The light blue sky spoils the eyes, suddenly turning deep blackish red to minimize the distance of view. It was as if the light of the sun was meaningless in their lives. The clouds, which had been pure white like rabbit fur, have now turned black like charcoal. The human beings never expected such an incident in their world. All they want is peace without disaster, not a destruction accompanied by the melting of the land and death in the world.

Not a few of them had anticipated this event even though in the end the group also did the same. Its not that they
e forcing themselves to be afraid of disaster, but rather theyve repeatedly strengthened their hearts to calm down and not panic, but the circumstances out there are completely out of control.

Among the chaos that was going on, behind them were always stalked creatures that they had never seen and encountered before. Theyve occasionally heard mythological creatures are just a story that weighs in their time and never assumed they were real. But what they see now is not just a boast anymore. Various mythical creatures chased, pounced, and devoured them brutally, it doesn matter whether they are human beings with a sacred heart or a dirty heart.

They are absolutely unstoppable as their numbers continue to grow while the population decreases very quickly every second. Among the humans who remained chunks of bones, there were those who struggled to defeat and repel countless mythological beasts. Low- and high-end wizards, they have absolutely no culprits, let alone those who only rely on martial arts and weapons.

Among the buildings that have collapsed, there is one building that is high but only has one level. No one knows what the sky building was made so high that it almost touched the pitch-black clouds above it. Inside there was completely invisible or rather none of those outside had any intention of peeping or interfering with the fight that was inside the building.

But there was one creature that got out of control from its owner, until it decided to break in and hit the door of the building brutally and smash it to pieces. His roar sounded echoing and thunderous in there, until less than 3 seconds, the life of the mythological animal was directly cut off its neck and the two separated bodies fell on the floor, leaving a red blood that had an unpleasant fragrance.

”Its just a small beast, Lord. Its not supposed to expend power and leave it to this very devout person, ” said one of them, pointing to himself.

”It seems that I am too excited. get rid of the animals and surely no one disturbs this meeting anymore. And also wipe that blood, the smell is really unacceptable. ”

”Yes, My Lord. ” A figure like a God servant replied while bowing his head and body.

While watching him clean up, the other two people just observed his behavior while being a little surprised. The animal called very small is one of the mythological animal groups that is famous for its ferocity, after all, its shape is not really small. The door of the building, which has a length and width of more than 5×3, is not even a commensurate opponent and imposes the wall above the door is destroyed.

Cerberus, the Three-Headed Hellhound is no longer an alien animal in their knowledgeable ears. Even the existence in the world has been very scattered and the number cannot be ascertained.

They as the masters of the mythological animal did not accept it while looking at the figure in front of him holding back anger and resentment. The reason is full of sacrifices and long rituals in the process of summoning.

She dragged the carcass of Cerberus all the way to the front of the building, then threw it with one hand, hitting some of the natives until they breathed their last and some of their bodies were blown to pieces. Her deeds had already been planned by her and were very satisfied with the result.

”The creatures of the earth are indeed very fragile. Just catching one animal is not right, ” said the large-breasted adult woman who is very graceful, her way of wagging her hair is very elegant.

Before returning to the meeting, she raised her palm at shoulder level and then snapped his fingers 3 times. It is not known where it appeared, suddenly the hole in the building was closed again. Its just that it is strengthened by 3 layers even though he knows that one layer can cover the hole and no one can destroy it other than herself and the figure he always obeys.

”Where did we talk just now… ” The God deliberately held back his sentence and let the other person interrupt.

”The Gods are too brutal! Even to the point of pretending to be stupid while you are always worshipped and worshipped like a God! ”

”WATCH WHAT YOU SAY, PIG SH*T! This figure in front of you is indeed the real God. There is no other god I worship. Do you want this world to be destroyed with just one command?! ”

”Thats just your view. How could God allow such innocent creatures to die in vain out there. Moreover, their deaths were none other than the calamities he had sent down! ”

”As a lowly being you must realize that this world can no longer exist because of its will. Without God your costs would be nothing more than garbage on the side of the road. But what you prove, Never Believe In God even to the point of killing those who believe in Gods presence. ”

”Before the gods had already given disasters to humans as a warning. Instead of making more and more mistakes, you become more brutal and make fun of the existence of Gods. Now that the disaster has come much bigger, what can you do, Earthlings? ”

”Whether there is a God or not, we don care. That we can survive because of our effort and hard work since we were born. The god figure that you have always been proud of is completely indifferent to us and often brings various disasters that make our life even more difficult! ”

Her ears immediately felt hot to hear the humiliation of her Lord. Her hands were tightly clenched until the figure he obeyed heard an unusual sound behind the ears. Its just that the figure didn try to stop him at all and instead smiled while staring at the two enemy parties that had long challenged his existence.

The woman raised her hands in front of her chest, slammed her fingers into the hole in between, then without taking more than 2 seconds, both sides of the enemy who had been laughing, now screeched in pain and they didn know why the sudden painful thing happened.

The enemies of the God lay on the floor convulsing, unable to do anything to stop the unexpected attack even though he was the king who ruled this city and had abilities almost commensurate with the gods before him.


”My King! D*mn! What are you doing to us, b*tch? Is this the punishment you give when you hear a lowly creature humbling your God?! ” one of the men who was an enemy of the Gods approached his king who was always obeyed, unable to see him suffer pain after so long he did not know.

There was no reply from the woman and continued to close her eyes while imagining their faces that kept whining and asking her to stop. The God is also seen enjoying the scene and considers it a rare sight while making a good punishment for those who dare to denounce the figure of God.

