m, Uncle Wu came in with tea and snacks.
“Young Master, are you just tutoring in the room? The downstairs has been cleaned up, why don’t you go there?”

Because of Luo Lin Yuan’s cleanliness, Uncle Wu thought that his young master wouldn’t bring someone into his bedroom.
Unexpectedly, the young master brought the person in directly, and he looked like he will be tutoring here.

In fact, Luo Lin Yuan’s mentality is that the bedroom is his territory, so no one dares to disturb it.
If you go downstairs, there will be a lot of people and eyes, which will affect his study very much.
But Luo Lin Yuan is actually also a bit selfish.
To put it in a layman’s terms, he is now like a dog who takes his favorite things back to his nest.

Not wanting to be seen by others and also feeling a sense of security.
Yu Han is just that kind of thing[1] he likes, but Luo Lin Yuan didn’t realize his own selfishness.
He just said that he was tutoring in the bedroom, and the place was so big.

Then he said to Uncle Wu again, “Yu Han will stay for dinner tonight.
Let Mother Li[2] cook more dishes.” With that, he reported a large list of heavy oil and spicy dishes, intending to take two bites later.

It was rare to have guests over, and he was able to order his favorite dishes on behalf of Yu Han.

When Uncle Wu came out, Yu Han sat on the chair in front of the desk and took out his books from his school bag.
He quickly prepared his homework in the afternoon, and he had to confirm Luo Lin Yuan’s foundation again.
Where are his weak points, to make targeted and systematic tutoring.

Moreover, Luo Lin Yuan hasn’t discussed it with Luo Ting.
Is it confirmed that he wants to be tutored now?

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Yu Han turned his head to ask, then he was dumbfounded.
Luo Lin Yuan stood in front of his bronze closet with his back to him, undressing.
It can’t be said that he was just in time, because he had already stripped naked,[3] and only one ankle of his pants is left inside.
As soon as his ankle moved, the black school uniform pants were lightly thrown aside, then a pair of socks fell off on each other.

This is not the first time Yu Han saw Luo Lin Yuan’s body, but this is the clearest one.

The dusk sun is ambiguous yellow, and the young man’s body is slim and fair.
Against the bronze closet, it’s getting whiter and whiter as if a delicate tray is holding a delicious snack.

The shoulders, thighs, and heels, are all embellished with pink.

He bent over and took out his regular clothes from the closet, his shoulder blades bulge and stretched, his waist gathered, and his white underwear plumped up in vain showing two full curves.

Soon, these were covered up by casual sweatpants, and Luo Lin Yuan quickly put on a short-sleeved shirt.

The floor was carpeted, and Luo Lin Yuan stood barefoot, not feeling cold.
He changed his clothes and felt very comfortable.
He stretched out and looked back, and saw Yu Han with his back to him, reading his textbook seriously.

He walked over, pulled out a chair, sat down, pushed the snacks and tea that Uncle Wu brought in, and invited the person to eat.
Yu Han shook his head indicating no need, so Luo Lin Yuan forked up a soft cookie by himself and ate it sweetly.

Suddenly, he noticed that Yu Han’s cheeks seemed to be a little red.
Luo Lin Yuan took out the remote control of the air conditioner from the drawer, “Are you hot or do you want to change clothes? I’ll lower the temperature a bit?”

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Having said that, Luo Lin Yuan smiled again, “I have worn your clothes so many times, you can also wear mine.
You seem to be sweating a lot.
There’s a bathroom in my room.
Do you want to take a shower? I just don’t have underwear.
I have a new one that I haven’t worn, it’s just that my underwear may be a bit small for you…”

As a result, the more he said, the more Yu Han’s face became redder, so red as if he had suffered a heatstroke, and couldn’t fade for half a day.



↑1 This can also mean stuff/person
↑2 Not his biological mother
↑3 not really buck naked

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