Calamity Order

Not for Now

”My Lord, I want to be the strongest mage, brave, fair, and indispensable to many people. I also want to be a king like you someday. ” Mavcazan said to the person in his dream.

”Hahaha. You want to be the mage king? Don joke. After all, there is no benefit to being a wizard King other than being a prominent person in this kingdom. But if you keep pushing, meet me in my palace if you really want to be the king of wizards. I will tell you all my struggles before and after being crowned king of witches, ” said the King with a warm smile and then he disappeared before Mavcazan.

Suddenly Mavcazan awoke from his slumber. Wasting too much time, it turned out that he slept in the park until the evening. It was very quiet there, there was no one but Mavcazan. He was very puzzled, suddenly there was a quilt and jacket on his body.

Mavcazan was very sure that he hadn brought the things from his masters house. Instantly he realized what was experienced in his dream was the same as what he was experiencing now. He suddenly shed tears without him knowing it. On the other hand, he was also happy.

He thought the king gave the blanket and jacket away. Although he knew the most powerful man in the kingdom could not have appeared when the atmosphere of the place was very crowded in a remote village.

Theres no benefit to being a mage king? Am I so stupid that he forbids me to seize his post?

His body temperature began to decline after a very long sleep. With a slowly recovering body, Mavcazan returned to his home with a sense of relief and calm. A few steps later he remembered the words of his master where he had been waiting for his master because he wanted to say important things. Mavcazan had thought of ignoring Ravndrs orders and returning to the real house, but he decided to turn around to his masters house by running very fast like a dog.

When he arrived at Ravndrs house, Mavcazan immediately knocked on the door and called his master very loudly, even though his breath was short of breath after running around. After calling his master repeatedly, there was no response from Ravndr.

When he looked through the house, there was a piece of paper between the door vents, Mavcazan immediately picked it up. It turned out to be a letter from Ravndr to Mavcazan written in ink that was almost exhausted so that the writing was vague.

”Mavcazan, where have you gone? Ive been waiting for you since the morning, kid. Have you forgotten if I want to say something important? By the way Im not at home at the moment. I got a call from Caesius to help the royal warriors complete the secret mission. Wait until I get home, ” Ravndr said on a piece of paper decorated with small tears.

Mavcazan looks happy when his master is summoned by the magic king. Someday he wants to meet the King of wizards and wants to talk to him a lot. After finding the answer from the master, He went straight home with a grimacing face with a heart of joy. When he got home, Mavcazan immediately took a shower and ate dinner very rashly.

He immediately ran into the room and picked up a book. The book he took was about the biographies of the royal ministers and the magic possessed. Mavcazan adds insight into the kingdom and magic from the books he reads every day.

Even in the Okuba Kingdom every week, it publishes newspapers and even magazines to collect some current news. He also read books related to magic knowledge, mythology, as well as fantasy novels that have become his favorites so far. Thats all he can do to comfort himself while at home. Mavcazan lived alone in his house. Both of his parents died when Mavcazan was 2 years old.

After his parents died, Ravndr decided to take care of Mavcazan until now. It can be said that the Mavcazans are like Ravndrs biological sons, although their status is only between the master and the student. Mavcazan was reading the ministers biographical book in his room until he could not remember the time. Hours he spent reading books that would be interesting to read that very night. From books about the activities of the royal capital to magic knowledge.

When Mavcazan observed the faces of the royal ministers a little proud to know his master also belonged to the ranks of ministers. Although he has seen it dozens of times, he still sees that his master and parents are wizards who have positive values in the eyes of the royal population. Mavcazan knew that his master was indeed a master of magic, but a question arose, why did his master actually live in a village and not continue his work as one of the royal officials?

This made Mavcazan even more curious about his master. Although he has been with his master since childhood, Mavcazan has not known his master deeply and rarely tells himself. He was looking forward to Ravndrs return and wanted to ask about his status in the Royal Capital. Unexpectedly, when Mavcazan saw his masters face in the book he was holding, he was immediately shocked and immediately threw the book towards the window. Mavcazan was surprised to see the look on his masters face.

