to him, “Yang Xi, I won’t go tonight.”

Fang Xiao and Yang Xi both looked over.
Yang Xi knew his situation and didn’t say much, “Okay, you have to come for an hour of training after school.”

Yu Han gave an ‘en’, his gaze went past the two of them, and looked towards the class.

Fang Xiao noticed his gaze and said, “Luo Lin Yuan didn’t come today.”

Yu Han withdrew his gaze and stopped on Fang Xiao’s face without saying anything.

Fang Xiao continued, “He asked for leave because of gastroenteritis last night, and he wouldn’t come until the afternoon.”

Yu Han still didn’t say anything, making Fang Xiao a little embarrassed.
He touched his face, “Aren’t you here to find him?”

Yang Xi: “No, Old Yu incidentally accompanied me over to talk about things, we still have to go to the office later.”

Fang Xiao oh-ed, and thought no wonder.
He also thought how would Yu Han come over? Obviously, our class doesn’t seem to be very familiar with him.

Although recently his bro has been very close to this person, Fang Xiao still felt that Luo Lin Yuan, who’s so difficult to deal with, won’t match Yu Han ah.

If the two people say that there is friendship, Fang Xiao couldn’t tell whether the friendship is deep or shallow in the end.
Anyway, Fang Xiao can’t tell.

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On this side, Luo Lin Yuan was almost awakened by several messages from Fang Xiao.
He got up from the bed in his pajamas, walked to the balcony, and stretched his waist.

It’s a rare day where he didn’t have to get up early and the weather was sunny.
But Luo Lin Yuan’s mood wasn’t good and it was even a bit gloomy.

After washing up, he took his phone and went downstairs for breakfast.

He habitually wiped his phone three times with disinfectant wipes before putting it aside.
When Luo Lin Yuan eats, he tries his best not to play with his phone.

At most put it on the side.
If someone is looking for him, then he’ll see whether to answer or not depending on the situation.

In order to take care of his stomach, Uncle Wu had the kitchen prepare congee and side dishes, which were fragrant and crisp that assails the nostrils.

Luo Lin Yuan drank half of it then saw his phone screen light up.
It was a WeChat alert.

He simply didn’t care, probably Fang Xiao didn’t attend class properly again and came to talk to him.

After finishing the congee, Luo Lin Yuan then turned on his phone and looked at WeChat.
At this moment, Uncle Wu happened to come over with a cup of juice and an egg.
“Young Master, eat this egg again.”

At this time, he saw his young master showing a surprised expression and even rubbed his eyes.

Uncle Wu: “What’s the matter?”

His young master silently put down his phone, took the egg, peeled it halfway but couldn’t resist.
He put the egg down and picked up his phone instead.

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Uncle Wu: “Young Master, at least take a bite ah.” He thought that Luo Lin Yuan’s playing with his phone meant that he wouldn’t eat it.

Who knew that Luo Lin Yuan would wave his hand and say, “I’ll eat it later, definitely eat it.
I have something important to do now.”

Luo Lin Yuan stared at the screen as if facing a big enemy.
And the reason he was so nervous was because of the WeChat from Yu Han.

The man asked him, “Did you have something to look for me yesterday?”

Luo Lin Yuan was thinking of not replying but felt unwilling.

If Yu Han was really curious, he should’ve asked this message yesterday, but only now did he ask.
He didn’t know what it meant.

He wanted to put the phone down, hesitated, and finally replied indomitably, “It’s nothing, I dialed the wrong number.”

Yu Han: “……”

Jie Jie: [Please read and I’m sorry about this news TAT]

I’ll be going back with my usual sporadic/once a week update (Every Sunday) from now on as my classes will start soon *cries in despair. It’s also my last semester so I will be really busy.
If you want to know specifically, it’s because my ojt/internship (I’m so nervous for this upcoming interview QAQ any tips?) + research will take most of my time, I’d only probably have free time on weekends (I hope!)

Anyway, thanks for reading this novel! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far! <3 For any typos, grammar errors, broken links, and the likes; feel free to let me know and I’ll fix them as soon as possible.

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