The words of Mister white knight made everyone become frozen.

Like seriously who he is, and why is he not intimidated by all those that are holding guns.

I mean guns even kill faster than poison, so if I was him, I would have peacefully excused myself while I still have time.

”Who the ** are you? ” Brian asked while arching his brows.

”Are you talking to me? ” Mister White Knight asks while pointing at himself.

”Who else do you think Im asking? ” Brian question.

He turned around and made his way toward the mysterious stranger. ”Who the hell are you! ” Brian asks once more, and from his tone, I can tell that hes not playing around.

”Ohh! Me? ” The guy who I still don know his name asks. ”Im a fan of this restaurant, and I always eat dinner here. ” He replied.

I don know how to explain his voice in words but Mister white knight is something else.

I believe hes a secret model because his voice is damn beautiful.

Hearing his soft, hoarse hypnotizing voice, I can help, but to start drooling all over my entire body.

”I didn ask if you like the food thats being prepared by the restaurant. All that Im asking is who the ** are you! ” Brian said while dragging his last few words.

”Ohh! I don need to introduce myself to you, and besides, you don have the right to ask me such a question. ” He started while placing his hand in his hoodie pocket.

Brian exhales in annoyance, and he grabs a gun from one of his companions before making his way toward Mister white knight. ”I don want to do this, but Im left with no choice, ” Brian said as he point the gun towards the head of Mister stranger.

”Go ahead and shoot. ” The mysterious stranger uttered while smiling.

Gush! His smile was breathtaking and I couldn stare away. ”So be it! ” Brian replied.

He held the gun firmly, and he was about to press the gun trigger when Mister White Knight all of a sudden did something unbelievable.

”Please don shoot! ” He pleaded while placing both hands together.

I shut my eyes wide open, and I immediately snap myself from drooling on my body.

Gush! What did my knight just do?

I was thinking that he is an individual who isn afraid of guns.

I mean he had just said that Brian should shoot him a while ago, and here hes winning like a baby.

Arrr! I think I have to start believing in the statement that says don judge a book by its cover.

Mister White Knight looks so cool, that even when he was making his way inside the restaurant, I had imagined him to be in a completely white outfit.

He carries a cold aure, but a weak mind.

”Hahaha! ” Brian laughs out loud. ”Get lost! ” Brian declares while pointing towards the door.

Who would have thought that the person I saw a knight is quickly running out of the restaurant like a scared little kitten? ”Hey! Come and help me! ” I yelled, because if he doesn help me, then theres no escaping.

Mister White Knight didn reply, and he slowly closed the door of the restaurant.

”Hey! Im being abducted! ” I yelled.

It was as if the mysterious stranger had a mental problem.

Any other normal human being would have contacted the Police, but that handsome guy is something else.

”Hey! ” I yelled once more, but too bad for me because he was no longer in my presence.

”Hes gone, Ashley! ” Brian said as he reminded me of the obvious.

”You monster! ” I insulted.

”Who are you calling the monster? Is it me? or are you calling that handsome dude a monster? ” He question, while smirking devilishly.

In life when you are in a tight position, you would realize that your life can easily turn into a silly joke.

”You of course! And besides, I don know that stranger and he hasn done any harm to me, so I can call him a monster. ” I replied, before rolling my eyes.

”Lets take her to the hotel. ” Brian declares, and I can see that hes already tired of me.

”So what hotel are you planning on taking me to? ” I ask while fuming in anger.

”Don be in a hurry! Just exercise patiently darling. ” Brian smirk.

He grabs my hand, and his companions all support him in holding me.

Theres no need for me to escape now. Besides if I get to the hotel, I would find a way to expose Brian before we even get to the hotel room.

Just as they were about to open the door of the restaurant, the sound of a siren was heard.

Brian stares at his companions, and they stare back at him.

They drag me away from the door, and it seems that they plan on escaping through the back door.

Yeah! I have to act right now! I declare to myself.

I struggle to get free from Brian, which causes his companions to attack me.

I kicked Henry on his leg, which made him lose his balance.

It seems that none of them see this coming.

Brian quickly runs, not minding that his companions are stuck with me.

I clench my fist and was ready to start fighting when all of a sudden the door of the restaurant quickly opened.

Henry and his co-worker didn think twice, as they headed straight for the back door.

I scuffed, before turning around, because Im grateful for the cops that…

Wait! Turning around, I saw just Mister White Knight standing at the door.

I ran towards the door to see if the cops were outside, but unfortunately, I only saw a Bluetooth speaker on the floor.

”Is that the cops? ” I ask while staring at him dumbfounded.

”You are welcome! ” Mister White Knight replies, before making his way out of the restaurant.

It seems that he had connected his siren alarm to the Bluetooth speaker which made it sound as if the cops car were getting closer.

”Thanks! ” I declare while walking behind him.

”That was nothing! ” He replies arrogantly. ”You can head back home now! ” He added, and this time around, he bent his back slightly, while cleaning the edge of his shoe.

Due to the fact he bent down, I was able to see his sky blue boxer.

I bite my lower lips and patiently wait for him to clean his shoe.

When he was done! he rose and started walking.

”Im really…. ”

I couldn complete my statement because his boxer brief caught my attention once more.

”I… I can see your boxer. ” I stutter while sounding friendly, for I don want him to take it the other way.

”Good! Its expensive. ” He utters proudly, without covering it up.

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