Entrance Exam

was nothing but a backdoor.

Emil, having only awakened a few days ago, with no apparent special talent in magic, as well as a broken arm, had subzero chances of passing the normal entrance exam.

The only way a person like him could get into the academy was through the special admission test.

But even that shouldve been impossible for someone like him.

Like previously mentioned, the special admission was a backdoor.

There were 50 spots, divided by mages and knights equally, made specifically for those who didn meet the criteria for passing normal admissions.

Why did such system exist? The academy could use those 50 spots for more talented people, wouldn it be a waste of resources to nurture untalented people like them?

There were two reasons.

The first reason that came to mind was funds.

You had to donate insane amounts of funds to get in through special admissions.

This system lessened the financial burden on the royal family and allowed them to put more resources into nurturing their students.

Indeed, the number was high enough to relieve even the royal family.

Only the wealthiest factions in the entire kingdom could afford the donation fee.

But money wasn all.

If money was the case, there were plenty of wealthy individuals whod bid to enroll their children into the academy each year.

You also needed a special recommendation letter to be eligible for the position.

Special recommendation letters could only come from figures of authority, governors and rulers of the land.

The real reason behind special admissions wasn money no, it was to help powerful people stay in power.

Children of powerful figures weren always born talented.

An untalented successor or offspring could be the downfall of an entire power faction.

If their children aren talented enough to grow powerful and inherit their positions, the factions power would fall through the generations and theyd get replaced by others.

If powerful figures offsprings weren talented, the best way to nurture them would be through the number one school in the kingdom, the royal academy.

No matter how low their talent, they were bound to become successful figures in the future as long as they graduated from the academy.

The royal family was aware of this fact, hence why it instated rules that fovor those in authority.

To control the kingdoms powers, they needed balance. But balance couldn be achieved if the powers were to rise and fall each generation.

All participants present right now hailed from powerful and wealthy families or were the offspring of some figure of authority, that was the only way for them to get through the backdoor.

The question was, what was Emil doing here?

He was but a servant of the Burton mansion, with no talent, riches or background.

The other examinees took notice of this too as he was wearing commoner clothes and didn have a badge to showcase his origins, not to mention his broken arm, panda eyes and sickly figure.

Murmurs sounded out as the other examinees conversed with each other and occasionally threw glances towards Emil.

Before the conversations got too heated though, footsteps approcahded the hall.

Five men approached from behind, shutting up any sound emanating from the examinees as they went by.

They didn need to speak, just their presence was enough to make everyones hairs stand on ends.

The examiners were here!

Four of them took seat behind a table not too far from the test instruments while another one stood in front of the students.

He cleared his voice and started speaking, his voice not loud but clearly ringing like a bell in everyones ears.

”The Special Entrance Exam will officially begin now. ”

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