Will I win


This chess game—

Will decide—

Whether I get an iPhone or not.

Every move that we both made was thought carefully.

Our surroundings have become eerily quiet as a result of our excessive concentration on this game.

Our minds are battling ten moves ahead from the current position. The intense pressure made my heart race faster than usual.

Every time we play this game, It feels like we
e connected.

The feeling of playing with my Dad is truly fulfilling.

”CHECKMATE! ” my Dad roared.

”Dang it! I lost again. ”

”A Muffinhead like you has no chance of beating me. Its your 9999th consecutive loss. I know you desperately need a phone for your study but you can have one until you beat me. ”

All my life, I never had a phone. We
e just poor and both my parents are jobless. In this day and age, (2060) a person has to be at least a HighSchool graduate to find a job.

The only income we have is from my monthly school allowance that the school gave. Even so, that 10k Pesos of allowance is just enough to cover the rent of our tiny house and daily expenses.

My parents don own a phone themselves and yet my Dad told me that he got the money to buy me one. I don know where he got the money but I know my Dad very well, Im rest assured that he got it legally.

My Dad already did too much for me, he did everything just to enroll me in the best school even if it caused him to lose his dignity.

And thats why hes the best father. The father I only wish to be my dad.

As his son, Ill call myself lucky.

”Hey Muffinhead, You lost. You know the drill. ” he said.

The punishment of losing the chess game is the loser must do 100 push ups. And Im kind of used to it by now because Im a loser.

I leaned down on our rocky flooring and vigorously pushed my body up and down. Losing made me hyper and eager.

”One! Two! Three! Four!… ” I counted loudly as I did a hundred push ups.

While Im doing push ups, Dad stood next to me and started talking.

”Listen Muffinhead, Losing is the structure of learning and experience is the foundation of knowledge. By not giving up, you will win someday and when that day finally comes, I want you to treat winning as just nothing but a phase. ”

”Stop lecturing me like my philosophy teacher, Dad. ” ”Ninety-eight! Ninety-nine! And ONE HUNDRED! Whoo! ”

e energetic as usual, Muffinhead. Wanna rematch? ”

”Yeah, I do! ” I answered energetically.

”Wanna lose more huh? Lets do this! ”

e loudly slamming the chess pieces on the board while we set it on its starting position and suddenly, we hear a thumping footsteps coming from outside the door.

Me and my Dad recognize the scary noise and we both know who it was. Its my mother or rather his wife.

Unlike my Dad, my Moms attitude is quite the devil.

She appeared at the front of the door alongside with her devilish aura. She crossed her arms and we noticed the hanger shes holding in her hands.

She gave us a daunting look and said, ”Its 10pm and you two are still barking like dogs… go to sleep already! ”

Among the 3 of us who live here, Moms the superior one and we never dared to argue with her.

Girls are always right no matter if shes in the wrong or right.

Due to terror, me and Dad leaned up our bodies straight and struck a soldier solute pose and loudly said, ”ROGER MAAM! ”

Then she left peacefully without harming us. Thank god she didn hit us with her lvl 99 hanger.

After shes gone, mine and Dads eyes meet and our humours are talking loudly in silence. Then we both laugh at the same time.

We all got on bed and Mom turned the lights off so we could finally sleep.

e just sleeping on a hard floor with a thin mat and mosquito net to protect us from insects. We
e so poor that we can even afford a bed but unlike others, I got to sleep with my parents together which built our indestructible bond and never ceases to make me happy.

Poverty made me this close to my parents.


”Leo… Leo… Leo! ” Mom said, waking me up from my deep sleep.

I quickly woke up from my slumber.

”Its Monday! go dress up, ” She said.

”Yes Maam! ”

I ate my breakfast, took a quick shower and wore my uniform. While Im looking at the mirror fixing my hair, Dad complimented my looks.

e looking like a shit as always. ” He said.

”Thanks for the compliment I guess… just remember that I inherited this shit face from yours. ” I replied.

Mom interrupted our trash talking and said, ”Why did I even marry someone whos ugly and why did I give birth to an idiot. ” She looked down and placed her hand on her head, looking disappointed.

Both I and Dad shrugged.

Mom had an immediate mood swing and got mad. ”Leo! Go to school now! And you Darling! Uhh… just sit down and continue being useless, ” She said.

Dad smiled slightly embarrassed and I went outside.

While Im walking outside, Dad peeped outside the window and said, ”Good luck Muffinhead, make me proud. ”

I looked at him and saw him waving his hands. I responded by waving back and giving him a genuine smile.

And after that, I continued on my way to school.

The school is quite far so I have to commute to go there. I called a modern jeepney and the moment I stepped inside it, all the other passengers looked at me in amazement.

Well, its not new to me because this happens all the time. Every Time people see my uniform, they treat me like a popular celebrity. The reason is because this uniform that Im wearing represents the Aspro Senior High School (ASHS), the finest SHS in the world.

