r would make,is to fall in love oblivious of its dangers and repercussions.

I met a 22 year old medical scientist while in school, he had professed his love for me which I reciprocated and we shared a kiss,my first kiss ever. He brightened up my senior year in college and replaced my capricious attitude with gleamy eyes whilst my face lit up with smiles and giggles,each moment I spent with him was the best away from home and its troubles. Sam had already noticed how much I loved him and love to be around him, I had made the love thing too obvious to deny. I was served a sultry heartbreak on my graduation day from college when I was hoping to see my boyfriend walk into the hall with flowers and gift balanced with a hug and lots of kisses.

Rather,Sam walked into the hall with his fiancé,Sophia,they had come to support her niece, Gina, who was also graduating.

Gina happened to be my best friend, how was that even possible? How come I never knew Sam was her Uncle-to-be?. I was brain stormed with these unanswered questions throughout the entire event,I became restive.

As the Valedictorian of the year, I read out my script with a lot of grief and much more pain than I had ever felt in the past. Mrs Fiona had sent a representative to show up for me since it wasn in her place to attend my school occasions, I had never cried so hard like I did on this day with thoughts that my family wasn aware of the fact that they had practically destroyed my feelings and taught me how to become a robot.

My legs became too weak for my body to rely on. I had struggled to take a few photograph with Gina and the rest of the graduating students and tutors I was close with.

And yes, I was announced and awarded as the best graduating student of the year from Prestige Schools,I could barely make it to the podium when I was called to receive my award but with the little courage I had left I made it down there. Sam snubbed me through out the entire event, on the other side I had no family or relation with me. I became the strongest teenage girl I had ever came across.Yes! this was an emotional battle, I had to either fight it or live with it.

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