Two figures could be seen fighting in an open arena full of tall trees and greenery covering hundreds of kilometers.

One figure could be seen holding a sword, wearing a black shirt with black pants and an overcoat extending down to his ankle. He wore black chest armor with various designs engraved on them and what looked like black shackles on either of his hands.

The other figure held a large greatsword with just a single hand. It donned an entire suit of white armor with graceful and beautiful engravings.

Both of them were in stances ready for battle, but no one moved an inch. Both of their eyes tracked even the slightest movement made by their opponent. Suddenly, the figure clad in armor decided to charge toward his opponent.

”Why must we fight!? You were like my brother, Mark! I don want to fight you. ” said Luke in a melancholic tone as he dodged Marks attacks.

”We wouldn have fought in the first place if you had just obeyed the tower lord and become his servant, ” replied Mark as he continued his slashing and charged forward.

The two figures exchanged blows, cast anomalies, and used various skills that defied common sense. If one saw the remnants of what could be called a battleground, one would not believe that lush trees and bushes ever covered it.

The fight lasted for what seemed like an eternity, and at last, one figure initiated a conversation as if to relax.

”Why! Why don you already remove the shackles that limit you from using your full power! Are you going easy on me!? ” asked Mark in an irritated tone. His armor, which had covered his entire body, was now broken down, and only the armor on his shoulder remained intact.

”As I have already said, I don want to fight you, who was once my brother! I can even imagine killing you! But, why!? Why are you so persistent on becoming a Divina under the Tower Lord?! ” shouted Luke. Even though both of them had exchanged an equal number of blows, only a scratch could be seen on Lukes face and wrist.

”You don understand! The power that can be provided to us by the Tower Lord is incomparable to what we currently have! Why are you adamant about returning to Earth, the place we once called home long ago? ” asked Mark.

”It is because I am tired of the tower! I never asked to be given the opportunity to become one of the Divina! Then why!? Why was I suddenly summoned to the tower and forced to climb it?! ” Luke replied in a tone that sounded as if he was frustrated and tired.

”You don understand, Luke! We were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to become one of the participants that climbed the tower! Due to our adaptability and skills, we climbed up to the top of the tower! We now have the chance to become gods! I don understand why you refuse! ” replied Mark holding his sword up again and readying himself to charge at

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