I pulled out my Aspros student ID and showed it to the driver. This ID granted me the benefits of prioritisation and free ride, and also respect.

”Are you really studying at Aspro? Thats awesome dude! ” one man said.

”I once tried to take the entrance exam at Aspro but I failed. ” a girl wearing a different uniform said in a wistful manner.

”I wish you
e my grandson. ” the elderly said.

”Hey bro, may I have your autograph? ” another man said.

With no option of refusing, I reluctantly signed on his shirt and he was grateful about it.

”Thanks bro! this signature might be worth nothing for now but we don know if itll cost millions in the future. ” he said.

After some moments of them praising me like a king, the modern jeepney stopped and I arrived at my destination.

Upon my arrival, the security guard greeted me warmly ”Good morning! ”

I swiped my ID at the scanner and the big gate in front of me opened automatically.

I walked inside and gazed at the beauty of this school.

The school of your lifes, dreams and fantasies. Aspro Senior High School the school for talented and gifted aspiring teens who studied like their lives depended on it. This school is most famous for its unique way of operating. We all once struggled with picking a strand. The feeling of uncertainty is hard to overcome when choosing which strand to take, but in this school, there is only one strand. The special strand, the ”Ologyra. This is the all around strand where anyone can be anything after graduating. All things considered, graduating from ASHS is enough to make a person become successful in life.

ASHS already manifested its greatness many times, for instance, the current US president graduated from ASHS and the richest person on earth also graduated from ASHS. Because of all of that, millions of students tried their luck to enroll in this school but as expected, almost all of them failed and only 153 students are enrolled in this school. This prestigious school only becomes a fantasy to those who are unskilled.

Im the only one who got into this school without taking the entrance exam. I don know how Dad made it happen, I guess I owe him one.

The ASHS is huge and wide, ranging about 110,000square meters. Here in Aspro, we have different buildings for each class and all of them have air conditioners, not only that but also fancy cafeterias, a library that contains all books (such as novels, manga, educational books and other stuff) , computer lab, gym (for bodybuilding) , sports fields, auditorium, etc…

I went to the class F building and I arrived early.

While waiting for other students, let me explain how this school functions and its rules and regulations. Firstly, there are 5 classes; Class A, B, C, D and F. Each class is ranked, Class A is the highest and Class F is the lowest. The higher the class, the greater the students. The grade of a student determines which class he belongs to.

Class A= 100-90

Class B= 90-80

Class C= 80-70

Class D= 70-60

Class F= 60-50

One more thing is that each class has its own different color of uniform. Class A has a color white uniform, Class B is red, Class C is blue, Class D is yellow and Class F is black. Its easy to identify a students class by just looking at the colour of its uniform.

Every semester lasts for a year. The first semester starts in January and ends in December. Its the first day of June right now, so we
e currently half way through this semester.

There is only one rule here that must strictly be followed; and that rule is No dying.


Its already 7am and everyone is here. We all sat in our seats and waited for our adviser to arrive.

Our adviser is taking a long time to show up, hes 30 minutes late. Nevertheless, we all behaved properly. Everyone seems to be well-disciplined.

After a long wait, our adviser finally arrived.

Ramon Dawson, the teacher who is entrusted to take care of the worst class (Class F). Hes an old man with a fine and healthy body. He is the one who taught every female student martial arts and because of that, this school achieved gender equality.

Class F is the lowest class for a reason; most of the students are placed here because they are troublemakers, and thats why all students in Class F are male.

We all stood up and greeted our adviser synchronously, ”Good morning, Sir Dawson. ”

”Please be seated. ” He replied.

We sat in our seats properly, Then we noticed someone behind Sir Dawsons back, but the more surprising thing is the person standing behind him was a girl and shes wearing the same black uniform like ours.

Its obvious that shes a transfer student but it got me curious because why would they accept a transfer student in the middle of semester.

Sir Dawson spoke upfront, ”It might be out of the ordinary but it is what it is… From this day forward yall have a female classmate… Selene, stand in front and introduce yourself. ”

”Good morning everyone, my name is Selene Alarilla. Being at the worlds preeminent school is a venture to make me stronger… my goal is to be friends with everyone so please don be shy to approach me. ”

She finished her introduction with a lovely beam and it captivated all of my classmates hearts, they
e all blushing red… of course except for me, I didn fall from her smile but instead, I felt my body crawling in awkwardness with a mix of fear. I realized that the new female student is my childhood friend, or rather just an acquaintance.

Selene noticed me sitting quietly on my seat, she glanced at me and it feels like we
e just strangers.

Well actually, I like it this way; I don like her by any means.

”Pick a seat wherever you desire. ” Sir Dawson said.

Selene searched for a seat and she chose to sit next to me.

My seat was at the farthest left corner of the classroom and beside me was my childhood friend who is a stranger to me now.

I wonder if Selene still feels the same way about me when we were just kids.

”Ok class, Its the opening of June, all of your monthly allowance has already been sent to your bank accounts. you can w

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