”If you really want us dead, just kill me and don touch my king at all. Also, at least talk about what we just discussed before I disappear from this goddamn world! ”

The figure, whom the woman considered a God, raised her right hand next to her ear, signaling that she should not attack the enemy when the conversation was not over. ”At first I thought that you were my most obedient subordinate to me, but it seems that I have to give you a much heavier punishment than before. ” Her voice is really elegant and authoritative, no wonder the woman refers to him as a God, even he admits it.

The woman spontaneously stopped her offensive activities with a dissatisfied and regretful face. His anger and stupidity blended into one and as quickly as possible he lowered his head and put his knees on the floor. ”Forgive your servant, My Lord. But as a servant of God, I cannot accept insults and insults directed at you, making me personally unable to control my emotions. It also applies if other servants of God hear his words. ”

The God rose from his seat while pushing the chair back, then his face and body turned to look down on the woman. No one knows what kind of form when the God is angry, but the figure shows veins all over his face and is very red like a devil. Unexpectedly, his hand suddenly pounced on the womans face, then dropped slightly until he could feel her neck bone and turned the womans gaze to the Gods eyes.

”I don want to hear your reasoning. As an obedient subordinate you should just say yes to my orders and execute without saying much! ” The God is really scary when he is angry until the enemy side is not in a position.

Did not have time to answer, her face was immediately thrown down to the ground, now her position is the same as the enemy side she had just injured with her ability. God could hear such an excited cough, but unceremoniously ignored and returned to his seat.

”Just ignore my anger just now. You, since your king seems to have suffered so much, at least help him speak when he is unable to discuss. ” The God stared at the kings adjutant.

He just nodded, quite frightened when he saw the figure of God for the first time venting anger to his subordinates. Before the discussion began, he helped his king back to his seat and they began to discuss without regard to the destruction that was slowly tearing down the building.

”Maybe humans are tired of hearing this question but Ill say it one more time. Why have you never believed in Gods? Did the figure of God never exist for you? ”

”I don care and don want to know about Gods. The real proof that we live by helping each others fellow human beings, our efforts have always paid off far from those who only hope for a reply from the Gods. As a king who cared deeply about his inhabitants, I have never indoctrinated them to worship and acknowledge the existence of Gods. After all if the Gods do exist, where do they live? As for us, humans have a form like you have a dwelling place called home. ”

”Then on what basis are you who don believe in Gods, killing fellow creatures who believe in Gods? ”

”Because they do not belong to our species and insult us as strays in the dead end. We are human beings who can live because of the help of our fellow human beings, not dependence on a person whose existence is unclear. If I may tell the truth, I have never regarded you as a God so far. But its a human being who is endowed with great abilities and no opponents since you were born. ”

”You should be proud of both your parents, thanks to them you are now being praised and recognized as a God. It is not coming and wreaking havoc on those of us who seek to live in peace this world is extinct on its own. I think thats already the most obvious answer. ”

”You should be proud of both your parents. Because of them. you are now praised and recognized as a God. It is not coming and wreaking havoc on those of us who seek to live peacefully in this world until it becomes extinct on its own. I think thats already the most obvious answer. ”

”The blessing you mean is also a gift from God. I just found out if there is a stupid human like you. Don you remember if my subordinates had said that God could destroy this world with just a snap of a finger? She wasn joking. As one of the Gods, I can actually destroy this world you love easily, but I don want to do that. At least for now ”

”Why? Is it because you realized that you have been bragging since then only and have no special abilities? ” the kings aide was completely undaunted, even more resisting and continuing to try to establish his stance as a Godless Soul. ”

”Just look at what happened to your country. As a result of you not agreeing to the existence of a God, even to the point of declaring that you can live without a God, it is already very outrageous. I have previously warned you of various small disasters. But you actually think that your greatness is what can shelter from various disasters that exist. And it surprised me when you said you never acknowledged the existence of a God.

”Maybe the Gods you know there are many and don care about you at all. But don get me wrong, once we know there is an earth creature who admits that he does not consider the existence of a God, we ourselves have already marked you and made the next step so that you are aware of your words. ”

”If you are still curious why God never took the initiative to completely destroy the earth, thats because they still have a lot of followers and always clean up those who insult us. ”

”Alright. Just forget about what God planned for us. Lets put it this way, what if we won insult God anymore in the future? It also includes no more killings for those who follow the Gods. We admit we were wrong for taking the lives of those who had different thoughts. After I heard your boast earlier, it was a little reasonable and acceptable that there were people who glorified their God so much, even to the point of risking their lives. ”

The God smiled at his words and requests that only benefited the ungodly

”Its easy to say when you guys are already thousands of people who believe in our existence. But after my arrival, you just apologized as if the life of a living being endowed with a God was not something expensive! It seems that I feel guilty about strangling my subordinates! ”

Instantly the vibrations in the building were so excited. The walls, roofs, even the layered barriers created by the followers of the God, were destroyed very easily as if the difference between their abilities was like ant and the earth. The Gods voice echoed so much in the room that the other three covered their ears, no matter their respective injuries before. One by one the buildings pyles began to fall, hitting the floor to create several holes in it.

”There is no point in speaking at length to cover the mouths of beings who do not recognize the existence of God. Destroying you and this kingdom is a very appropriate choice. You, your king, and the rest of the inhabitants will have no mercy for deliberately provoking Gods anger. Feel the consequences, you stupid earth creature! ” said the God with a shrill laugh.

Then… BANG!

Their bodies shattered from the inside, chunks of bones and flesh and blood red that were thick enough to hit the face and clothes of the God. Not having time to say the last sentence, the king and his most trusted aide died in the hands of God because of their words and deeds so far.

We, the Gods only need to silence the mouths of the stray earth creatures and kill them when doing damage in the world we have created and preserved for generations! ”

”BE WILD, MY CHILDREN! SHOW THAT GOD EXISTS AND MUST BE OBEYED! ” The voice of the God instantly echoed and sounded to the end of the world.

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