Calamity Order

A Weird Book

At night in the corner of the kingdom, precisely in Hakuba Village, it was being hit by a terrifying raging wind. The strong wind is very deadly. Many trees fell on the streets, the roofs of flying houses were carried by the strong wind. Accompanied by the roar of rain, it caused several houses in Hakuba Village to be almost completely submerged by water.

Of course, with the roaring wind accompanied by violent thunderstorms, people in general immediately protect themselves at home with their families or in other closed places.

They hugged each other tightly for fear that one of their family members would be carried away by a stormy wind that did not know how long it would circle the village. The villagers can only wait for the storm to dissipate and reflect on what the village where they live has experienced.

However, when the villagers were taking refuge, there was a young man named Mavcazan who was glued to staying in the tense windstorm.

The fifteen-year-old boy with shiny black hair, his height is about 170 centimeters, the nose is slightly snub, the eyeballs are navy blue, the ears are slightly pointed like elves with the wound on the earlobe almost making his left ear break off, the slightly thick mouth and the body are quite thin. With a gloomy face while pondering himself, Mavcazan murmured.

”Uh… what ridiculous reason makes me stand in the storm? ”

Pondering too deeply and unconsciously, at this time he was on the parapet of the river. The river water flows too fast, because the night down there is very dark. Just a little careless and falling in that river, the percentage of his life saved was very small.

Soon, Mavcazan shouted in a shrill voice.

”What am I doing here, damn! ”

After shouting, Mavcazan fainted directly and lay on the street. Luckily, one of the villagers heard his screams. The villager were surprised to see a weak and stupid young man lying on the street while outside there was a raging storm.

Soon the villager immediately helped the reckless young man and carried him to his house. Not a foreigner, where the villager who carried Mavcazan was Ravndr Llictro. Ravndr was a Mavcazan teacher as well as a resident of Hakuba Village who always cared for him. He was very kind and attentive to Mavcazan. The figure of a teacher who always protects and gives affection like a parent. Ravndr has long wavy brown hair tied with rubber, there is a kind of vertical cut on both cheeks. They have wounds on each part of the body and there is a separate story.

”You fool, what are you doing out there? Do you want to die? ”

Ravndr was furious silly as he scratched his head so confused to learn of his students stupid deeds. Ravndr immediately enveloped Mavcazan after he put the disciple in his bed. Ravndr let him fall asleep in his bed because Ravndr saw that lately Mavcazans physique was very weak and often relied on him.

Even so, Mavcazan was always desperate to perform actions beyond his expectations. Ravndr never scolded him once at what Mavcazan was doing, because Mavcazan wanted to train himself to become stronger, even though the teacher knew it was absolutely impossible for him to have magic abilities above the average of his peers in the near future.

The next day, the weather was very clear. The sun seems to be shining brightly making flowers and plants flutter, the sky is very blue because it is so bright that there are no clouds covering the village. Hakuba Village is famous for its beautiful scenery.

Hakuba Village is the village farthest from the royal capital, adjacent to the coast. So that the majority in the village produces more food from the sea and makes a living as fishermen.

The fishermen over there used the power of their water magic to catch fish, with their ability there was no damage in the sea area when catching crowds of fish. Not only that, although they live in the village, there are some residents who have unique and magnificent house shapes. It may even be said to be almost equivalent to the houses in the Royal Capital of Okuba. Although there are also some houses that are considered very shabby and not worthy of being considered a place to live.

After Mavcazan fainted and fell asleep deeply, now it slowly began to open his eyes.

”Where am I? ” he said, rubbing the hair.

Ravndr hasn been home since the sun hasn risen. Mavcazan still a semi-conscious state, still lying on the bed winking constantly.

”Oh, this is Master Ravndrs house, ” Mavcazan said, rubbing his eyes. In between, Ravndr came with groceries from the market.

”Oh, you
e awake, huh. ”

”Master, why am I here? ”

”I should have asked. Why are you screaming like a fool in the midst of a storm? ” said Ravndr as he put his groceries.

”I don know. It seems that yesterday I imagined something. Imagine if I became a great mage and the strongest creature. ”

”Why didn you imagine that thing in your house? Never mind, we have breakfast first. ” Ravndr had no intention of arguing with his student.

Mavcazan, who was in a sitting position on the bed, still felt pain and soreness from his ridiculous behavior yesterday night. It took him up to a few minutes to get up from the bed, confirming whether his body had indeed suffered an injury or not. Then he got off the mattress and went to the bathroom. Mavcazan by exhaling a long breath in front of the bathroom sink was relieved. He stood in front of the sink and then washed his face slowly.

