out directly.
As soon as the door closed, Luo Lin Yuan fell onto the sofa with an even more improper look.

In fact, he felt that Yu Han, this person, although his mouth was harsh, his heart was soft.
Although he is always bad to him, to some extent, he has been indulging him.

It feels good to be pampered, especially when this person is Yu Han.

There was a stream of discouraging music on his phone screen, he lost the game, but the person smiled with his eyes bent.

Moreover, the sweatpants he’s wearing were all worn by Yu Han in junior high school.
They must have been pressed on the cabinet for a long time, but they didn’t have the smell of clothes being put for long.
They were full of laundry detergent and sunshine fragrance.
This was just recently washed.

Why Yu Han rummaged through his old clothes wasn’t because of him(YH) or someone, he specially prepared clothes for him(LLY).
It was really thoughtful.
What to say, this is probably because he says one thing but his body language reveals what he really thinks.

When Yu Han returned home, it was already three o’clock late at night and he was exhausted.
He rubbed his sore shoulders and neck, pulled out from under the third potted plant, unlocked and pushed the door.
The room was dark, and Luo Lin Yuan was already gone.

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Unable to say what the mood is, probably because a few hours ago, there was someone here with who he had a meal together, and was still playing games, so they left a lot of sense of existence.

The trivial matter of eating with others at home was never done again after his grandmother was hospitalized.

In fact, keeping Luo Lin Yuan to eat, it can’t be said that he didn’t have his own selfishness.

The light was turned on.
The fruit plate on the coffee table has been put away, and even the garbage bags of snacks have been thrown in the trash can.
They were cleaned up strictly.
Luo Lin Yuan even wiped the coffee table, but he wasn’t skilled at all in this work.
The towel wasn’t wrung dry, leaving a round of water marks on the glass table.

He went to the balcony to dry his clothes but saw that the clothes had already been hung up to dry and were now waving against the summer breeze.

Yu Han returned to the living room and found a cup on the dining room table.
The mouth of the cup was covered by an upside-down bowl, which was somewhat funny, it was probably to keep it warm.

He took away the bowl, there was pure white milk in it, and there was a small note next to it which said: Returning the favor.
Drink the milk warmed up by the Luo’s secret recipe, and you will get a good night’s sleep oh~

Yu Han looked at the note for a long time, “The writing is really ugly.”

Fortunately, Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t present, otherwise, he would’ve jumped up in anger.

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Yu Han drank the glass of milk, it was indeed delicious, the sugar was just right, and the milk flavor was rich and mellow.

After he drank it all, he put the cup in the kitchen and washed it.
He took the note and didn’t throw it away.
Instead, he took out a book and put the note in.

Do the homework, take a shower, prepare what is needed for tomorrow, then lie down again.

After a good night’s sleep, the effect of that glass of milk was comparable to sleeping pills, and it almost made Yu Han fail to get up in time in the morning.

He missed three alarm clocks and didn’t open his eyes in pain until the fourth one.
The long-term lack of sleep made his eyes ache and his brain to swell.

It’s usually exhausting, but it’s not exhausting as it did today.

Probably because of some warmth, once felt, it’s easy to make people weak and forget the pressure they should have for a moment.

Let pain become no longer a habit and endurance.

This warmth isn’t good medicine, but sweet and high poison, making people know that there will be no good results if they touch it, but they can’t stand the temptation.

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