Calamity Order

Okuba\'s King and Advisor

When he continued to step, he saw Max from a different direction. ”Hey Max, here, ” Mavcazan greeted, waving a hand.

”Hey Mavcazan, where are you going? ” Max greeted back, his smiling face not as attractive as Mavcazan.

”It just so happens that I want to go to your house. I need a friend for practice today. Do you have time? ”

”Oh I see, I was going to the market but after that my time was free. So I can keep an eye on you during rehearsals, ”

”Okay. Ill come to the market with you. ”

After that, Mavcazan and Max went to the market together. During the trip they talked about their daily lives when they didn see each other. They have been friends for 9 years. At that time, Mavcazan was only 6 years old, it was very difficult to be friends with Max.

Anthony Max was known as a stubborn young man when he was a child. His eyeballs were a very rare and terrifying red color, from which many people did not want to approach and befriended him. In addition he had a cold and cynical gaze from the moment they met. Even so, since getting close to Mavcazan his personality has not been as scary as his gaze.

Short spiky hair is white-gray, the nose is as small but not as small as Mavcazans, the skin is slightly thick and fair. His stubbornness makes him not have many friends who can entertain every day.

Previously, Max always spent his day just training his magic. Mavcazan was with his teacher at the time, seeing Max standing in the middle of a large courtyard. To find the yard people have to go through a narrow road, moreover, there are many turns, where if they don remember the direction, they can get lost on that road.

Max was already quite adept at mastering his magic abilities at the time, making Mavcazan really want to be his friend, seeing that at that time he was also not friends with anyone. Without thinking, Mavcazan went straight to Max who was standing while casting a few spells.

Max looked at Mavcazan with a sharp look on his face, as if he wanted to kill him. He was a little surprised and began to step back slowly. Usually Mavcazan always greets people he wants to be friends with, but does not apply to Max. Mavcazan tries to greet him with a smile, but is reciprocated with an unkind look. It made Mavcazan have to think of a way so that he could make friends. Mavcazan spontaneously unleashes his magic before Max with his fire magic.

It breathes fire from its mouth by forming a dragon with a body length of more than 10 meters, dancing on top of them. Not a vain deed, he managed to amaze Max with a gaping mouth. Max had put on an annoying flat face, instantly turning like a child who had seen magic for the first time. But suddenly Mavcazan was already lying in front of him.

Max immediately approached Mavcazan who had moved away from him. He was amazed when he saw the extremely explosive magic, surpassing his own magic. Mavcazan was falling on the top of the yard directly carried by his master.

”Hey, my name is Max, will you be my friend? ” Max initially had no intention of befriending Mavcazan at all but he pulled his words back. Mavcazan was helpless over his masters back nodding his head as a sign he wanted to be friends with Max. Its that simple they became friends until now.

Eh? Since when did I start introducing myself to strangers? Can I now really have friends like a typical kid?

After Mavcazan and Max finish their business from the market, they are now at Maxs house, returning his mothers entrusted shopping items. There Mavcazan was very well treated by his parents, even his parents often took Mavcazan to eat with his family.

At that moment Mavcazan was very happy, he had never eaten with his parents since he was a child. Maxs parents also consider Mavcazan to be his biological child. On the other hand, Max has a younger brother, has water magic like his brother.

”Hey Mavcazan, remember, don overdo it, you can only use your magic below your limit. Id better just practice first and then you
e next. ”

Max always said that when training with Mavcazan. Sometimes Mavcazan is careless because he is so passionate. He once used his fire magic that invited half the village, thinking there was a fire.

As a result of his ridiculous behavior, he couldn move his body for one week. During that time Mavcazan always troubled Ravndr and Max when they had their own busy lives.

Mavcazan was still waiting for Max to finish training, suddenly starting to feel bored. Mavcazan quietly left the training ground without saying anything to Max. He left not so far from the field. While looking around some residents cleaned up and confirmed their homes that were carried away by the wind a few days ago.

Oh, Master is already at home. Ill be there later after training.

As many residents swarmed Ravndrs house, Mavcazan had no intention of coming to his teachers house. He preferred his practice rather than having to get through the crowd.

Just as he arrived at the training ground, Max had already taken a break from his training.

”Where have you been? Ive been looking for you since just now. ”

”Hahaha, sorry. I just left for a while waiting for your training to finish, ” Mavcazan said with a chuckle.

Mavcazan returned to the training ground, unceremoniously started his practice directly. Mavcazan slowly chanted a spell as he stuck his hand forward. He could feel his magic mana flowing all over his body and then coagulating in his palm.


