”*Huff x3* Come at me you pieces of shits! Ill take you all on! ” A young man yelled as he stood in the center of an army of monsters.

The young man who yelled was Jon Eric, his appearance resemble that of a 19 year old college student as he stood in the middle of an army of many monsters and difigured creatures as he held on to a golden sword.

As he yelled, the monsters all start going at him. The whole army of about 1,000,000 monster of different species started surrounding him as he held his ground with no fear.

”Thats right! focus on me! ” He yelled.

In a fit of either bravery or stupidity, he suddenly jumps in the crowd of monsters as he slams his sword onto the ground, knocking every monster that was near the point of impact.

He then takes out the sword thay stabbed the ground as he slashes a goblin on the chest, killing it. However, this allowed for a creature named a giant bat fly into him as it bites into Jons whole arm.

”Gah! Mother**er! ” He cursed.

Despited the pain hes going through, he forcibly stabs the sword into the giant bats head, killing it as its body lets go of his now bloody hand.

As this was happening, A Goblin manages to sneak up behind Jon Eric as he was killing all the monsters approaching.

”Take that you pieces of shit! Im gonna leave and make it out alive you hear me! ” Jon swore in a yell as he continued mowing through the horde.

The goblin then raises its wooden club, getting ready to bash in Jon Erics head. And so, in a one swing….














In the world on Earth, portals now dubbed as Space Errors, spawn in random spots on the surface of Earth.

These portals are mostly safe and not that dangerous if left alone or not entered, but this only applies for a about a week. After about 3 days that the Error isn dealt with, it gets bigger as monsters and creatures starts coming out.

Now, In the city of Qroquieta, located in the Philippines. A large Space Error can be seen, specifically in Poblacion 1, Purok 6 in Rizal Street as a Space Error was present on where a fire happened and started that destroyed about 8 houses in total.

In the area, many mid-ranking and low-ranking hunters can be seen in the vicinity of the area, hoping to finish this Space Error Termination task to earn cash.

One of these hunters present was Jon Eric, A low ranking huntsman that only has minimal equipment that is only in the Class D compared to the higher ones that ranked at the top Class S gear, with the most gear being worn by everyone of the hunters present being about Class B

Next to Jon Eric was his High-mid-ranking huntress friend, Kat Reese, who has the class of a assassin as she was wielding dual-wielding daggers and is wearing armor more suitable for stealth and swift fighting styles as well as having spells that benifit her class.

”Jon-Jon! Are you excited to finally fight alongside me!? ” Kat asked Jon in excitement.

This was the first time Jon and Kat would fight together as they were never able to do thanks to a now removed rule of not allowing hunters to go into Space Errors above their level. And since it was now lifted, they were now allowed to venture into Errors together.

”Yeah…a bit, but I doubt Id be much help. ” Jon replied to Kat as he looks down.

”Don be! Im sure well do great! Just stick by me and well be safe. ” She said to reassure Jon.

Jon, hearing this, let out a relieved smile as they held out their hand into the sky as a blue screen appears infront of them.

[Welcome, Jon Eric/Kat Reese] Is what their respected screens said to both of them.

”Stats ” The two friends said in unison as the screen changes.

From the greeting text, the screen changes to both of their stats, showing their current strength, speed and durabilty. As well as their Faces on a profile picture like a card and their names just below the profile picture.

In the stats, Jon had 45 strength, 67 speed and then 32 durability, while Kat had 267 strentgh, 432 speed and then 108 durability as she relies more on speed than durability.

Needless to say, it was clear how much of a gap the two friends were in. It was already obvious just by their ranks since Jon is a lower-low ranking Huntsman and Kat was a high-mid ranking Huntress.

Seeing the gap in all categories of physicallity, Jon feels down again as this time, he manages to keeo it unnoticable as Kat was still looking throught her stats.

”Hmm…Inventory. ” Kat said.

And so, the screen switched to what looked like a standard inventoru set in a game as it contained 5 healing potions, her 2 daggers she named, Shizukesa and Ansatsu.

Kat then swipes what looks like a robe that a ninja would wear as she drags it towards her bodies avatar in the inventory. She then lets go of it as it appears on hee body, meaking her wear it.

”There, Im all set! How about you? ” Kat asked Jon.

”I already had my gear on before I came here. So, I guess Im also ready? ” He replied back.

”Thats great to hear! Now, get behind me like we said, okay? ” She suggested to Jon.

Jon responded by giving her a nod yes as she grabs his hand and drags him towards where the others were waiting for entrance to the Space Error.

”Okay, is everyone here!? ” A man in a fancy suit asked everyone.

The man that was currently talking was the man who monitors jobs for the hunters. Its his job to report everything to the Hunters Association and come back with the reward neccessary for the hunters who entered based on their performance and contribution.

As the Man in charge asked everyone in the crowd all of them yelled ”YEAH! ” as well as Kat.

”Yeah! Were ready! ” Kat yelled to respond to the man.

”Great, looks everyone is in high spirits. Now, as a quick reminder, this Space Error has been ranked as a Higher-low to Lower-Mid danger levels. ” He reminded them.

”I know some of you are High-Mid ranked hunters, but excercise caution. If any of you get let your guard down, it may lead to everyone dying. ”

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