br>Nobunaga matter-of-factly informed Shizuru, whose face had frozen into a foolish expression.
Looks like Nobunaga resided in a castle from the beginning of the Sengoku Era.
Shizuko’s thought derailed in preparation to escape reality since she was in a place that could cause her to have a stomachache.
(I feel like the stress is making a hole in my stomach…)
Shizuko stole a glance to her left side.
Oda Nobunaga’s vassals were lined up.
Apart from Mori Yoshinari, everyone directed a doubtful gaze at Shizuko, and their faces blatantly showed that they were like looking at a suspicious person.
It was natural.
There was a sudden summon from their lord, and they saw a woman standing alone when they came.
There was no reason to be suspicious of Shizuko.

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“…Raise your head.”
“(Ah, My legs are numb…) Yes.”
Shizuko who was released from dogeza looked at Nobunaga’s face just like Nobunaga ordered her to.
Nobunaga gave a harsh stare and blue vein almost popped out, but it was only for a moment.
She unintentionally averted her eyes, but everyone who looked would avert their eyes for sure.
As a proof, all of the servants slightly averted their eyes from that subtle expression.
“Shizuko, tell me about Takeda Tokueiken Shingen.”
She tilted her head at the sudden question.
Shizuko thought back about upon Takeda Shingen.
If it was about Takeda Shingen, she only knew about his name.
However, Shizuko loved history, geography, and agriculture.
As one would expect from someone who couldn’t read old scrolls, she had read most of the historical materials.
Her favorite was from the latest Muromachi Era to Edo Era, and she completely remembered the majority of the historical events that happened in between those eras.
“Yes! Takeda Tokueiken Shingen, governor of Kai Province, 19th generation head of Takeda Clan.
His real name is Harunobu and his alias is Tarou.
He got Buddhist last name after entering the priesthood and called himself Tokueiken Shingen.”
It could be seen that Shizuko readily spoke about Takeda Shingen, Mori Yoshinari was the first person whose face had become stiff.
However, Shizuko who really loved history for a long time was really happy in her heart.
That was why she didn’t notice the servants’ expressions at all.
Rather, she entered her own world halfway into the story.
“He had many repeated disputes with Echigo Province’s Governor, Nagao Kagetora (later called Uesugi Kenshin), subjugating Shinano before expanding his territory.
At the same time, he energetically stimulated domestic affairs by proactively taking in digging crafts and refining techniques from Nanban’s Articles for the economy to produce a vast amount of gold.
And that gold would be used in the gold standard system and in preparation to mint Koshu Gold (Goishi Gold[3]).
And that would become Japan’s first gold coin.
He is famous for devising a plan for the flood prevention project as well as military expansion from the assets gained from the circulating currency.”
(We know nothing about that!)
“Shingen himself became the leader in the flood prevention project.
He often successfully defended against disastrous floods.
In order to do that he created a river bank called Shingen Tsutsumi at Kofu Basin.
“…That’s enough.”
Nobunaga who didn’t say yes or no after being impressed quietly opened his mouth.
He felt frustrated that he couldn’t stop his own order to Shizuko, that thought vanished however when he saw her just now.
Since it would only invalidate her story if he said unnecessary things.
Nobunaga quietly closed his eyes and produced a kind of rhythm from his folding fan.*tonton tonton* Only light sounds could be heard.
Shizuko broke out in a cold sweat at that very moment.
“Though I want to say that, I haven’t seen the results of your agricultural land reform yet.
I will think about it based on that result.”
Shizuko let out a sigh of relief once he decided to not kill her yet.
However, the decision just a moment ago was only postponed.
It wouldn’t change the fact that she would be killed if she failed.
“Pardon me my lord but this person is too dangerous.
The one my lord might take may be a secret agent.”
One of the servants made an interjection when Shizuko patted her chest out of relief.

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“Saru, does this person look like a secret agent? She looks like a stupid little girl to me.”
The one who called Saru glared at Shizuko.
(Saru… Do you mean Toyotomi Hideyoshi!?)
“…Certainly, this person doesn’t look like a secret agent.
If she is, then a girl from the town can be a secret agent.”
“I’m not even an Onee-chan, much less a spy…”
“Ha? Supai[4]?”
“(Oops, slip of the tongue) Pardon me, there is nothing wrong.”
I have to refrain talking about unnecessary things.
Having thought so, Shizuko decided to stay silent.
(This era is this era.
There is nothing like proof of a person’s identity.
Unnecessary remarks only invite dangers.)
Shizuko’s knowledge came from the future where it already was considered to be educational material.
The people from Sengoku Era didn’t know the importance of “real-time”.
Seeing that she didn’t know what might be confidential information, or where spies might be hiding, it was best for her to be tight-lipped.
“That’s fine.
Whoever this person may be, her knowledge is hard to come by in many places.”
Hideyoshi kept arguing vehemently, however, he backed down with a disgruntled expression when he heard Nobunaga’s remark.
The other servants have the same expression as well but it was only Mori Yoshinari who directed a worried look towards Shizuko.
“Ah, that’s right.
I have a gift for my lord.”
Although she got a prickling gaze, she recalled something.


Nanban, also known as Nanman was originally referring to people in south and southeast Asia.
However, in Japan, the word began to take the meaning of the Portuguese who arrived in the 1500s.
More info can be read:↩ This is referring to Takeda Shingen.
He was originally called Tarou (eldest son) during his childhood, but when he came of age, he was given the formal name Harunobu.↩ Goshi Gold↩ It gets lost in translation but she uses the English word “spy” which Nobunaga doesn’t know the meaning of so he’s just repeating it phonetically.↩

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