the hind legs after I finish skinning the deer.)

Shizuko would dismantle the hind legs after skinning the deer up to their necks.
Shizuko stabbed the knife at the spine that was connected to the hipbone and cut the tendon at the center of the joint.
It seemed that it could be done easily but it required considerable skill in reality.

After cutting all of the legs, Shizuko cut the back loin.
Then, she disassembled the deer; first taking out the backstrap, then the tenderloin from the trunk, the boned rib from around the rib cage, the meat around the neck, and every part of the meat around the trunk.
She then dismantled the bone connecting the feet joints.
Shizuko had a trouble removing the scapula with the shape of battledore which was only in the forelegs but she managed to remove it cleanly somehow.
She cut the meat around the head and the tongue after she was done removing bones in the thigh meat.
(*Sigh*… it’s a fine effort if I say so myself.
Grandpa, are you always doing this kind of thing alone?)
Completely dismantling a deer was pretty taxing work.
Shizuko honestly thought that she was already too tired to dismantle another one but she couldn’t say it.
“I’m fine by myself after this.
So please help with the farm work.”

“Yes ma’amー”

Shizuko ordered the villagers who helped her to hang up the deer to do farm work.
They couldn’t do any farm work for a day because they were preparing for dealing the deer since morning.

Shizuko motivated herself to dismantle the deer after seeing the villagers off.
It took quite a while to finish the other one with the same method.
“It is over at last…”

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She said so while stretching her body because of the tiredness.

However, it didn’t end only with dismantling. Next, cutting the large chunks of meat from the dismantled deer to small sizes and applying salt to them was necessary. There were no refrigerators in this era, so if you leave the meat as it is, it will rot. In modern times food is supplied stably and people don’t need to worry about it too much, but meat is an important source of protein in the Sengoku Period. Besides, in the year 676, due to meat consumption prohibition, it was forbidden to eat cattle, horse, dogs, Japanese monkeys, and chicken.

(If I’m not mistaken, they were able to eat chicken because they discovered that unfertilized eggs didn’t hatch in the Edo period… wasn’t that it?)

Before that, the chicken was considered a sacred bird which told time so they mainly treated it as a pet.
So in Sengoku Period, the egg industry didn’t exist in Japan.

(Throwing away an important source of protein even though they’re desperate to eat…… Just how much of an ‘M’ were people in the old days?!)
Shizuko resumed her work for a bit before she sensed a presence behind her when she turned around casually, there was a beast.

That beast was a four-legged animal covered with long fur.
To be more specific, it was carnivore who belonged to Canidae Canis family, or in short, a wolf.

(Wha, w-w-w-what should I do.
Don’t tell me, he was lured by the smell of the meat!?)

Behind Shizuko was a stacked mountain of deer meat.
Without a doubt, it was lured by the smell coming from the deer’s meat and appeared in the village.
Anyhow, the gray wolf which noticed the smell from more than three kilometers to the degree that it was separated from its pack had a superb olfaction sense.
(All the villagers have already left by now… aren’t I in danger!?)

With nothing on hand that could be used as a weapon, Shizuko realized that she was in a desperate situation.
However, when Shizuko looked at the gray wolf carefully, she noticed that it was acting strangely.

(Huh? Somehow….it staggering quite a bit?)

Shizuko rubbed her eyes and looked at the wolf carefully again.
The wolf was being subtle from a while ago however its body was clearly shaking a bit.
Shizuko didn’t realize it before because of her fear but the wolf was so thin it seemed like there was only bone and skin left.
It was easy to understand that even to Shizuko’s untrained eyes that the wolf’s condition was extremely weak.
If only Shizuko could think about it carefully, she would notice something was strange from the beginning.
Because wolves always hunted in packs, seeing one alone should be quite nonexistent.
There was also no sign that a pack would come out.
(So that means it is a lone wolf.
Then that will explain its greatly weakened state.
Even when wolves hunt in a pack, the success rate is less than 10%.
It can be said that the success rate is lowered if you hunt alone.)
Even walking was difficult for the wolf in the wolf’s current weak condition.
However, it could be said that the wolf was struggling to the death.
It could still tear off your neck if you weren’t really careful.
Shizuko who was nervously thinking observed the wolf closely.

The situation was over briefly after both warily studied each other for a while.
The wolf in front of Shizuko fell over like a doll whose strings were cut.
It was so sudden that Shizuko didn’t know what had happened at first.
“Uwa! Ar, are you alright!?”

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Shizuko who noticed that the wolf was already at its limit hurriedly ran to the wolf.
Shizuko embraced the wolf without hesitation but the wolf didn’t resist her.
No… The wolf didn’t even have enough strength left to resist her.

“Too, too light!!? Just how many days has it been since the last time you ate!?”

Shizuko didn’t really know its original weight but the wolf who woke up at her embrace weighed only ten kilograms.

“It will die because of its greatly weakened state at this rate.”

Shizuko quickly returned to the place where the deer were dismantled after dropping the wolf to the ground.
She grabbed an appropriate piece of meat and minced it minutely with the dismantling knife.
“It should have no strength left to chew the meat in its current state.
So, let’s mince the meat…”

Shizuko filled the bucket rolling around her with river water while finely chopping the deer meat.

“Here, you can eat meat if it is like this right.”

Shizuko held out the meat to the wolf’s mouth after returning with meat and water on her hand.
The wolf who noticed the smell was a bit wary of Shizuko but the wolf soon started to eat it because it was very hungry.
The wolf ate the meat by chewing it several times so it could be said that it still had strength left to chew even if it was weak.

“Please drink the water as well.”

The wolf began to drink the water unwarily when Shizuko put the wooden bucket in front of the wolf.
The wolf kept drinking for a while that made it seem like it was really famished

“Aah, really… It is really no less than hypocrisy.”

Survival of the fittest was the rule in mother nature, so any animal that couldn’t get food could only die.
Even though Shizuko attacked just now, she came to help the fallen wolf in front of her without thinking.
Shizuko, who was amazed by her own action, let out an amazed sigh.
“But… I just can’t leave it be, right…”

After that, the villagers who came back from doing farm work and saw the wolf obviously screamed.

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