e we want to discuss whether a boy looks good here?”

Yang Xi slowly recovered, “Ai, that’s true, I feel gay.”

Yu Han put down his coffee and commented, “He’s good-looking.”

Yang Xi: “……”

Luo Lin Yuan sat across Fang Xiao, looking at the latter, who was still in a daze because of drunkenness.
He (FX) raised his chopsticks in place, regained his senses, and pointed at him aggressively, “Confess and I’ll be lenient!”

He raised his chopsticks to grasp away Fang Xiao’s (chopsticks), “Drink your soup, so much nonsense.”

Fang Xiao: “You’re very strange recently ah.”

Luo Lin Yuan raised his eyebrow and said, “Isn’t it just about making friends? Aren’t you asking me to make more friends all day long?”

Fang Xiao covered his chest playfully, “Although that’s what I said, you’ve been really seduced by other little demons! I feel so uncomfortable again!”

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Luo Lin Yuan reached for the bowl of soup and made a gesture to pour it out, “Then if you’re uncomfortable, don’t drink the soup either.”

Fang Xiao hurriedly grabbed the soup, “Are you even human? You won’t even give me the soup.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t mess with him anymore and picked up his chopsticks to eat.
The food in the cafeteria is unpalatable, and he never liked it very much, but it was close and convenient.
He felt even dirtier when he was told to eat around the school.

Uncle Wu said that he would deliver lunch regularly.
Since the first day when Uncle Wu delivered a dish, an exaggerated five-layer lunch box that filled two tables, Luo Lin Yuan never asked Uncle Wu to deliver it again.

Luo Lin Yuan took a few bites from his plate while thinking, then set it aside and played with his phone.

After Fang Xiao was sure he wouldn’t eat it, he stretched out his chopsticks into his plate to take his meat and said, “You can’t do this ah.
You’ll be malnourished and won’t be able to grow muscles.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Fang Xiao’s arms which were as thin as his, “You’ve eaten so much meat but I haven’t seen you grow muscles either.”

This comment poked Fang Xiao’s weak spot, he glared, “I’m still developing!”

Luo Lin Yuan sneered.
“Yu Han is also still developing but his muscles have already grown, and he doesn’t eat meat as much as you.”

Fang Xiao refused to accept it, “You know it again! What do you know about him!”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I just know!”

Fang Xiao: “How do you know? Have you seen or touched it ah!” As soon as the words fell, Fang Xiao’s mouth closed and his eyes squeezed like cramps.

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Unfortunately, the provoked Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t see it at all.
He clasped his hands and said, “There is.
I don’t need to touch it to know.
Yu Han has eight abs, all of which are hard.
Fang Xiao, if you want to train like this, it’s still early.”

He remembered the first time he watched Yu Han play basketball, the man lifted his shirt to wipe his sweat.
The abdominal muscles were too obvious.
Fang Xiao definitely didn’t notice them but he saw them.

Fang Xiao ignored his words and continued to wink.

Without waiting for Luo Lin Yuan to react, a small bottle of Wangzai[3] milk was placed next to Luo Lin Yuan’s arms.
Yu Han said, “Gift as thanks.”

Luo Lin Yuan stiffly turned his head, staring at the Wangzai milk, and sunk into silence.

The silence of embarrassment, shame, and despair.

Yang Xi is worthy of being Undiscerning Yang Xi.
He laughed heartily with his waist in, and heartlessly said, “A’Yu’s abs are very powerful ah.
Last time he did sit-ups, he broke the record.” 

After speaking, he stretched out his hand, wanting to pat Luo Lin Yuan, “Classmate Luo, you can join the basketball team to practice and there will be some (abs) too.”

Before his hand fell on Luo Lin Yuan’s shoulder, he was slightly blocked by Yu Han, who stopped Yang Xi’s hand and didn’t say much, but said in a light voice, “Let’s go ba, it’s time to go back for the lunch break.”


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