it from coming out to shame him.

Yu Han took the water and simply rinsed his arm.
Luo Lin Yuan wanted to go back to sit on his seat.
After all, it didn’t make much sense for him to stand there.
Who knew that Yu Han called out to stop him and stretched out his hand to him.

Luo Lin Yuan was baffled.
Yu Han said, “Didn’t you bring me Coke? I happen to be thirsty.”

Xia Fu was just about to say that Luo Lin Yuan had drunk it and he minded this.
She wanted Yu Han to drink the bottle she took earlier but before the words came out, she saw her boyfriend put the Coke he had drunk on the person’s hand.
Yu Han opened it and drank a few mouthfuls and said warmly, “Thank you.”

Xia Fu: “……”

Luo Lin Yuan’s ears were a little red but his skin was already a bit red from the sun, making it hard to tell.

He didn’t even respond to Yu Han’s thanks.
In the eyes of outsiders, he just highly nodded his chin coldly, turned, and left.

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Xia Fu nodded to them hurriedly and went after Luo Lin Yuan.

Li Yujie originally wanted to tell Yu Han to go back to the court, they must’ve been annoyed by waiting, when he saw the person staring at the man and woman who left.

He patted Yu Han’s shoulder, “Xia Fu has white skin, good-looking, and has long legs ba.”

Yu Han knew that he was referring to the girl and nodded unconsciously.

Li Yujie was even more worried when he saw the person nodding.
After all, she is his good brother’s woman and has to guard him.
He reminded him a few words, “That’s Luo Lin Yuan’s girlfriend.
Ah, you don’t know Luo Lin Yuan ba.
That’s the silly kid who brought the Coke.”

Yu Han unscrewed the cap of the Coke and took another sip.
“He’s indeed quite silly.
They turned out to be a couple ah.”

Li Yujie: “Yes ah.
They’ve been together for almost a month ba.”

The couple being discussed were walking along the road with Luo Lin Yuan in front and Xia Fu at the back.
Xia Fu kept asking, “Why did you give him the Coke?”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t look back.
He was looking at the map to find a nearby pharmacy.
He didn’t care much when he heard the words.
“He’s injured.”

Xia Fu: “It’s not about that ah! Didn’t you mind this? That’s the bottle of Coke you’ve drunk ah!”

Luo Lin Yuan stopped on his feet and suddenly turned his head a little, “I forgot.” He thought about it carefully and there seems to be no particularly disgusting feeling.
After all, it was not him who had Yu Han’s saliva, but Yu Han had his…

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Just thinking about it this way, Luo Lin Yuan’s whole person felt panicked.

Xia Fu walked up and wrapped her arms around his neck, “You only kissed me once and you even took a tissue to wipe your mouth after the kiss.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Xia Fu’s lips.
He remembered the first time they kissed, he kissed the mouth full of lip gloss, but he couldn’t accept the tongues touching each other.
Since then, he and Xia Fu never kissed again.

Xia Fu said seriously, “Since you’re not that repulsed, let’s try it again.”

Luo Lin Yuan leaned his head back with some resistance, “Where can you see that I don’t reject it anymore.”

Xia Fu stubbornly said, “I have nothing on my lips today, it won’t be the same as last time.
Give me a chance ba.”

After that, she didn’t wait for Luo Lin Yuan to respond, she stood on tiptoe and kissed him.

At this time, a sharp whistle came from behind them.
The two turned their heads only to see Fang Xiao, who substituted from the court, hehe-ed while holding his phone and waved at them.
“Pay attention ah.
What are you doing in public!”

Luo Lin Yuan pushed away Xia Fu at once and Fang Xiao turned back, “Xiao Yu ah, you see that.
These lovers who don’t look at the occasion and show off should be put on a torch!”

Yu Han stood behind Fang Xiao and cooperated with a smile, “I saw it.”

Xia Fu also smiled shyly.

They were all smiling except for Luo Lin Yuan.

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