d the sound of smashing things from the study.

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He slowly backed away, left the study quietly, brought the coffee to his room, and drank it all in one go.

They all said that coffee was refreshing, but Luo Lin Yuan still felt tired and panicked.
After he took a shower, he climbed up the bed discontentedly and wrapped himself tightly with the quilt.

He felt as if he had fallen into an ice-cold desert bed, sinking all the way down, and the sand gradually filled up all his breathing space, leaving him breathless.

For a long time, Luo Lin Yuan didn’t even know if he fell asleep; his spirit was exhilarated, but his body was exhausted.

He touched his phone next to the bed and opened a mini-game to pass the time.

Suddenly, a WeChat message lit up on his phone, it was from Yu Han.

Yu Han: “Today, you’ve spent money.
Grandma asked me to bring you some small dishes from home, as well as the sausages she hung out to dry before.”

Luo Lin Yuan stared at the WeChat and didn’t reply for a long time.

Yu Han probably saw that he didn’t reply, so he came with another one: “Is it inconvenient to receive it? I can understand.”

Luo Lin Yuan then edited the previous WeChat: “Bring it to school to give me?”

Yu Han: “Give it to you after class ba.”

Yu Han: “Don’t worry, the food tastes good and clean.

Luo Lin Yuan: “Did I say anything?”

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Yu Han didn’t reply.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t know why, probably because he was now vulnerable and aggrieved, those bad moods engrossed in his mind, he actually said to Yu Han: “My birthday will be in a few days, do you plan to give me anything?”

When this question was sent, Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t wait to swallow his phone into his stomach and destroy the body.[1] Yu Han had drawn the line before the two of them several times, and Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t so stupid that he couldn’t even see this.

The reason for letting him see his grandmother was simply because he accompanied Yu Han to the hospital that day and also Ren Yu ran into him there, Yu Han took him to see his grandmother.

If he really wants to say the relationship between them, the truth is, they are still spinning around in place without any progress.

How could he have the nerve to ask people for gifts now? His face is too thick.

Luo Lin Yuan’s cheeks were burning and he wanted to withdraw the WeChat, which he did.

Yu Han, however, had already seen it and replied: “Coming of age birthday?”

Yu Han: “What are you withdrawing for?”

Yu Han: “Wrong send?”

Yu Han: “Since it’s your 18th birthday, I’ll give you an adult drink at the bar.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “……”

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Luo Lin Yuan: “By then, I’ll be celebrating my birthday with my friends.
How can I go to the bar to find you for a drink!”

Yu Han: “Just kidding, you can’t drink.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Don’t underestimate me, I can drink well, okay?”

Yu Han: “I’ve seen it, squatting on the side of the road almost being cheated away.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “……”

Yu Han: “Jokes aside, I can’t afford to give it if it’s too expensive.”

Yu Han: “Is it okay to bring you a bowl of longevity noodles?”

With tears hitting the screen, Luo Lin Yuan: “Good.”

He actually didn’t want gifts or money.
He just wanted to have a meal with his parents that day.

But he can’t say these words, he can’t force his parents to do things they don’t want to do because of his existence.

In fact, when he talked to Yu Han about his name last time, he said there were no parents who didn’t love their children.
That sentence was also said for himself, he believes that Lin Shu loves him.

Maybe that love was just not that obvious.

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