Louisa is a small town girl who was born in East Berlin,Germany.They had relocated back to Africa six months after her fathers demise.Mrs Fiona had no regrets doing that because Louisas dad had been the reason behind Berlin.He had suggested they left Africa in search of a better life in Europe.

Louisas father had passed away when she was eight (8) years old.she was left under the care of her dispassionate mother and Sister who had been infiltrated with her mothers attributes. She was often considered a bad-luck to the family because her Dad had died in a fatal accident on his way to the hospital to visit Louisa when she was diagnosed of Pneumonia.

Mrs Fiona would always say;

”If I didn have you,my husband would still be alive,you little witch ”

Louisa had already gotten use to this statement such that whenever she heard the first three words,she would complete the rest in her head or rather mumble the last two words, …little witch ”.

Louisa grew up to be a Light skinned,Gorgeous,descent,well-organized and well-coordinated teenage girl,very much respected and loved by her equals and neighbors.She was quite domineering and would stand up for herself anywhere outside home.Her fierceness and boldness gave her the courage to deal with difficult situations especially the one she faced at home.

However,she was unintentionally secretive and wouldn let the next person figure out what she was going through because for her that was the only way to avoid being a burden to others.From her observations,she could detect that not everyone would sympathize with her,some could make mockery of her life.

Gina on the other hand had less to worry about.Shes from a rich,affluent and opulent home.Her mum,Mrs Nelson, worked as a Bank manager uptown,she was rarely seen but only heard of,Gina was left under the care of her Aunt,Sophia.

Ginas father,Mr Nelson,worked offshore,he was rarely seen too,he would come home once or twice a year,he usually sends money and other items to his family.

Shortly after Louisa ran into Gina at a store in the neighborhood,they became good friends. Her parents absence gave her more reasons to get close with me.

Gina became a good friend and more like a blood sister to rely on.Despite Louisas secrecy, Gina found out about her family and how she was coping with her situation.

She offered help where necessary and wouldn bear to see her friend hurt.

However, Louisa was studying at a school near Olives,where poor infrastructure and facilities was rampant. She was content and happier to be schooling away from home. She would wake up early each morning in order to finish her chores on time and find her way to school to avoid lateness since it was a bit far from home.

One Sunday evening, Gina visited with her little Puppy,snow,who was always her companion and handed over a scholarship form to Louisa.

”Louisa! She called; I have a surprise for you. ”

Louisa having recognized Ginas voice rushed outside from her room to the passageway where Gina stood grinning hard.

”What is it? she asked ”

Louisa wasn too excited at what she saw because she wasn sure if her mother would approve that.

Finally after much contemplation, she took the form to Mrs Fiona,who out of curiosity signed the papers and gave her an approval but not without a negative statement to back it up;

“If you don pass the scholarship exams,consider yourself dead, and remember you won have a place in my house any longer” Mrs Fiona said.

Prior to the exam week,each time Gina met Louisa after school or during the weekends,she would always remind Louisa of how excited she would be to study under the same roof with her.

”Having you as my closest friend in school,visiting the library,studying together, and using the cafeteria every lunchtime would be the best thing yet ” Gina always said while Louisas chuckle meant she would like to experience such too.

They bonded and grew to love each other,they made promises they were sure was meant to guide them. The scholarship exams finally commenced,Louisas exams was on a weekend,Saturday afternoon,she had to find her way to Prestige Schools because Gina wasn available to accompany her. Fortunately, she found her way to the school premises and her examination went smooth.

The night before the day the final results were released for Prestige schools Scholarship,

Mrs Fiona had shown concern over the scholarship because she wanted to lift the heavy weight of paying Louisas tuition yearly off her shoulders. She had set her alarm to 4:30am and kept it on repeat the previous night in order to avoid anything that would keep her daughter in bed till 6:30am when Gina would be leaving for school.

Louisa had followed Gina to her school that morning in Mr Nelsons private limousine.She had never been inside one,to her, it was a pseudo-lounge,one of those expensive places she could only dream of.

Mrs Fiona had shown concern over the scholarship because she wanted to lift the heavy weight of paying Louisas tuition yearly off her shoulders. She had set her alarm to 4:30am and kept it on repeat the previous night in order to avoid anything that would keep her daughter in bed till 6:30am when Gina would be leaving for school.

However, on getting to the billboard region,an ultimate search began for Louisas name,luckily,grace found her,her name was there,ranked among top 3.

Louisas scream got everyone staring,Gina couldn contend the excitement either.She was overly excited.She wanted nothing but to have Louisa with her at Prestige schools.

“Congrats,best! Youll always be the best ” Gina said.

They both hugged each other and exchanged kissed each other good bye.

Gina stayed back to attend classes while Louisa headed home with the chauffeur who brought them to school.

On arrival at home,Mrs Fiona who was sitting at the edge of the small couch in the sitting room became absorbed with Louisas ecstatic appearance. She instantly knew everything was fine. She didn bother asking about her daughters performance, she knew the scholarship was hers. Louisa on the other hand couldn contend the excitement,she told her mum about the results including Mr Nelsons limousine but Mrs Fiona was too impressed about her performance to give listening ear to the limousine part.In times like this, Louisas mum would shower praises on her making her feel like her mothers daughter.

Louisa was always looking forward to moments like this because she couldn trade it for anything else. Her emotions would spur excitement the whole time.

Gina spent time with her Mum during the weekends. They would go shopping, swim in the yard pool, party with family and friends and visit the Cinemas and watch shows outside town.

Mrs Nelson was too passionate, she acted like a real Western mother. She always anticipated weekends in order to be with her only daughter. She paid her staffs well,most especially Ginas nanny for taking up her role in her absence.

She would go on a long drive with Gina and sometimes requested that Louisa should come with them. She ensured they both lacked nothing. She understood Louisas situation so much that after Gina had narrated everything to her, she became Louisas acting mom. Louisa liked her too, she felt more comfortable with her than the way she feels with her mum.

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