Watching myself age each year was my sweetest experience with just my mum and my immediate elder sister as my companion.

I had lived under the watch of these two annoying, opinionated humans who had nothing less than to haunt me each waking day,this alone made my entire life horribly -sweet. I would wake each morning with thoughts of bully, yells, and unexpected thump on my forehead or shoulder coupled with inexhaustible torture, all of these left me with the thought that we did not share the same blood.

Mrs Fiona having a bodacious outlook wasn what she seemed like on the onside, she had displayed an aura of hospitality, simplicity and warmth of which many believed and were convinced of the pretentious outlook.

The sentient part of me never agreed to any of her pleasant actions in facade,sometimes I found myself mumbling

”I would rather serve a pig than bear the same surname with this woman and her accomplice ”.

On the other side was my Sister who was four years older than I was, she always support every bitter action my mother took against me,however,she was tall ,dark-skinned,with dashing brown eyes,her waist line was well trimmed,in short, she had a nice body,a perfect size eight figure. Venita was a nonchalant person,sociable and ruthless. Mrs Fionas description of Venita gave many the impression that Venita was the perfect daughter who wouldn misbehave for any reason.

In times like this I wished I had my Dad,who was my favorite person,with me because he wouldn give them the opportunity to breach my rights in the house. Life became a living hell as time went by, verbal abuse was the worst of it all because it affected my mental health and self-esteem, whenever I tried putting out a task that wouldn cause a dime to get it fixed the right I would get it wrong because my sub-conscious mind acted like a reminder that I was never good enough. I eventually gave up a lot of projects I had in my bucket list to pursue in view of the fact that I was drained emotionally, mentally, and physically.

My life became a silent mortal combat with two sweet foes who were my blood.

The worst mistake every teenage

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