Cinderella Porsche Boyfriend

I think I\'m in love

Im aware that my parents didn see that coming, and neither did Brian.

Like seriously! Was he expecting me to blush just because of his silly line?

Brian blinked his eyes a few times, before rising from where he had been kneeling.

”Did I do something wrong? ” He questions, trying to sound innocent.

Staring at my parents who are currently behind me, I can tell from the look on their faces that they are falling for Brians stupid trick.

I scuffed. Really! Brian is a nice actor.

”You didn do something wrong dear, but can I ask you a favor? ” I questioned.

”Sure! I don mind answering any question that you ask. ” He utter.

If I hadn met Brian last night, I would have taken him for an adorable human being. Not to mention that Brian is behaving so cute with his fake act.

His character is making me question myself, because Im beginning to doubt that hes the Brian who I had met last night and that hes the Brian who had requested sex from me, early this morning.

”Where were you last night? ” I asked.

Theres no way that he will be able to boldly lie in front of my parents.

”I was inside my room. ” He replied.

”I mean what country were you in last night? ” I declare while rephrasing my previous question.

”I was in country G. ” He said, which is a complete lie.

For the sake of being respectful in front of my parents. I decided not to slap him for his lies, but instead, its preferable if I ask my parents to investigate Brians yesterdays whereabouts. ”Mom! Brian was with me last night at country Z, and we both dined together. He had forced himself on me, but luckily I was rescued by the cops. ” I explained to my parents.

My Mom hangs her mouth slightly open, for she doesn know what to say and how to start her conversation. ”Ill investigate Brians whereabouts. ” She declares, before turning around to walk away.

I love my parents for a lot of reasons. ”If you are saying that I was in country Z with you and that I tried assaulting you but the cops came to your rescue, then that must mean that you must have written a statement in the police station, so would you mind kindly telling us the police station, because we can easily track that imposter who had claimed to be me. ”

Brians outburst ruined the entire perfect plan that I have in mind. ”I can remember the name of the police station since it was late at night. ” I declare while forcing myself to remain composed.

”You have to think of the name of the police station because we can easily track down the Brian who had assaulted you while using the name he filled on his police report. ” My Dad declares.

Im aware that if I have to tell my parents that it wasn a cop but a Bluetooth speaker, then my parents are going to think otherwise.

Besides, theres no way that anyone is ever going to believe that a Bluetooth speaker is what saves my ass. ”Ill try to think of the police station name. ” I declare, before waving my hands at Brain. ”Don ever come over to my parents house, okay! ” I warned fiercely. ”I want to have some evening exercises! ” I added, and with that, I made my way out of my parents mansion.

I had already planned on going for a run because I need to get things straight.

And who the hell says fat people can do exercise.

I usually do some jogging because that is the only thing that Im capable of.

After jogging for a while now, I decided to take a ten minutes break.

My ten minutes break ends up being a thirty minutes break. ”Are you going to remain there forever? ” A familiar voice asks from afar.

I shut my eyes wide open, as I gaze at the owner of the voice.

Gush! Im currently finding it so hard to believe that the person standing right in front of me is none other than Mister White Knight in shining armor.

”O My Gosh! What the hell are you doing here? Or are you stalking me? ” I ask, rising from the bench which I had been sitting down on.

”Stalking? ” He asked, before scoffing. ”I need to ask if you aren the ones stalking me, and not the other way round. ” Mister white knight declares before closing the distance between the both of us.

”Hahaha! ” I laugh out loud because it seems that the both of us weren stalking each other.

It was half past six, so I wasn that able to see his handsome face.

Well! From what Im currently seeing right now, I just can help but smile weirdly as a freak.

Mister white knight is still super handsome even though his face isn clear for me to admire.

”Lets get going! ” He declares.

When he finally let out that statement, I realized that he was currently in a sports outfit.

I don want to give him the impression that says fat people are lazy because, in reality, fat people ain lazy.

Im just the one who is lazy and not the fat individuals in the universe. ”Can I get your name? ” I requested, because I strongly believe that his name is going to be sexier than Mister White Knight.

”Sorry! But I don tell my name to ladies. ” He declares while smirking.

I exhale. ”But I thought we are now friends, this is the very second time that we have met, so telling me your name isn going to be a big deal, ” I utter trying to speak sense into his head.

”I did a test yesterday. ” Mister white knight declares, and it doesn have anything to do with the atmosphere, and it also doesn have anything to do with his name.

”If you don mind me asking, I would love to know what type of test you did. Or are you sick? ” I ask, sounding concerned.

If he isn sick then theres no way he would just declare a statement, saying that he did a test.

”No sweetheart! I did a test and was tested positive about not giving a ** about people who calls themselves friends. ” He declares.

Ouch! His statement is a bit hurtful.

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