Han have to look for a new job again?

Seeing his complexion changing and quite tangled, Yu Han seemed to have guessed what he was thinking, “It’s okay, even if I don’t give you tutoring, I can still find another job.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “What other jobs can you find?”

Even if he has no social experience, he can guess that a high school student can’t go to work all day or an hourly job.
Apart from a place like a bar, where else can he find a job?

Yu Han thought for a while, “A big brother I met in the bar owns a restaurant and said I could help as a waiter, but the nature of the job is a bit special, and the working hours conflict with my schedule, so I’m still considering it.”

“Special nature of work?” Luo Lin Yuan inevitably ran off course, “What the heck! Is it some kind of indecent restaurant?”

Yu Han frowned and thought for a while, “It doesn’t count.
It seems to say that it requires role-playing or something… I didn’t ask in detail.”

Luo Lin Yuan almost jumped up, “No, no, not allowed to go!”

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It was as if he saw a miserable young man who was forced by life to go astray and finally embarked on the road of no return in life.

Then, the beginning of this road of no return was all because of him!

Luo Lin Yuan was so frightened by his imagination that his face turned white, “You must not go, isn’t it just tutoring? I’ll make up for it!

Yu Han probably also guessed what he was thinking, and couldn’t help laughing, “Don’t let your imaginations run wild.
Go back to properly discuss it with your Father before you make a decision bah.”

Luo Lin Yuan was extremely embarrassed, but he and Yu Han are still considered friends now, how can he turn a blind eye to his friend’s difficulties.

At this time, the two of them had already reached the school gate, and Yu Han waved his hand at him, “I’ll go first, bye.”

When Luo Lin Yuan returned to his senses, he had already grasped Yu Han’s hand.
Yu Han looked at the two clasped hands, there was no expression on his face.
It was very natural as if he wasn’t surprised that Luo Lin Yuan would do such an act.

It was this kind of non-surprise that made Luo Lin Yuan feel a little ashamed.
It was as if he often touches people, and Yu Han was used to it.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t let go, but said squirming, “Then you go home with me, go home and talk.”

Yu Han was unmoved, “I still have things to do.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “What if I have tutoring from today?!”

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After speaking, he pulled Yu Han towards his car and slandered Luo Ting as he walked, “My Dad is the kind of feudalistic patriarch.
He doesn’t allow me to object to what he said, so to say ah, even if I object, it will definitely be useless!”

As he talked, Luo Lin Yuan almost believed himself, “So you’d better come and tutor me.”

Along the way, Luo Lin Yuan never let go and Yu Han didn’t throw it away.

Young boys, stepping on reflections and fallen leaves, the wind rolled up the petals and softly fell on the side of sneakers, and on the canvas shoes, one after another, one jumping off, and the other steady.

Fate seems to have been forged from that time, or it started a long time ago, but from that moment on, from that pair of clenched hands, different sizes, different skin colors, and clasped hands pulling along, everything has become different.



↑1 to have something at the cost of [one’s reputation, etc]
↑2 I double-checked, it’s really secretary here not assistant XD

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