. Our friend circle was pretty much unchanging since didn keep close relationships other than with each other. Isami had always flirted with girls and tried to get a date, but for some reason he had a hard time keeping conversation with the girls after the initial ”Hello ” and ”Whats your name? ”. The reason for his lack of communication skills was probably because he had lived most of his life as a loner until I came to live with him. I had thought about trying to get a girlfriend a few times as well, although my unknown past led me to decide against it. I had decided on my own that I wouldn get into a personal relationship until I had found out about my past, and who I was before my amnesia.


Today was August 24, 2027. The end of summer break was nigh, and life was at an all-time high, well, at least it should have been. My week had been rather slow in a sense because I had not done anything in particular.

I seriously need to find another hobby. I thought, as I walked through a mall not far from where I live. The mall that I was walking through had been very busy throughout the summer, and today was no different. On boring days like this, I just randomly strolled through stores looking at books, or games, or clothing, honestly, I wasn too picky on what to look at, as long as it gave me something to do. Right now, though, I had decided to look at some new clothing since the seasons were changing.

Isami had been trailing behind me as we walked, but I had left him behind in a bookstore when he started reading a book titled ”How to Get a Girlfriend in 5 Easy Steps ”. He had initially wanted me to read through it with him, but I wasn particularly intrigued by the first few sentences, and although the book said, ”5 easy steps ”, it was as thick as a full-length novel. How is that possible? Like seriously, five easy steps explained in 250+ pages… I don think so. That is unless they are trying to explain five easy steps to some guy with barely any brain cells. Well, with Isamis personality, that could fit the description… really, Im not trying to be mean.

I walked into a store with a neon, illuminated sign displaying the name Fresh Fits. The store known as Fresh Fits had a large window, showcasing five or so mannequins, both male and female, wearing summer themed outfits. Summer break was ending, and it was going to start getting colder, but I guess this place hadn decided to change their outfit selection till autumn was really near.

The inside of the store was rather small, in fact, there was probably room for no more than fifteen people to look at the clothing racks comfortably. When I had entered the store, the were maybe eight others, so it wasn too crowded. I went past the swimsuits and to the back of the store where the casual clothing was displayed. I suppose the swimsuits were up front to catch the attention of passing shoppers with hopes that theyd stop in, and it obviously worked since the around eight other shoppers had all been looking at swimsuits, despite summer almost being over.

I let out a short sigh as I stared at two racks inside of the brightly lit store. I can decide between this style and that one. I looked between the two racks trying to picture what I would look like in either, I mean they were both nice looking and I could see myself in either, plus I could try them on in the changing stall, but theres always something that makes the decision hard. Its sort of like picking between two girls that you could date: one being extremely attractive, but you don have anything in common with, and the other being less attractive but you get along together like it was meant to be. That kind of choice.

I continued to stare at the two racks……………

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of contemplation between the two styles, an employee had come to help my decision further along. Or perhaps the manger was tired of me staring at two racks of clothing for who knows how long and sent an employee to help. Either way, one had arrived.

”Excuse me, sir, can I help you with something? ” Asked a young female employee, who looked to be in her late teens, possibly in college.

”Uhhhh… possibly… but actually, I don think so. ” I shook my head in denial. It was true that I was having trouble choosing a style to buy, but I don think that this is something for an employee to do. Wait, actually. ”Actually, you might be able to help me. ”

The employee girl smiled. I continued.

”Im having trouble picking between these two styles, they
e both nice, but I don know which I want. ”

The employee girl picked up a shirt from each of the two racks, held them up to my chest, then switched them back and forth a few times, comparing them. The employee smiled and handed me one of the shirts. ”This one matches your eyes. ”

I smiled and accepted the shirt that the girl had handed me, then continued to take the rest of the shirts off the rack that the employee girl had chosen for me. After taking all of the shirts off of the rack, I followed the girl to the register where I paid for the shirts that I had picked out, or more correctly, she had picked out.

The girl reached for a pen that was next to her checkout display and started to write on a receipt she had printed for me. After accepting the receipt, I looked at what she wrote. I could feel my cheeks pull into a grin as I read the words ”Call Me ” with a phone number written underneath. The young employee girl gave me a wink as she used her thumb and pinky finger to gesture a phone while I read the note. I smiled to the girl who had given me her number and raised my hand in a wave as I left the store.

After leaving the stores view, to where the employee could not see me, I silently apologized to the young girl and ripped up the receipt that had her phone number on it and walked off to find Isami.


Meanwhile, at a construction site.

The construction site was newly in the process of being developed. As of this time, there had barely been any buildings standing on the large dirt covered space, just the work machinery, and quite a few piles of rubble from what had stood there before.

What used to stand in that space was a six-story apartment building. The apartment building had not been in terrible shape, actually it was still in rather good condition for the age. Due to there being many other apartment buildings in the vicinity, it was decided that this one would be torn down and replaced with a tiny department store.

Amid the piles of rubble stood a tall man, he was of a muscular stature, and the impression he gave off was calm, yet l

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