Can I Cross The Line?

Chapter 4: Mr Hudson Went Home Too Early


Chapter 3: Mr Hudson Was Said to be a Monster

”My wife certainly has good eyes. I like the clothes today as well. ”

Garvin was beaming with the clothes handed to him and went inside the bathroom afterwards. He especially liked the color and the fabric of the clothes.

Maybe it wasn a bad choice to marry a fashion major.

Garvin happily started bathing while humming.

Back in the room, Mariana stood frozen on the spot. No matter how many times he gave her praises about the clothes she picked for him, she couldn get used to the compliments. She was merely doing what he told her was her duty.

Actually, Garvin told her many things about the duties of a wife that she should do even if they were only in an arranged marriage. He told her that although they were married without love, they should act as a proper married couple. It was so that they wouldn feel awkward living together.

Mariana thought that it was a good thing, though she sometimes couldn stop the wild beating of her heart against her chest. She had no idea if it was something they called love or if she likes him.

Maybe it was the latter.

Mariana shook off her head and headed to her own study.

On the first floor of their house was the kitchen, living room, Garvins study and two other guest room. On the second floor was their bedroom, another bedroom, which is supposed to be for their children if they ever have them, and Marianas study.

At first, Garvin suggested that they use the same study so they can use the other room as a guest room. But Mariana refused, saying that they should have their own private and personal space while they do their own work. Garvin agreed without any complains.

As she entered her study, Mariana opened her laptop and looked at her emails. Since Garvin told her to stay at home for tonights party, she decided to go with him this time.

Maybe its time for me to show my face.

Devil: Hey, you should have thought of that long, long ago.

Angel: Do you know how your dear husband was in the parties when he went alone?

I don care. I know he can handle it himself.

Devil: Is this the legendary I don show that I care for you, but I actually am worrying about you?

Angel: Tell me more about it!

Shut up, you two!

Mariana was once again bothered by her internal struggle. She didn know how long she could stay sane if she keeps on worrying about things.

Mariana searched through her contacts on email and saw the name Yvonne Ylatte. She opened a message window and sent her an email.

Mariana: I won be going to the company today. Cancel all my plans and move it to tomorrow.

Yvonne: Already done.

Yvonnes reply came right after Mariana sent the message. She was slightly surprised, though it wasn very noticeable on her face nor her eyes.

Mariana unhurriedly tapped on her keyboard.

Mariana: That fast?

Yvonne: Yeah. Actually, that rich slash handsome slash CEO husband of yours asked me to change your schedule just this morning.

Mariana: He did?

Yvonne: Well, I guess, youll be going to the party with him tonight. Are you going?

Mariana: I was thinking of not.

On the other side of the screen, the woman with her legs on the wall and untidily slouching on her sofa clicked her tongue.

”Aigoo, this lady. What should I do with you, my dearest friend? ”

Of course, Mariana was oblivious to what her friend slash secretary was thinking. All in her head was how did Garvin knew she would agree to his request. It was as if he already knew beforehand that he could get her to agree.

Nevertheless, Mariana wasn angry. She was just a little bit surprised how efficient her husband is. If she only notified Yvonne now, this time at half-past eight in the morning, Yvonne would surely throw a fit.

She would tell her that cancelling schedules at the last minute is something she couldn do, and that she wouldn do that. But when it was Garvin who asked her, she willingly adjusted Marianas schedule.

What a traitor.

Yvonne: You better go to the party tonight or I will crack your head and see what is inside.

Mariana: You already knew I am going. What was the threat for?

Yvonne: Nothing. Just make sure to dress up more prettily than any starlets there. I bet they would latch on your husband again.

Mariana blinked and stared on the screen of her laptop. What does it mean when starlets latch on her husband?

Mariana was still figuring out the meaning behind those words when she heard a knock on her door. It was none other than Garvin.

”Im going now. Ill send the stylist at 2pm so you can rest before they prepare you to go to the party. Are you alright with that? ”

”… Its fine to me. Whatevers good. ”

”Then thats settled. ”

Garvin smiled and put a kiss on Marianas cheek. It was a light touch like a feather. Then he left for the door and finally the sound of the cars engine leaving was heard until to the second floor.

For the second time today, Mariana stayed rooted on the ground. Even though he always did that every morning before he goes to work, she couldn get used to it. She was reminded of his words again.

[As husband and wife, we should act as one even though we are in a contractual marriage. First, we will sleep in the same room.]

And that was why they were using the same room.

[Second, we will eat breakfast together every morning and greet each other.]

He said it was to ease the tension and awkwardness.

[Third, we will have skin contact once in a while, or maybe more than once in a while.]

He hesitantly added that they can do everything as long as Mariana agrees to it. Thinking that there was nothing wrong with his third proposal, she agrees without so much thought.

[Then can we hug?]

[Maybe. But I don want too many hugs.]

[How about a good morning kiss?]

[No, too gross.]

[Goodbye kiss?]

[On the cheek.]

[Then how about that thing?]

[Well talk about that later.]

Garvin only chuckled that time, though he was the one who insisted they do it after a few months in marriage. Mariana was speechless but she didn hate it. She even consented. ( ͡ꈍ ͜ʖ̫ ͡ꈍ )

Forget about it.

Mariana shook her head to clear her minds of the things in the past. She instead focused on the laptop in front of her.

Recently, there has been a rumor that a well-known jewelry designer would come to the country. It was said that he was coming to the country to make one piece of jewelry that would be his last piece before he gets married to the love of his life.

Mariana wanted to grab this chance and communicate with him, ask some guidance about designing jewelry and such. She was much more invested in her career rather than the party later.

Inside the ABC Tower, Garvin was reading a report submitted to him by his secretary. It was nothing more than a summary of how the company was doing for the past month, but this wasn what he was looking for.

”Call COO Smith. I have something to tell him. ”

After a short while, the man who was called entered the office had his knees wobbling at the sight of the CEO staring at the report he submitted this morning. He swears he did his best and checked that there was nothing wrong with it.

So why was the CEO still in a bad mood? Did someone evoke his hell of an anger?

Before he could even finish his train of thoughts, Garvin raised his head and looked at his trembling figure. The said COO couldn help but shiver more.

”There was nothing in your report. ”

”Thank you, sir –! ”

”But I want to see a more detailed one. Summarized all the business operations of our company without missing anything. I will give you until the end of the day. ”

”But CEO – ”

”If you want, you can submit the report before lunch. ”

”No, I will do it right away sir! ”

The man was so scared that he almost peed in his pants. The said COO scurried away from his office with a crying face.

How was I supposed to finish a summary report in a day that I usually makes in a month?

It made the man wanted to resign from the company, but then he was reminded that the salary was too high, and he couldn let go of it. In the end, he steeled himself and started doing the supposed to be a month-long summary report.

Garvin shook his head and massaged his temples.

”Subordinates these days aren very efficient. How could he send me that kind of report? ”

But it was more detailed than the last time, sir?

His secretary couldn help but think of his fellow subordinate. He had it worst every day working for his monster-like boss.

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