The original photo was smiling a little and showing a little bit of his teeth, suddenly his eyes closed slowly like a person who had reached his death.

”Master, why are you surprised me?! ” Mavcazan shouted while observing the book. Dd I see it wrong? how can photos move? am I in the movie world? he wondered.

His mind is getting more and more chaotic. He began to think about what he shouldn think of. Mavcazan thought his master was affected by the calamity. He began to feel fear and worry suddenly overwhelmed him.

He couldn help thinking of something that might be mentally paralyzing himself. In order to relieve his worries, Mavcazan immediately walked quickly to the refrigerator where there was some food and drinks.

Take some foods that contain sugar. Mavcazan believes eating sweet foods can reduce anxiety and stress. After eating very quickly, Mavcazan didn think long, went straight to the room and slept in a supine position and then covered his whole body with a green blanket. Mavcazan couldn sleep peacefully with the circumstances that hit him.

He suspected that something happened to his master in carrying out a secret mission. Because Ravndr is very close to Mavcazan, even Mavcazan considers Ravndr as his biological father. He just doesn want to lose the person closest to him anymore.

Mavcazan panicked more and more, frightened, his mind was very chaotic. He couldn calm down after seeing the incident. Other than that there is no magic that can alleviate anxiety. To Mavcazans knowledge, magic can only resist and eliminate other magic.

Putting aside how lay Mavcazan was, he plucked up the courage to walk in the direction of the book with a thumping heart. He saw that his masters face had returned to the way it was. There were no suspicious incidents after Mavcazan took the book.

”Damn, maybe Im just exhausted. Besides my body hasn fully recovered. Yes, I have to rest assured. ”

Mavcazan forced himself while closing the book he had thrown away. Then put the book on a table piled up with books of magic knowledge. After the incident, Mavcazan was finally able to sleep with a state of calm and relief. No more worries and fears fell on him.

Mavcazan was fast asleep not hearing the sound of the alarm on the table, right next to the mattress. He set the alarm at 6:00 a.m. but he missed it until 7:30 a.m.

”Damn, I was late. ” Mavcazan regretted while holding a fairly worn alarm.

Mavcazan usually wakes up when the sun rises. He deliberately got up early so that he could arrange time to clean his house, practice magic, and interact with his friends. Because woke up late, Mavcazan did not have time to clean the house and shop at the market to make breakfast. After waking up, he chose to take a shower, clean his body, wash his face, and brush his teeth very slowly.

When cleaning the ear part, Mavcazan screamed in pain, feeling that someone was piercing his earlobe. He remembers how he got the wound when a foreign mage attacked the village and he became one of the victims. Even Mavcazan was traumatized by something related to magic.

The wound that almost cut off his ear gave a very deep mental pressure. Until he once hoped that magic would disappear as soon as possible on this earth so that no one would hurt each other with magic anymore. But Ravndrs role as his master helped to recover his trauma immensely.

Then he went back to his room to put on the clothes he had stored in the closet by the window. Every time he wears his clothes, sometimes Mavcazan while looking at the view of Hakuba Village from his room. The habit is often Mavcazan do every morning shower. The clothes worn do look different, unlike other village people in general. But it can attract attention because the strange clothes are more similar to the uniforms worn by the royal army. Mavcazan deliberately used the uniform because he was going to practice magic this morning.

When practice is impossible to practice alone. He always trains with his master. But because his master is on a secret mission, he usually invites his close friend, Max. Because he hadn had time to give news yesterday night, Mavcazan was forced to visit his house.

The distance from Mavcazans house to Maxs house is not so far. Heading to his friends house, usually Mavcazan always passed by his masters house. When he passed by his masters house, he deliberately slowed his pace while observing Ravndrs house from outside the window. Ravndr still hasn come home from his mission. The house still seems empty, with no occupants. Even the drinking glass on the dining table that he saw last night, did not move in the slightest.

”Master, when did you go home. I want to beat you up during the magic pratice. ” Mavcazan said silently with a gloomy face.

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