ne piercing pain of his condition every single night.

All his hopes and dreams would be shattered.

He wouldn even be able to fulfill his promise.

Emils parents were war heroes. They saved the kingdom from devastation over a decade ago when the largest magical beast horde in the history of Arran kingdom invaded them.

He was raised with love and care by them. he, not for a second believed his parents abandoned him. He knew there mustve been a reason behind their disappearance, and a reason they entrusted the ring to him.


He also made a promise to them.

And only by becoming a magician could he fulfill that promise.

With the way things were though, he could only hope for a miracle to happen, and for himself to awaken.

Such thoughts passed through Emils head as despair and exhaustion filled his body.

”Damnit. ”

He furiously punched the wall.

”Dammit Dammit Dammit! ”


”That son of a gun Ricard awakened as an elemental saint and hes only 12. ”


”Why am I so useless? I can even awaken my mana core! ”


The thudding sounds from his room became louder and louder as he punched the wall in frustration.

”At this rate Ill never become a magician. ”

Tears in his eyes and snot hanging from his nose, he raised his bloody hand for one last punch.

”Goddamit! ”


A sound loud enough to wake up every servant in the servants quarters resounded through the air as Emil punched a massive hole through his rooms thick concrete wall.

Emil was stunned, the hole laying beside his eyes too bizarre to comprehend.

By no means did he have the physical capabilities to punch a hole of that magnitude through the wall.

By no means could any human being do it.

There was only one answer.

”H-Holy shit… ”

Emil muttered.

A servant rushed to him and stared at both the wall and Emil in awe.

He could tell what happened… He understood what happened.

”You did it Emil… ”

”Yeah, i did it. ”

The man and Emil looked at each other.

Emil did it, hed finally awakened just months before his 14th birthday.

”I did it! Wooooooooh!. ”

That night, the cheerful yells of a boy could be heard throughout the servants quarters.

It didn last long as the reality of the situation dawned upon Emil.

He blasted a huge hole through his room, and he was gonna pay for that.

It didn dampen his excitement though.

What did a hole like that matter? Hed finally awakened!

And from the looks of it, he was a Knight.

Knight, Mage, it didn matter. All that mattered to him was that he awakened. He finally had a chance to fight for his dreams.

As he was about to raise his hands and cheer again, intense pain that assaulted his right arm turned his cry of joy into pain.

Hed broken his arm.


The next day, Emil was awakened to unbelievable knews.

He pinched himself a few times to make sure he was awake.

”Ummm, sir, are you sure you got the right person? Im a servant here, Im sure youve seen me a few times. I just awakened last night, so theres no way. ”

Emil said to the man in front of him.

”Theres certainly no mistake.

The order was issued to you. ”

The man announced.

”However, if you don find the offer appealing then… You have every right to refuse. ”

A grin formed on his lips, evident that he was teasing him.

”Oh no no no, Im fine I Uhhh, Im gonna go pack my stuff. Im just, thank you. ”

Emil took off towards his quarters absent-mindedly.

He mustve been in a dream.

Cause otherwise, he was headed for the Royal Academy right now.

The best magic academy within the entire kingdom.

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