wing Gina too well,she would easily detect why I have been down,my ailing body could no longer take all the pressure and emotional ailment from her questioning. I struggled to divert her attention from all that was going on but she wouldn tune in.

”Its about Sam,your Aunts Fiancé ”, my lips began trembling as i spoke.

”And what about him ”,Gina asked.

He lied to me,he deceived me,he made me believe in love, I was blindly dart for having given my body to such a skunk person. Ill never forgive him ”, my faint voice faded as I began crying.

”What in Gods name are you talking about? ” Gina asked as she stepped back trying to get her poise in order not to jerk off.

A slight headache started immediately from shock of hearing something she didn expect from her only best friend,whom she hid nothing from.

Gina ,hear me out! I know this is about the promise we made to each other but we
e done now, Senior year is over plus we
e never going back to Prestige schools, I said crankily.

How long have this been?

…Why didn you tell me? Gina asked amidst heavy breath.

Im never going to forgive you for this,you have betrayed my trust!

Gina wait! Please wait! I have an explanation to this,please don leave me. I said as I hurriedly stood on my feet stretching my hands to get hers but she quickly stepped back again.

Gina walked away after her last statement,she didn look back as I expected her to. I was broken, not because of my treachery but the fact that she didn wait to hear me out.Besides,what would have been the much needed explanation I wanted to give?.

That Sam took my virginity?

..That I foolishly fell in love with Sam?

My mum and Venita returned home in the middle of my twist and turns,I actually ran into them at the entrance door,I instantly regret not using the back door as usual.

Mrs Fiona started questioning my actions.

”Why didn I see you in church?

..Why has your room door been locked?

..And what happened to your cell phone,huh?

Why did you silence it? ” Mum asked.

I immediately observed a lie in all she asked,she never called for any reason because my phone was totally off and not silenced. My presence wasn needed anyways,except to run errands.

Venita did not wait to hear any of our rants, if she were listening,she wouldn defend me anyway,hence, her presence wasn needed.

”Mum! I was only recovering from my convocation stress and that was the best way to deal with it. ” I said in a haste

I tried to explain further but only got stuck up and I ended up with;

..Im sorry mum. After I made this statement,I hurriedly left for my room.

I could clearly hear a huge sigh from my mum as I landed my body on my bed, I didn realize when I started crying uncontrollably.

I was indeed alone and pained.

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