His fairly pale face, he washed a few times and took a towel, then faced the direction of the mirror and pondered something. Mavcazan has a weak body from birth, feels that his life is burdened. Mavcazan will become a weak person after he uses his magic. He has a dream that is very difficult to achieve and if to achieve that dream he must do it to the point of bloodshed.

After finishing pondering in front of the bathroom mirror, he walked towards the dining table where the teacher had prepared breakfast for the two of them. In addition to being a sorcerer, Ravndr is also an expert in cooking. The cuisine is very famous for its deliciousness. His decision to become a chef in Hakuba Village, the villagers are confused by Ravndrs decision to become a sorcerer than to become a chef and open his own restaurant.

Ravndr and Mavcazan often eat together, but this is the first time he has eaten together at Ravndrs house. Mavcazans appetite instantly became passionate after smelling the scent of Ravndrs cooking. Mavcazan, whose daily life is eating normal portions, but after smelling Ravndrs cooking, his appetite suddenly doubles or even more than usual like not eating for days. After that, they continued the previous conversation.

”Hey, Mavcazan, tell me your reason why you want to be the strongest? You have no intention of killing the entire wizard and leveling the world with your magic, right? ” Ravndr asked as he cleaned up the dishes on the dining table.

Mavcazan didn open his mouth and just looked at his master with a flat look with a wry smile. He deliberately did not answer as if he hadn heard his question.

After all, his Master already knew the reason why Mavcazan wanted to be the strongest. In addition, Mavcazan also has a weakness where he can only use magic below his ability limit. Mavcazan will simply fall when he actually forces his use of magic beyond the limits.

After that, Mavcazan immediately moved out of his seat, said goodbye to his master and returned to his home. But Ravndr confronted him and said. ”After the work in your house is done, I hope you can go back to my house as soon as possible. Ill talk about the important things, ” Ravndr said. After hearing the teachers words, Mavcazan immediately ran very fast so as not to waste time.

Mavcazan thought maybe Ravndr would say something related to magic and he was very sure of that. They have known for quite a while even since Mavcazan only recognized the magic of a fantasy novel that was quite in demand in the world. But suddenly Mavcazan was exposed to the symptoms of high fever. His body was limp, his face was red, his temperature had risen but he forced his way to his house.

”Its okay. If I complained of only this minor illness, how could I live up to my masters expectations, ” Mavcazan said sighing as he clutched both hands.

Mavcazan realized that his physique was very weak and now he is in a lot of pain but he acts like a painless hero. Mavcazan walks very slowly like a baby who is just practicing walking. With his body slightly bent down like he was carrying a bag filled with rocks. Mavcazan paused for a while, sitting on a park bench, waiting for his body condition to improve. His burning spirit like a fire then disappeared instantly like a candle fire blowing by a mouth.

His body temperature is getting hotter and wetter. He is really like an annoying guy. Mavcazan also had trouble opening his eyes, forcing him to sleep under the scorching sun. Without much thought, he slept directly on the park bench. In very sunny weather, Mavcazan felt cold like he was in a village that was being showered with snow.

He didn have time to borrow Ravndrs jacket to warm his shivering body. He forced himself to sleep on a park bench while he always slept on a comfortable mattress. His body was in pain like sleeping on a pile of rocks.

”Stupid me, forcing sleep on a hard chair like this,. But if I force to walk, there is a chance that I fainted again. That would be very troublesome for Master Ravndr. ” Mavcazan muttered as he hugged himself.

Mavcazan finally fell asleep after more than ten minutes he forced his body. Meanwhile, the park is in a crowded condition. The park that Mavcazan visited was being used as a show of a combination of circus and magic. Mavcazan was unaware that the people in the park were swarming a stage in the central park of Hakuba Village.

The passers-by in front of Mavcazan felt sorry for him. In the presence of them, he was regarded as a fringe person whom his family threw away. It was the scene of passers-by in front of him. While Mavcazan ignored his compassion. However there was a man glancing at Mavcazan and he soon approached Mavcazan who was fast asleep. The man was dressed in casual clothes like a typical villager. But he was wearing some kind of robe with a head hood.

There was a villagers suspicion of the hooded man. It is possible that he will kidnap and even kill the helpless Mavcazan. Moreover, his body is very burly, dashing, like a professional killer.

But on the contrary, the man actually gave Mavcazan a very thick blanket. He envelops Mavcazan gently and affectionately like a father and son. His body was on a park bench, but his consciousness was in dreamland.

Whether it is a coincidence or not, his current dream is almost the same as the state he is in now. He was sleeping with a cold body in clear weather. But in the dream, he meets the king of wizards and wears a long and wide robe to cover up his identity. The wizard king also gave a very thick blanket and jacket. Mavcazan was very happy, smiling broadly while shedding tears. He met the figure of a very powerful person in the kingdom.

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