”Everyone, keep fighting! ” The leader yelled as the whole group get pumped up evem more.

Currently, Jon and Kats ground was in a all out brawl against the Residential Groblins of the Space Error Dimension as they the numbers of the goblins caught them quite off-guard.

”Damn it! Theres so many of them! ” A male spear wield complained.

Jon, who was in the middle of the brawl, was up against 2 goblins as he held on his sword to fight.

Come at me. Jon said in his head.

Jon waited for the right oppurtunity to strike as after a while, the oppurtunity arrive from the form of the one of the goblins going for a swing.

Jon then went ahead and dashed towards it as the Goblin swings its club vertically downwards as Jon rotates his body to the right.

He then uses the momentumn from the rotation and sent a horziontla slash from left to right towards the goblin behind the other one. After that, he looks back to the goblin he passed as he swings horizontal again, cutting both goblinss heads.

”*huff x2* I did it! ” Jon said in celebration.

He then continued on fighting as he joins the leader in his fight against many goblins.

While this was happening, Kat was taking out Goblins left and right as she jumps on one goblin and uses it as a springboard and jumped towards a group of other goblins.

”Nehehe~ Get ready to be burnt a crisp! ” She yelled in mid-air.

As Kat was ready to slam-stab her two daggers into the groun she was gonna land, a orb of fire started forming at the tip of the daggers and as she lands and stabs it into the ground, a orb of fite extended around her as it desintegrate and burns everyone hit with, until it disappeared.

”Hahaha! I can go all day! Come at me! ” Kat yelled from.the excitement of the battle.

After that, she disappered in a flash leaving some particles of fire as she dashes around the battlefield and beheading every goblins she comes across.

The battler between hunters and goblins was fierce, but despite what seems to be a stalemate, the hunters were slowly winning as more and more goblins get killed and eliminated.

”See! I told you youd do just fine! ” Kat said to Jon as they hit both each others back.

”I don kne about that, but I am exceeding my own expectations. ” Jon responded.

As they talked, Kat dodges a goblin diving towards her as Jon slashes it horizontally, cutting the whole body, vertically in half. Like, the two eyes were seperate from each other.

”*Whistle* Brutal… ” Kat described Jons kill.

”Sorry, we can exactly pick on how we kill them, can we? ” Jon sarcastically said as Kat chuckles.

”Hehehe~ I guess your right. ” Kat responded.

After that, they spil ways as they let go of each others back with Jon helping the group by defending mages, archer and any support classes as Kat proceeds to do her own thing.

As Jon dashes towards the mage to help her, he sees one goblin was about to swing its club towards her. He started running as fast as he can as he dives towards the mage.

”Look out! ” Jon warned the mage.

The mage who Jon warned, heard this as she ducks, dodging the swing from the goblin at the same time. Jon uses this oppurtunity and does a hortizontal slash above the ducking mage, killing the gobline by slicing its torso in half, detaching it from its lower body.

Jon crash lands onto the mage as he finished killing the goblin, as both Jon the mage roll from Jons diving momentumn as they stop after some time.

”Sorry about that. ” Jon apologized.

”Its Okay, you did help me. ” She responded as both of them stood.

As they stood up, Jon wad on his knees now as he tries to help up the mage, until a three goblins were about to jump in.

”Watch out! ” Jon yelled.

Out of intinct, Jon gets infront of the mage as he wraps his arms around her to protect her. As he shields her, he expected to be hit on his back, but it didn arrive.

Jon lets go of the mage as he looks behind him just to see Kat had killed all of the goblins behind him as she looked at both Jon and the mage.

”Jon, are you okay!? Are you hurt!? ” Kat asked Jon in a panic.

”Im fine, worry about me later. Lets finish this fight first! ” Jon responded as he finally stood up.

He then helped up the female mage up as the mage thanked him. After that, they continued to fight as to finish this Space Error job done.










After a while….


After a few hours, The hunters, as well as Jon and Kat were successfull in defeating, destroying and killing every goblin, as well as the structures that made the camp itself.

Everyone present were all celebrating as they had just won a fight against a seemingly an endless horde of goblins as they decided to rest for a while before they return to the portal.

During the break, Jon was currently with Kat as they were chatting like they always do as Kat brought out two lunch packs as she gives one to Jon to eat together with.

”Oh! Thank you, Kat. ” Jon thanked Kat.

”Don mention it! And this time, maybe youll appreciate my cooking! ” Kat responded to Jon.

