Cinderella Porsche Boyfriend

Using your words against you.

Staring outside the airplane, all that I was able to see were just clouds of different shapes and sizes.

Life isn that simple because you can never predict whats going to happen.

You can tell if you are going to be alright in the next few minutes because everything in life is filled with surprises.

Im aware that it seems weird, but I had long wished for a family with Brian! Whose name is now known as Henry.

Mister White Knight did a great job in saving my ass from Brian and his companions, but currently, I don think anyone will be able to save me from this mess.

My parents had called me last night, and they were requesting that I come to country Z tomorrow, which is today! This is what I mean by saying life is unpredictable.

Today an individual can be happy, but tomorrow that same individual might end up going through so much depression.

My Mom wants me to get married at all costs.

This is one of the reasons why I had asked Brian to come to country G to come and see me.

I was hoping that the both of us would click together so that perhaps we might end up talking about how we are going to plan setting up a family.

I had promised my Mom that before the month runs out, Im going to bring her future son-in-law to come and see her.

Unfortunately! Brian can never be a good candidate in the eyes of my parents, and I can also spend the rest of my life with him.

Getting married to someone like him would warrant that he cheats on you with a lot of mistresses.

My mom called, and she declared that she had found a suitable husband for me.

”Mom! I told you that Im going to bring your Future son-in-law to come and see you. ” I had said to my mother.

”Can you be able to bring him along? ” She questioned.

As much as I hate to say the answer, I still find myself answering her because ignoring my mom would warrant a lot of shitty things. ”I can ! ” I mumble.

”Then come to country Z tomorrow, and thats final. ” She uttered, and with that, she hung up.

I hate where this is currently heading to. Gush!

This is the main reason why Im on the airplane right now.

Charlotte and I had tried searching for a solution, but they seemed too far from being reached.

The airplane is about to land at the airport, which causes me to become nauseous.

I force myself to swallow my saliva, before finally allowing myself to think straight.

Since I have a big and mighty room at my parents mansion! I didn bother to carry any belongings alongside me.

”Miss Ashley Conner! ” A chauffeur called out from behind me.

I turn around only to see Cosmo standing behind me, with a black Lamborghini car beside him.

I smile while spreading my hands wide before pulling him for a hug, because Cosmo has been my chauffeur for a very long time now.

I can still remember that my parents employed him to be my chauffeur when I was just six years of age.

Cosmo is currently in his early forties, and Im guessing he is four two years of age.

”Good to see you, Miss Ashley Conner! ” Cosmo declares, as he slightly pats my back.

”Its so lovely to see you again Cosmo! ” I replied, pulling away from the hug.

He chuckled, as he opened the door of the car for me to get inside.

I sat down on the back seat while watching as Cosmo made his way towards the drivers seat.

Did I mention that Im from a super wealthy family?

My parents are multi billionaires, and they own a lot of companies and their businesses are among the top five.

They aren that strict with me, except when it comes to getting married.

On the other hand, I want to get married, but not to someone that I barely even know, and not to mention if this so-called person is the son of a famous billionaire.

I want to get married to someone who loves me, and someone who isn going to secretly body shame me.

The reason why I traveled to country G is to find myself.

In country G! No one is aware that Im actually from the most famous Conner family.

Cosmo silently drove the car towards my parents mansion.

The mansion is currently more beautiful than I could even remember.

My parents mansion is decorated with beautiful flowers and it doesn have the type of gate that covers what lies behind the compound, but the gate is known as a royal gate.

In the middle of the compound, lies a flowing pond where water never gets dried.

While I was a kid, I would always make a wish at that pond, but my parents had also stopped me because they proclaim that it isn a wishing pond.

I exhale loudly, before stepping out of the car.

Behold my parents mansion which is decorated with complete royal white paint.

I made my way inside the mansion while answering the greetings of the maids who were all greeting me.

Im not from royalty, but sometimes I do feel like Im just meant to wave my hands and smile wide, which is whenever Im being greeted.

When I finally got to the sitting room, I smiled wide, before running toward my mother for a warm hug.

My mom spread out her hand while welcoming me to receive her.

I inhale my mothers scent while wrapping my hands around her.

She smells so nice, and she has always smelled so nice from the very first day that I started hugging her.

”My little princess! ” My Dad declares as he closes the distance between me.

We all hug each other like one big family.

My Mom pulled away from me, and she smiled widely. ”Your suitor has been waiting for you. ” She declares while turning me around.

What type of human being would go to a girls parents house by the time of the day? I question myself.

inhaling! I turn around to gaze at my so-called suitor.

I… I became immobile due to the handsome young man that I saw.

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