Cinderella Porsche Boyfriend

I think I\'m in love

”Ohh. So is this how you want to play games with me? ” I ask while smirking like a psychopath.

Its beginning to amuse me that Brian already has evil plans for me.

I still can believe that our relationship of a whole good one year is all a waste.

Gush! Brian plays me so hard that I fall deeply for him.

”Do you mind sitting down so that we can have a proper conversation? ” He questions this time around.

I scoff. ”What do you want from me, Brian? ” I asked and my brows were slightly arched.

”Just a relationship, and nothing more. ” He replied smiling, and with that, he took his seat.

Brian signals one of his men to replace the broken table with a new one, and his bodyguard or whatsoever he is, did as Brian had told him to do.

”How many minutes are we going to spend here? ” I ask because if Im to sit down, it means that Im to surrender fully to him.

Yeah! Even though an individual is as strong as an immortal… That person isn expected to play with his life.

Im very good at fighting, but that doesn mean that I should attack all those present.

Theres a **ing gun on their hand, and if the trigger is being pulled, it would end up being the loss of my life.

”Your best friend won look for you, so you don have to be in a hurry. ” He declared, which made me scoff.

”If you don tell me how many **ing minutes Im going to spend here, then I hope you won be upset if I walk out of here. ” I declare, staring at him angrily.

”SEAT! ” He commands with an authoritative voice.

”Make me. ” I spat, before grabbing my handbag.

Brian exhales. ”I don want to hurt you Ashley, so Ill advise you to just take your seat so that we can discuss some important things. ” He tries to reassure me.

”Are you trying to say that you still don know how many minutes your so-called important things are going to consume? ”

”Two hours. Now sit. ” He let out, sounding frustrated.

”If it passes two hours, Ill make you pay for wasting my time. ” I threaten.

Yeah! Im in a tight position and yet I still have the gut to threaten Brian.

”Alright. ” He mumbles while nodding his head.

Not that I had any other choice, so I decided it would be best if I took my seat and heard him out.

Deep down I have a feeling that what hes going to say would end up being crazy, but who am I to make a choice in this tight position. ”Your time starts now. ” I declare while staring at my wristwatch.

I decided to set a timer because I don want it to exceed two hours.

”I have a business proposal for you. ” Brian declared.

He gazed at me, hoping that I would say something in my mouth, but I didn . ”I want to have you tonight. ” He added, and his last sentence felt like a silly joke to my ear.

”What do you say? ” He questioned, gazing at me with a smile.

Currently. I can now see his teeth clearly, and from my point of view, I can tell that his teeth are yellow.

”Do you deal with tobacco? ” I interrogate. Ignoring what he had just said a while ago.

”How does that have to deal with my deal? ” He replied to my question with a question.

”Ohh! Yeah. About your deal… its a big NO for me. ” Came my sincere reply.

”You didn get to ask what is in for you, ” Brian whispered, before winking at me.

I usually think that when a guy winks at a girl, the girl would feel goosebumps, but in Brians case, I feel disgusted.

With my brows slightly arched upwards, I ask. ”So whats my share? ”

He winks once more, and Im certain that if he winks at me again, I might pass out due to his disgusting nature. ”Ill give you a hundred million dollars, and a plane ticket to Paris, and you would also have the opportunity to do a blow job for me, ” Brian said.

I admire the name Brian because it means noble, but right now Im beginning to doubt the meaning of his name. ”Im so delighted about the nice offer Brian, ” I responded, smiling as if I meant my statement.

”Its a deal then. ” Brian quickly says. ”Lets go to the hotel now. ” He added, rising up the chair.

”Hey! You didn wait for me to complete my statement, Brian. ” I declare before pausing for a while. ”I mean that all your offers are nice but Im not interested. ”

”Why are you not interested? ” He questions.

I inhale deeply while composing myself not to do something dangerous. ”Are you a human or a beast Brian? besides, did you leave country G just because you want to have sex with me, or are you trying to spread the disease you have in your body to me? ” I interrogate.

”I don have a disease. ” He deny.

Well! I only guess that he have disease. Beside fake Brian hasn mention about having a disease. ”And Yes. I flew from country G to come to visit you because Henry told me that you are a virgin, even at this age, and I want to taste virgin blood so that….. ”

”Hey! Stop it Okay. And if you have urges go and release yourself with someone else for Im not interested. ” I declare, cutting him off from saying his statement, and with that, I rise from where Im seated.

Just by snapping his finger, his bodyguard seizes me.

”Let go of me! ” I yelled.

Brian made his way towards me, and wrapped his hand around my waist while smiling.

”Let me go, ” I yelled once more while trying to get free from my so-called psycho boyfriend.

”I want to devour you. RIGHT HERE, AND RIGHT NOW. ” He declared with an authoritative voice, causing me to swallow my saliva hard, for I felt disgusted.

I don want to seem weak in front of him, so I decided to act smart. ”Let go of me you jerk. ” I curse.

A gun was pointed at my head, so I became unable to move.

I hate guns because a gun kills faster than a knife.

Immediately after letting out my statement, Brian held my chin forcefully, as he leaned closer to me while allowing his disgusting breath to caress my face.

He smirks devilishly and is about to place his lips on mine, which causes me to spit on his face.

I made sure that my saliva landed on his face. ”You stink! ” I curse.

Brian got so angry as his eyes became red.

”You disgusting pig. ” He insulted me while wiping away my saliva which landed on his nose.

The saliva stains his fingertips and instead of him wiping it with a handkerchief, he did something surprisingly instead.

Brian licked his finger that was stained with my saliva, which made me feel like puking.

He licks his big ugly lips disgustingly, and then he raises his fist, ready to hit me on my cheek.

I didn flinch, because I won mind ending my life today, that is if he slaps me.

It was like time stood frozen because his hand seems to be in slow motion, as it makes its way toward me.

All of a sudden the door of the restaurant flies open, I shift my gaze towards the door, and become stunned, due to what I saw.

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