A giant fireball came out of Mavcazans hand. It was the first magic that Mavcazan unleashed when he first created the attack. He didn know what to name every magic he created, because he really sucked in giving a name.

Not wanting to let the opportunity be wasted-, Max spontaneously mentioned ”Dragons Breath ” whether such an interesting idea appeared from when. Dragon Breath is a fire magic that forms a huge ball shrouded in flames and instantly burns the target until it is scorched, leaving no trace. But the naming applies only to Mavcazan.

Although the magic sounds simple, but Mavcazan has its own way. It is able to cast ordinary magic into extraordinary by being unable to move as a consequence.

In addition, in some places, such as the Okuba Kingdom, mages release magic on the condition that they have Magic Bracelets. The bracelet is used to activate magic as long as the wizard uses it, no matter to kill or protect. The bracelet also has its own motif and color for the owner.

Mavcazan and Maxs magic bracelets are the same color, as well as the motifs. They deliberately equated the magic bracelet as a form of their friendship since childhood. In short, a mage will not be able to cast magic if he does not have a magic bracelet.

As usual, Max was always amazed when he saw Mavcazan performing fire magic. Mavcazans fire magic is indeed very brutal when used as an attack. On the other hand, Mavcazans earth magic is often used as defensive magic when needed but its power is not very beneficial.

Mavcazan was too brutal and forced his body to dance with fire magic for too long until it was already lying on the ground spreading his hands together. As usual, Maxs job was to carry him behind his back while hearing the sound of each of his breaths. As planned, Mavcazan would go to his masters house and ask Max for help to take him there.

It didn take more than ten minutes that they had already seen Ravndrs house. When he got there Mavcazan felt confused. His teachers house is still surrounded by many people. The ignorant Mavcazan still thought that the crowd must have welcomed the teachers return, but this was very different from before. Mavcazan was forced to ask Max, escorting him all the way inside Ravndrs house. They found it difficult to break through dozens of people, blocking the entrance. Voice after voice came in and out of the right and left ears, some of them wondered.

”Is Master Ravndr still alive? ”

”Is Master Ravndr okay? ”

”I heard that the wound on his abdomen is quite severe. ”

Max spontaneously carried Mavcazan in an abnormal way and hit several people in order to get inside. Mavcazan and Max were instantly silent, their faces visibly tense, frightened, and anxious knowing that his teacher was lying on the bed with his eyes closed and all over his body was full of severe injuries that could bring his teacher to his end.

Not alone, Ravndr was accompanied by one of the Royal Ministers. The two of them walked up to Ravndr as they shouted for his teacher. Mavcazan and Max screamed repeatedly while shaking his body, but Ravndr still didn open his eyes.

Their anxiety was very unusual and instantly Mavcazan remembered the incident when he saw a photo of his teacher in one of his book collections. Then Mavcazan cried very loudly and asked the minister.

”Sir, is my teacher okay? Is he going to die? ”

”Calm down, kid. He is not dead and his pulse is still throbbing, ” the minister said with a face of anxiety as well.

Despite knowing the answer, Mavcazan couldn stop his crying. He was still anxious about the situation of his teacher that it was likely that something he didn want would actually happen. As a close friend, Max attempts to calm Mavcazan down even though he also feels sad to see ravndr who was injured in the abdomen whose blood is shed continuously.

”Mr. Minister, can you explain why Master Ravndr could be injured? ”

”Ravndr is trying to protect one of the royal soldiers while on a mission. At that time, his friend was in a cornered state when dealing with his enemy. Then Ravndr came running in front of him who was lying in pain. As a result, Ravndr was hit by a glass magic attack that the enemy was targeting. ”

”What? glass magic? ”

”Thats right. Thats why Ravndrs stomach was seriously injured. His glass magic managed to break through Ravndrs defenses. Whats more, the glass magic is very sharp and poisonous. But the toxins in his body have already been removed. ”

Mavcazan still couldn believe what the minister said. He was always sure that his teacher was one of the strongest mage in the Okuba Kingdom after Caesius. When they were sad and anxious, the mage king came with his advisor or often known as the Right Hand of the Mage King whose presence surprised the residents of Hakuba Village including Mavcazan and Max.

The two of them were very surprised by the arrival of two noble figures. Previously, they had never met the mage king and could only see their faces from the books and daily newspapers that were always released every day.

”Lord Caesius, why are you visiting here? I can handle Ravndr alone. You don have to go far to help me. ”

”My Lord! What are you doing here? You shouldn have come to this slum village, should you? ” said Mavcazan unsteadily.

”Hey kid, do you intend to drive me out of here? Of course it was my coming to see my friend who was hurting. Ravndr must not die for the time being. ”

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