ality, you don’t even touch your girlfriend who is as delicate as a flower and refined as a precious jade!”

Unaware that this sentence also poke on Luo Lin Yuan’s nerve, he abruptly sat up, his eyes scraping Fang Xiao like a knife.

However, Fang Xiao is completely unafraid of him and also took the liberty to reply to the group: Going.
Little Princess Luo is going to take his girlfriend.

Li Yujie: Xia Fu? Class Ten’s class flower?[2]

Xu Chang: Ask sister-in-law Xia to bring some girls from her class!

Fang Xiao: All right!

He just looked up and was about to tell Luo Lin Yuan when he saw that the person who was just still in place had disappeared and didn’t know where he had gone.

Fang Xiao: “……”

Xia Fu took out her makeup mirror and just touched up her makeup when her desk mate poked her with a smile, “Your boyfriend is here.”

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Xia Fu’s heart jumped, peeking towards the door.
Luo Lin Yuan was really standing there looking into their classroom.

Luo Lin Yuan has a long and slender figure, as well as a skin whiter than a woman, with delicate features and cold eyes.
She knew how popular Luo Lin Yuan was in their grade and never thought that the two of them could really be together, but since they were together, she couldn’t accept it when Luo Lin Yuan treated her like this.

Now that Luo Lin Yuan is looking for her, she isn’t unhappy but she still had to make some gestures on her face.
She clasped her hands and turned around, pretending not to look at him.

As a result, when she saw her desk mate in front of her, she gave a surprised cry, “Why did your boyfriend walk to Ren Yu? Do they know each other?”

Xia Fu immediately turned and stared wide-eyed while Ren Yu also looked at Luo Lin Yuan, who went in front of him, a little surprised.

Luo Lin Yuan stood in front of the person’s desk, picked up a language book, opened the book, and looked at the two characters Ren Yu written at the end of the title page.
The characters are quite elegant as the person.

Luo Lin Yuan halted his gaze at the person’s face for a while, until Ren Yu’s cheeks flushed and said with some embarrassment, “This classmate, what’s the matter?”

Luo Lin Yuan put down the book, “Are you Ren Yu?”

Ren Yu nodded inexplicably, “I am.”

Luo Lin Yuan turned thoughtfully and left Class Ten, not expecting to see the other actor from the rooftop’s kissing scene on this trip.

Yu Han, Ren Yu.
These two names combined backward can be called a stupid combination.[3]

Wait……why did he come to Class Ten again?

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It wasn’t until his arm was tugged that Luo Lin Yuan turned back to Xia Fu, whose eyes were red with grievances, did he remember that the purpose of coming to Class Ten was to coax his girlfriend.

Xia Fu bit her lips, trembling with anger, and was about to have a seizure when she saw Luo Lin Yuan take out a lollipop from his pocket and hand it to her.

She almost failed to hold her face to laugh but still pretended to say, “I don’t want your candy!”

Luo Lin Yuan peeled the candy wrapper and stuffed it directly into Xia Fu’s mouth.
Xia Fu laughed at once and was coaxed.

The two of them blocked the doorway to talk.
After a while, Luo Lin Yuan was tapped on the shoulder and someone whispered from behind, “Make way.”

The voice had just passed the voice changing period, it was a bit hoarse, but it’s already a man’s low voice and somewhat husky.

He met a smiling face, that person was Yu Han who just finished playing basketball.

Yu Han raised his hand to wipe the sweat dripping to his chin and said with some embarrassment, “Classmate, I want to go in.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s thoughts scattered for a moment but Xia Fu pulled her boyfriend away and smiled at Yu Han.

Yu Han nodded his head and walked into the class.

Xia Fu looked at Luo Lin Yuan and wanted to speak but when she saw her boyfriend’s perpetually cold face unexpectedly turned red and his brows furrowed, she looked a little unhappy!

On the other hand, what Luo Lin Yuan thought was that he (YH) indeed deserved to be gay who likes men, and he could speak so well when he enters the door.

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