I was stunned to see an attractive, or perhaps I prefer saying that the young handsome guy is pleasing in appearance and sexually alluring.

I don know why but immediately after I saw him I became full of excitement.

He looks so captivating.

Staring at him, I couldn help but quickly give him a name, which is known as Mister White Knight.

The mysterious stranger has sea rover-blue eyes that attract like magic. They were almond-shaped, and they were like eyes that fire with passion

He has king-gold hair, bristly eyebrows, a well-built hawkish nose, fine cheekbones, and a concrete jaw.

Mister White Knight has a Titans shoulders, and not to mention that he looks masculine.

He moved with a leopard-like grace.

They were a-dazzle which wandered over a friendly smile.

He wore a brown hoodie, and white well-ironed trousers, which made him look more sexy and young at the same time.

Mister White Knight is looking so hypnotizing that I can stare away, and likewise Brian and his companions.

Making his way closer to me, an earthy scent swirled around my nose.

I can tell what it smells like, but I can reassure you that he smells so good.

He looks like a male model whos probably adored by the fairer sex for his Teutonic-gold hair.

After observing him for some time, I concluded that he is not a male model because I have never seen him, and neither have I heard of him, but still! He should have been a model because he has a good physical appearance.

His long mother lode-gold hair which he groomed so carefully had a rippling quality, a sign of his rude health.

His brows knit in frustration and later changed to curiosity.

The aquiline nose he sported complemented his prominent cheekbones. Handsome in an understatement.

Mister White Knight has a basalt jaw and Spartan shoulders which spoke of strength.

He possessed a latent, leonine power and he walked with a purpose that gives authority.

His crescent-of-moon eyebrows were thin and narrow.

He carried an imperious nose and his angular cheekbones carved down towards a flinty jaw.

Unusually for a model, he had a manly physique.

The catwalk…. gush I love the way he glided with an athletic grace without skipping a beat.

His mariner-blue eyes were orb around and darted constantly, a-gleam with delight and the vigor of youth.

They seem soft, Irish eyes and now its swimming with anger.

Guess Ive screwed up after all.

His eyes shone brightly as two sapphires dipped in milky pools.

Everyone presents their gaze to comment on his vivacious character and his cold nature.

Time stood frozen as I stared at him without blinking.

I was expecting him to come and rescue me but immediately Mister White Knight got into my presence… He walked past me and made his way towards the chair that was behind Brian.

Wait! Is he one of Brians men? I question myself while praying within me.

I don want him to turn out to be the boss of Brian because if hes then Im hundred and one percent screwed up.

”Who are you? ” Brian questioned, as he arched his brows while staring at the young man with an annoyed expression.

Mister White Knight didn reply to Brian, as he stared at the menu book which is currently on the table.

”Im **ing asking you a question! ” Brian shouted like a mad dog, but still, no answer was received.

The aure that Mister White Knight Carries is just so cold and I believe hes a powerful person.

Perhaps! Hes a young mafia. Or perhaps a prince.

Brian exhaled and decided not to deal with the man for now because his main interest is to get me under his bed before midnight.

”Ill get back to you later. ” He said to Mister White Knight who wasn even staring at him.

Turning around to gaze at me, Brian forcefully held my cheeks. ”The deal I have for you is no more! ” Brian said, before leaning closer to sniff my neck.

Gush! Hes a total freak.

I never knew that mad people are stupid until I come across my psychopath Brian.

”I don want to have anything to do with you. ” I declare while forcing myself to get free from him.

”But I can stop the urge. Besides you told me a while ago that if I have urges that I should go and free myself with someone else, and unfortunately the only person I can think of is YOU. ” Brian said in a most disgusting manner.

If I have the chance to puke then I would have disposed of all that I ate since morning on Brian face.

”Have I ever told you the reason why I… ”

Brian didn allow me to complete my statement as he cut me off. ”The reason why you like me right? ” He asks while releasing my cheek.

Pfft! ”I mean the reason why I can never be with you! ” I corrected him.

Brian scuff. ”And whats the reason behind that? ” He questions.

”The reason is very clear, ” I utter before pausing for a while. ”You stink Brian. Like seriously, do you even take your bath today? and do you brush your teeth? Come on! You stink like a dead pig. ” I insult while smirking devilishly.

Brian stares at his companions, and then he gazes at me. ”You think I stink? ” He asked, before letting out a heavy breath on my face.

I brought my head forward, and bumped it with his.

”Ouch! ” Both of us wince in pain.

I have seen actors doing such moves in movies but I never realized that it hurts like hell.

Brian forcefully grabbed my gown, and he raised his fist.

I have prepared myself for the outcome, so I smile while embracing the pain which is yet to come.

”Why does this restaurant have poor customer service! ” The voice of an individual was heard.

The voice of a knight in movies is freaking attractive, but the voice of this person is… Gush! I think Im going to be in love.

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