Calamity Order

Okuba\'s King and Advisor

Okubas King ”Caesius ” and his advisor ”Cassanova ”. They are both predicted to be the strongest wizards in the Okuba Kingdom. Their calmness and success led the Kingdom of Okuba, highly respected by the ministers and residents of the royal capital. Although a king, Caesius did not have the aura that made him look like a king. However, both Caesius and Cassanova came dressed in luxurious and eccenteric clothes, attracting the attention of residents who swarmed ravndrs house.

Caesius has mature skin, his curly hair neatly combed, his height exceeds that of everyone in Ravndrs house (190 cm). In contrast to Cassanova, although he is a former adventurer, his skin is quite fair, his gaze is burning. Mavcazan judged it at a glance if he still had an adventurous spirit. His hair is dyed navy blue and has bright yellow eyeballs like absorbing sunlight.

Mavcazan, who was sad, couldn calm his heart. Although his role model, the Wizard King, came to see Ravndr still did not lift the corners of his lips. Even wanting to speak out is very painful. Only crying he can do.

Mavcazans grief deepened, suddenly he had difficulty breathing, his heart detal slowly began to decline and the next second he was unconscious. Max beside him directly lifted Mavcazan and took it home after Max said goodbye to the Wizard King and the ministers.

Max deliberately brought Mavcazan home so that he could calm his heart and mind. Max couldn bear to see Mavcazan slump like he had lost his parents. After all, there was no special place for him when Ravndrs house was really in unconducive condition.

When they reach the front of Mavcazans house, Max attempts to open the door but is locked by Mavcazan. Max was forced to grope for Mavcazans pants in search of the key, hoping not to touch his future stuff.

After a few seconds of reaching into his trouser pocket, his face spontaneously smiled when he managed to find the key to the house and immediately took Mavcazan to his room. When it came to Mavcazans room, then his friend put him on the bed very carefully. Max was still anxious about his condition, so he had not dared to leave Mavcazan alone.

While waiting for Mavcazan to come to his senses, Max deliberately heads to the bookshelf in the room, looking for some neatly arranged books and decides to head towards the shelf where Mavcazan separates books on magic and books of science that he has never touched at all.

Max is quite surprised, knowing that his friend is very obsessed with the world of magic as well as super abilities that have absolutely nothing to do with magic. Some of the books opened very quickly and closed again, hoping that one of his books was not only glued to the writing, but a variety of pictures until it filled a full page.

Even in one of his books was tucked a picture of Caesius and it was already a natural thing for him. Although Max knew that Mavcazan idolized the wizard king and was very fanatical towards Magic. But he did not expect Mavcazan to idolize it beyond his expectations. Still having plenty of time, Max waited for Mavcazan to come to his senses while reading a book about the History of the Okuba Kingdom.

After a few minutes of reading, the look on Maxs face looked confused and surprised. One of the characters has a name very similar to his friend even though this is still speculation. But in the end sticking because the last names of the two of them are very similar

Teuferzan at that time was a great wizard and could be relied on by the Okuba Kingdom. Even so, no one knows where he came from and what his purpose was to become one of the residents in the Okuba Kingdom. It is said that Teuferzan once defeated several gods and only a few people knew about it. It is written in the book.

Max has been close friends with Mavcazan since childhood, firmly convinced that he has never heard Mavcazan tell him about his father, not even mentioning his fathers name. Looking at a paragraph that suddenly appeared in one of the books, Max became even more curious about his father and decided to scroll to the next page.

But the next sheet of discussion is very different, which previously discussed the History of the Formation of the Okuba Royal Palace. It doesn even have anything to do with the previous sheet which tells of his father. This actually made Max even more confused and he preferred to stop reading the book and then he slept on a chair by putting his head on the table. To assume it was all just hallucinations and stress after learning of Ravndrs condition while calming Mavcazan.

After a few hours, they woke up at the same time.

”Have you gotten better? ” Max asked.

”Eh? Wasn I at the masters house just now? Why are we in my house now? ”

”You suddenly fainted, and then I took you home directly. Im afraid that something bad will happen to you if I let you stay there for too long. ”

”Are you stupid!? If you take me home, how can I know the state of Master Ravndr?! ”

Max was just glued to silence but his face remained as flat as usual, unable to respond to Mavcazans snapping.

”Never mind, Im going to the masters house now. Its up to you whether you want to come along or not. ”

Max felt guilty when he took Mavcazan home. He pondered in Mavcazans room and did not catch up with her, remaining silent for a while by sitting on the bed. His intention was to bring Mavcazan home in good faith and did not intend to keep the students away from Ravndr. He was only worried about Mavcazans condition if he saw that his friend was constantly suffering. Max said bringing mavcazan home was the right decision, but he was actually affected.

Forgetting that, Max returned with a calm face and ran to catch up with Mavcazan who was heading to his masters house. Max managed to catch up with him around the village park where he had been used as a Mavcazan place to rest when he was sick.

Then Max apologizes with a guilty face after he reflects on his deeds while bowing his head. His behavior was very inappropriate with his cold gaze. But at that time Mavcazan who was putting on a wrathful face tamed his heart.

Mavcazan forgave Max and his face returned to a relieved smile. Max doesn want their relationship to be ruined because of trivial matters, moreover, he has been friends since he was a child.

After they walked towards Ravndrs house, they came to the front of his house. In front of Ravndrs house is now very quiet, no residents are crowded anymore. But the door of Ravndrs house was closed tightly.

Then they knocked on the brown door and someone answered from inside Ravndrs house. The person who answered the knock on the door was the royal minister who had accompanied Ravndr since earlier.

”Why are you still here, sir? ”

”I haven dared to leave Ravndr who is still unconscious. ”

Then the royal minister let them in to see ravndrs state. Mavcazan and Max with good intentions to visit and accompany his master, suddenly their stomachs rang very loudly. They looked starving like they hadn eaten for weeks.

Incidentally, there were some residents who gave a lot of food when visiting Ravndrs house. The minister told them to eat first and picked it up on the kitchen table that looked like a table in a restaurant, there were a variety of heavy and light meals available.

They gaped wide, amazed at the sight of the foods. The food given by the residents of Hakuba Village is indeed quite delicious and arranged in such a way as to look attractive to the eyes of its customers. Until they doubted whether it was appropriate for them to eat it or just look and let the worms in their stomachs keep crying.

Even in a state of hunger, they are still confused about which one to eat. So many of them have to choose first what looks delicious, they will make it as an appetizer.

Those who were seen enjoying the food, until they forgot about their good intentions went to Ravndrs house. Then they ate in a hurry and instantly choked and coughed very hard and then had difficulty controlling their breath.

”Eat right. Your master is not going anywhere! ” The minister shouted just to remind them.

After eating they drank a glass of sweet mango juice. Rarely did they get such a meal and drink and its no wonder they left so little food for Ravndr.

Then they again approached Ravndr and the minister who was on the other side. Ravndr was still unconscious, lucky that he could still survive the attack that hit him in the stomach. Not everyone can still survive when there is a hole in their stomach even though they have healing magic.

Then Mavcazan thought how to keep his master from suffering for too long. A few minutes of thinking, he didn find the answer at all. Although this world is indeed inseparable from magic, the magic that can heal wounds such as being pierced by sharp objects has never been encountered by Mavcazan.

Whats more, in their village, there are no wizards or highly educated residents who have medical abilities. Mavcazan, who was in a daze looking for an answer, finally gave up and asked the minister.

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