ting me.”

Lin Shu has very strict requirements of the environment when she paints.
She doesn’t care about anything else.
At least, she couldn’t hear any hint of movements in the studio.

Luo Lin Yuan gave a very small oh and closed the door behind him.
Uncle Wu stood behind him, “Young Master, the kitchen has made you your favorite noodles.”

Luo Lin Yuan walked towards the dining room on the first floor.
“When will Dad be back?”

Uncle Wu: “Master is still discussing business in the United States, so at least half a month away.”

Luo Lin Yuan was stunned, “He won’t come back for my birthday?”

Uncle Wu sighed, “Master will definitely try his best to come back.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t say anything and buried his head in eating noodles.
After he finished eating, he got into the car and the driver took him to the agreed basketball court.
He didn’t go down to play basketball, so he just watched from the side.

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Xia Fu was already sitting in the stands, shaking her head and waving her hands excitedly to cheer people on.
In addition to Xia Fu, there were other girls in the stands; it was a bustling group.

It seems that except for him, the boys have all gone down to play basketball.

When Xia Fu saw him coming, she waved happily at him and asked him to sit beside her.

As soon as Luo Lin Yuan sat down, Xia Fu clung to his arm pressing her hot cheeks against his shoulders, and snuggled affectionately.

Luo Lin Yuan whispered in Xia Fu’s ear, “There are a lot of people, don’t be like this.”

Xia Fu was unhappy at once.
She pulled her hand out, sat up straight, and stared at him closely, “What, do you mind?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I just don’t like this.”

Xia Fu stared at him suspiciously, “Are you afraid of being seen by someone?”

Luo Lin Yuan wanted to say no but felt that such a conversation was rather meaningless.
“Then, whatever you say.”

Who knew that his words ignited Xia Fu’s anger.
What girls hate to hear the most is this sentence, ‘whatever you say’.

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Xia Fu got up and went to sit in the first row, leaving Luo Lin Yuan to sit in the third row, surrounded by a group of girls.

Luo Lin Yuan is a man of few words.
He originally wanted to quietly watch the basketball game but who knew that he would overhear the chatter of the girls around him, questioning why his hair looks shiny and soft, and what shampoo did he use to achieve that.

After a while, they asked again how come his skin is so delicate, what skin products did he use.
Then they asked again, what brand of clothes he was wearing, exclaiming that it looks good and they would also buy one for their boyfriend when they go back.

Luo Lin Yuan, who could hardly breathe among a group of girls, finally got up as if fleeing from calamity and left a sentence to buy water and ran away in a hurry.

He bought a lot of beverages, two big bags of all flavors available.
After bringing it back and distributing it to the girls, Xia Fu became even angrier when she saw it.
Luo Lin Yuan completely forgot that he had to coax his girlfriend.
He carried the drinks to the players who were off the court resting halfway through the game.

The captain of Class Ten was a little surprised when he saw him carrying so many and said, “Our class has some too?”

Fang Xiao vigorously patted Luo Lin Yuan’s shoulder and he even wrapped his arm around the person’s neck, “You’re welcome ah!”

Although that’s what he said, Fang Xiao turned his head and stared at Luo Lin Yuan, “We usually don’t see you delivering water when we play basketball! Speak! Did you take a fancy on one of the girls in Class Ten!”

Luo Lin Yuan rolled his eyes at him.
“Shut up and drink water!”

He saw that there were still a few left in the plastic bag, so he looked up to see who hadn’t taken it.
At a glance, he saw Yu Han sitting on the side.
Someone had already handed him a towel and water.
Moreover, he showed a gentle smile that Luo Lin Yuan had never seen before, saying thank you to the girls.

Luo Lin Yuan sneered in his heart.
He sat next to the bag, took out every remaining bottle of drinks, unscrewed them, and took a sip on all of it.

If not, then not.
He doesn’t want to give it okay!

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