Emil couldn quite appreciate the scenery yet, he had to empty out the contents of his stomach first.

Side effects of teleporting, perhaps.

Once he was done puking his guts out, he looked at the senior in confusion.

”excuse me senior, weren we supposed to go to the Academy? ”

Based on what Emil could tell, they were still in a city, he just didn know what city.

”This is the Academy. ”

The senior answered, a hint of annoyance still in his tone.

He looked at Emils expression and couldn help but crack a grin.

This guy totally didn believe him, he was looking at him like he heard the biggest lie in his life.

Suddenly remembering his earlier anger, his smile disappeared and he started speaking again.

”Show me your badge. ”

Emil quickly fished it out of his pocket. A small blue metal badge the size of a fist. The picture of a person holding a sword in one hand and a wand in the other was carved into it. It looked like the portrait from the test yesterday.

”This badge is your everything. It works as an identity card, a communication device, a credit card, and an information tab.

Make sure to never lose it. ”

The senior explained as they started walking.

He was about to continue when a ding was heard from his pocket.

He too, took out his badge and took a glance at it.

To Emils surprise, a transparent page of sorts formed on top of the badge with words written on it.

This mustve been what he meant when he said it acts as a communication device.

”I gotta go. Get to the monolith square, youll find out all the information you need there. ”

The senior didn linger around for much longer and hurried off in the distance. His speed was incredible, he was as fast as a horse when running, it blew Emil away.

”Senior students really are something else. ”

Once the senior was gone, Emil took another look at his surroundings.

”Now then… ”

His situation right now… Was a bit weird.

The senior brought him here and left immediately, he even went as far as telling him this is the academy while it was clearly a city, full of people and buildings.

Having no other choice, he walked up to one of the people there and asked him for directions.

Following the persons directions, he reached what seemed to be the main school building of the academy.

”This is the main building? And for first graders alone? ”

Emil was trying to comprehend the scale of things in the academy, the way a mentally challenged five year old child would try comprehending an 300 year old literature book.

On his way here, he saw an entire ass forest, a lake that could be mistaken for a sea, a fukcing volcano, a freaking shrine and a temple, not to mention the marketplace which looked nothing different from a citys.

And now, now, the school building.

Looking at the sheer magnitude of the architecture, hed believe it if someone told him this was the royal palace and not the academy.

Before entering though, he had to pass through the school gates, where he had to flash his badge to a guard and prove his identity.

”And that makes you the last person…

Hmm where were you till now again? ”

The guard wrote something on his tablet and questioned Emil.

”Uhhh, i overslept. ”

The guard stared at Emil for a good few seconds, even squinting his eyes in disbelief before finally breaking away.

”Overslept huh, alright. You can go ”

Emil strutted in the Academy grounds and took in the sight around him.

The place was littered with trees and flowers, it was mesmerizing to say the least. You could mistake it for an overly large garden if not for the giant school building in the distance.

Another thing he noticed was the mana density.

The mana density of the capital was already high enough to give him breating problems, but the density here was even higher.

It must be because of the mana vein running underneath the academy grounds.

Cultivating here would be several times faster than cultivating outside.

As he was walking, he spotted another student like hismelf for the first time.

i forgot to ask directions for the monolith square.

With that intention in mind, he approached the boy.

”Excuse me, do you know where the Monolith Square is? ”

The boy turned to look at him.

Broken arm, panda eyes, small frame and also didn know where the Monolith Square was…

The boy flashed a bright grin, youd think his mouth would rip apart if he smiled any harder.

”Oh, you wanna know where the Monolith Square is? Ill tell you. ”

Emil was relieved to see the boys friendly reaction.

He had much anxiety about the place, what with all the pressure from his broken arm, garbage talents and nonexistent background, he was preparing himself for hell when entering the Academy.

But students here seemed much friendlier. It lifted a weight off of his shoulders.

”Thank yo- ”


A punch landed square on his face before he got to finish his sentence.

”You wanna know where the square is? Go **ing find it yourself.

e the guy aren you? The Academys number one trash, in history.

Your didn even show up for the Orientation, how embarrassing. ”


The boy spit on Emil and turned away to leave.

”Oh, don ever talk to me again, i don want people thinking i know a trash like you.

Commoner piece of dogshit. ”

He made sure to throw one last insult before doing so.

Emil lay on the ground, shocked.

It only took a moment for him to recover though.

He got up and approached the boy immedaitaly, his teeth clenching tightly.

He was used to his treatment. That Sadist Ricard used to do the same to him all the time.

He couldn do anything back then, he was just a servant.

But things were different now.

If there was one thing he had enough of it was people looking down on him.

No way in hell he was gonna let that bastard go after doing him like that.

”Wait. ”

Emil yelled.

”Huh? ”

As soon as the boy turned back a punch landed square on his cheeks, breaking a couple teeth more likely than not.

”Auugh! ”

The boy winced in pain.

”You bastard! ”

Immediately after, he retaliated with a punch of his own.

A fist fight broke out soon after and people started gathering.

Unfortunately for Emil, it was a completely one sided fight.

Even that punch earlier was landed thanks to the element of surprise.

The boy he was fighting got in through the normal examinations, it meant he was by all means a monster compared to other kids his age.

Smacking Emil, who was physically incapable and had a broken arm was easier than smacking a fly to him.

”Thats him isn it? ”

”Yeah, the academys number one trash. ”

”How the hell did he even get in? ”

”I heard his parents served in the Magical Beast war over a decade ago. It could be courtesy of that. ”

”Yeah but i heard they abandoned him when he was a child, how pathetic. ”

”Pathetic or not hes not supposed to be here. Hes tarnishing our and the Academys reputation. Im ashamed to even attend the same class with him. ”

None of the spectators felt an ounce of pity for him, they only stood there and ridiculed as Emil was beaten to a pulp.

Thankfully for Emil, the school security was quick to react and break the fight, otherwise things could get even uglier than they already had.

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