Hi! My name is Ashley Connor and Im a twenty-one years old single lady.

Single they say is freedom. But as for me, I can wait to get out of this hell that others call freedom.

”Hurry up girl. I don want to be late for the date. ” I spoke to my best friend.

”Chill! its just a date okay, so stop making it feel as if its a big deal. ” Charlotte said while rolling her eyes.

I chuckle because Im the only one who can describe the way Im feeling currently.

”You are set. ” Charlotte declared as she turned my chair around, which made me see the beauty that was currently in front of me.

Yup! Im the beauty, and Im looking more beautiful due to the make-up thats being applied to my face.

Staring at the mirror in front of me, I can help but smile wide.

Im fat and chubby and not to mention the fact that Im also average in height.

Others see me as an ugly girl with pretty blunt hair… but I see myself as true beauty.

”Thanks a lot for the make-up Charlotte, ” I said while smiling widely.

I quickly raise my ass from the chair to admire my chubby pretty self.

Currently! Im in a red dinner gown that hugs my body properly.

Truth be told I don have a flat tummy because I believe I don owe anyone a flat stomach.

I am me, and Im going to live my life the way it pleases me.

”I believe your online boyfriend is going to fall in love immediately he sees you, ” Charlotte said, sounding as if she was making a joke, but initially she was stating the fact.

”I know right! Besides, who would see a beauty like me without falling in love? ” I joke while smirking widely.

Alright! Let me introduce how sexily beautiful I am.

Im fair in complexion and have an almond-shaped eye which is dark brown, with dark eyelashes above them, which makes me look sexier.

I have a wide, round face with a well-curved chin.

I have a shapely figure, a nice wasp-waist, glossy skin, and slender eyebrows. My eyelashes were velvety, and I have sea-nymph ears and a dainty nose.

Gush! Im very pretty, and even if Im not like the other types of skinny girls, I still like myself.

To explain my appearance one could just say that I look admirable, adorable, alluring, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, captivating, charming, classy, cute… words can explain how pretty I am.

”What the hell are you daydreaming about? ” Charlottes voice snaps me back to reality.

”Im just thinking of how pretty I am, ” I said while smirking.

”You know that you are fat right? So stop thinking about going to the beach with your newfound boyfriend. ” Charlotte declares, causing me to scuff.

I wasn even thinking about my boyfriend, and here she was, talking about the beach. ”Anyway Im going, so see you later Okay. ” I declare, grabbing my white handbag.

”Don forget to lose your virginity okay. ” Charlotte teased, causing me to slightly hit her on her shoulder.

I didn have time for her, so I decided that it would be best if I just let that slide for now.

Making my way through the exit door, with Charlotte behind me, I inhale loudly, before turning around to stare at my best friend.

Charlotte has been my best friend since I was eight years old, and she knows me more than any other person.

Unlike me. She has a moderate body like that of a model.

Charlotte is tall, pretty and at the same time charming.

Shes just twenty years old, and Im a year older than her.

Shes the only person who understands me, and she never allows others to mock me.

”Take good care of yourself, okay. ” I wave to her, before stopping a cab.

Charlotte waves me back, while I tell the cab driver about my destination.

Currently. Im heading to DeLos restaurant, to meet my so-called boyfriend.

I have been in a distance relationship, and this is the very first time Im going to set my eyes on him.

Truth be told. We have been doing video calls for a long time.

Hes cute, and his name is Brian Fergus.

He is the perfect son-in-law that my parents would be happy to have.

Brian is a model. Well! According to what he had told me, he said hes an upcoming model.

He has always supported me, even though we haven met in person.

Brian usually stays out of the country, and he had specifically come to country K just to meet me. How romantic, right?

Finally! I got to my destination, and I paid the cab driver for the wonderful ride.

Inhaling and exhaling loudly, I pushed the restaurant door open, and to my greatest surprise, the restaurant had just one individual inside.

Did I perhaps enter the wrong restaurant? I question myself.

Making further steps inside the restaurant, I decided to bring my phone out of my handbag, so that I can call Brian.

Just on the first ring, someone picks up the call, and the person is currently in front of me.

He slowly turned his gaze around, and I became speechless.

Being speechless doesn mean that hes breathtaking, because he doesn take my breath away.

The reason why Im speechless is that Brian is different.

I have heard a lot of stories about how online dating is super great. I have also watched a lot of videos about how people who date online treasure their pattern when they have finally meet up physically.

Brian whos currently sitting down in front of me is fair in complexion, with black hair that is nicely combed to the back.

His outfit is super attractive and it screams expensive.

Its a gray complete suit, and on his feet lies a gray-colored shoe.

His appearance seems like that of a model, but to me, hes more than I expected.

”You are looking yummy. Ashley, ” Brian said.

Yuck! Disgusting compliment.

”You… You are looking different. ” I whisper, before closing the distance between the both of us.

Brian rose from his seat to help me out with the chair, and the first thing I inhaled was something more different from perfume.

Its a body odor.

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