down; his landing posture was completely wrong.
Before Yu Han could even stop him, he saw the little princess jump down and roll to the ground, rolled covered in dirt.[1]

Yu Han rushed up to help the person, but Luo Lin Yuan was completely stunned by the fall.
When he realized that he was covered in dirt, he nearly fainted.

Dirty! It’s dirty everywhere! Germs, disgusting! Luo Lin Yuan even felt that every inch of his skin was itchy, and he subconsciously scratched it.
But when he thought about it, he might have more germs on his hands now, so he wanted to cry even more.

Yu Han saw Luo Lin Yuan’s few light and heavy scratches, almost all of which scratched his neck.
His already fair neck was now red, swollen, and skinned, which looked shocking.

He said hurriedly, “You hurry back to your home to take a shower, aren’t you afraid of getting dirty!”

Who would’ve thought that Luo Lin Yuan, who has always been a neat freak all his life, gritted his teeth and said, “Not going home, go somewhere else.”

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Yu Han’s house was too far away, and Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t make it through at that time.
Yu Han thought Luo Lin Yuan was going to a nearby friend’s home, but he didn’t expect this person to take him directly to the hotel.

Yu Han couldn’t go either.
Luo Lin Yuan not only got dirty from the fall just now but also fell injured.
He carried him on his back when he left the community and was also seen by the community security guard who knew Luo Lin Yuan, and said a few words of concern.

Luo Lin Yuan became an adult, and confidently took out his wallet and used his ID card to the front desk, with a little childish smugness on his appearance, “Open a luxury suite, the one where we can cook.”

The wallet was given to him by Uncle Wu this morning, saying that it was his birthday gift from Lin Shu.
Luo Lin Yuan then put all his cards inside the wallet and carried them well.
Of course, he would’ve been happier if this gift was given to him by Lin Shu herself.

But Luo Lin Yuan has long since passed the serious age.
When he was ten years old, when he found out that the gifts were actually selected by Uncle Wu to give him as gifts from Lin Shu, he cried at that time but didn’t dare to ask.
Year after year, he got used to it.

Fortunately, I have my wallet with me or else I really can’t open a room.

The receptionist lady looked at the tall and handsome Yu Han carrying the fair and handsome Luo Lin Yuan.
After registering the person, she politely handed over the room card, and politely watched the strange pair leave.

The two people took the elevator and entered the room.
Yu Han wanted to say that he would leave first when he sent the person in the room.
But he didn’t know that Luo Lin Yuan started to take off his clothes as soon as his feet hit the ground, and Yu Han didn’t even have time to close the door.

His heartbeat accelerated a bit, and he was a little angry.
He quickly slammed the door with the back of his hand, “What are you taking your clothes off for, the door hasn’t closed yet!”

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t hear him at all.
He took off his shirt and vest, then bent over and directly rolled his trousers down to his ankles in one breath, kicked off a pair of shoes, followed by underwear and a pair of socks limping into the bathroom.[2]

Yu Han wiped his face and shook his head to get rid of the image he had just accidentally seen.

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He thought about it again, he still had to buy medicine for the ancestor inside.

At this moment, Luo Lin Yuan poked out a wet face, his fingers grasped the frosted glass door of the bathroom, and the water droplets slid down.
Yu Han found that the frosted glass door was actually washed into a transparent one.
The design was too sinister and deliberate!

Yu Han stared at the glass door that had become transparent, but Luo Lin Yuan simply reminded him, “Don’t go.
I purposely opened such a room so you can boil noodles for me to eat.”

What he meant was that the suite with the kitchen was purposely opened to take a bath and also to make Yu Han keep his promise.

It’s just at this moment, the words this person is making made Yu Han feel extremely uneasy.



↑1 head and face filthy with grime[idiom]
↑2 means he was only left with underwear and socks as he went to the bathroom XD hopefully it wasn’t too misleading

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