As Jon takes the lunch pack, he opens it to reveal one section of rice mixed with chicken curry soup and the chicken itself on the left as the utensils of spoon and fork were available to the side.

”Chicken curry? You made this? ” Jon asked Kat.

”Yup! tell me, how is it out of ten? ” Kat said to Jon.

Jon then took a spoon as he uses it to cut some of the chicken meat. He then scooped up both meat and rice on the spoon as he then took a bite out of it.

”Hmmm…Its declicious and its still hot. Did you use your fire magic? ” Jon asked Kat.

”Mhm! Its not really that good when its cold. ” Kat responded.

After that conversation, they started eating together as they both enjoy each others company. While eating, the mage that Jon protected suddenly approached them.

”H-hey, mind if I joing you two? ” The mage asked both Jon and Kat.

”Sure, the more the merrier! ” Jon responded.

The mage then sat on the left side rock of Jon, which was opposite to Kat, who was on the right side of Jon.

”Umm…I wanna thank you for protecting me earlier. I really appreiciate it. ” The mage thanked Jon.

”…No problem. Anybody wouldve done what I did if they were in my shoes. ” Jon said with a smile.

”If you don mind me asking, whats your names? ” The mage asked the two.

”Jon Eric. His Jon Eric, and Im Kat Reese. Nice to meet you. ” Kat said in a bit of a mad tone.

”O-Oh…Im Kendra, Kendra Aballe. Nice to meet yo… ” Kendra the mage stopped talking as she noticed Kat was glaring at her.

”Uhh…Maybe Ill be over there. Thanks for saving me again. ” Kendra said to Jon before she gets up and leaves towards where the leader was sitting.

Huh, wonder what was that about? Jon asked in his head as he continues to eat.









After a while….



Jon and the group were now on their way back towards the Space Error portal as all of them are excited to leave and go back home.

”Jon, what are you gonna do after we leave this place? ” Kat asked Jon out of curiousity.

”Maybe rest? I don really know, but I do know that Ill be taking the compensation from this mission. ” Jon answered.

”Well, how about after this, lets go to a restaurant. How about Paylings? ” Kat suggested to Jon.

”Too expensive, maybe Ati-Atihan. Id love to go for a strawberry shake right about now. ” Jon said to Kat.

”Alright then, Ati-Atihan it is! ” Kat said agreeing with Jon.

After a while of walking along with the group, they finally arrive back to the Space Error Portal as they all enter inside.

But as soon as they cross to the other side, they suddenly arrive to what looks like a stadium as many statues of people with swords, surrounded them.

”Huh? This isn home! ” One hunter yelled.

As the hunters began to panic and complain. Jon, who nearly panicked, decided to survey the area as Kat follows.

”Do you think this might be a glitch? ” Kat asked Jon.

A glitch is when a Error Space Portal leading to another Error Dimension is inside another one, the hunters that managed to come into contact with this phenomena said that they had to do certain trials until they were allowed to leave.

”…Maybe, if a task were to appear then… ” Jon said.

As soon as Jon spoke those words, a large blue screen appears in the middle of stadium in the air as it was visible to every hunter present.

[Welcome, hunters] The screen text said.

As it appears, Jon suddenly gets a notification form his hunter system. He then looks around and so everyone also had a notification.

”System. ” Jon said.

His hunter system appears infront of him in a blue screen as he taps on the mail icon and sees that he has a new message. He then taps on it and saw that it was a new mission.

[Current Mission: Survive (10:00)]

As Jon red through the mail, his whole body shook in fear as he started questioning whats gonna happen.

”Kat, did you also… ” Jon was about to ask Kat.

Kat cut Jons question off with a nod as she also was in fear. Something unknown was gonna come for them as Jon and Kat goes into a fighting stance.

”Everyone, Castle formation! ” The leader ordered.

Everyone then formed a circle in the middle as the hunters, who were wielding shields, were in the edges as they block every edge of the circle with every hunter in the inside, ready to kill with the archer earlier, in the middle for a vantage point to snipe.

Then after that, everything went quiet. Too quiet for comfort as everyone of the hunters were on their nerves and toes. Until, 3 gates around them suddenly opened as marching can be heard.

”N-no way… ” The leader said in shock.

The marching came closer as it revealed…a whole army of many creatures. Goblins, Giant Bats, Undead, Orcs, and, the one leading the army itself, a dark knight.

”No way! Its a dark knight! ” A man carrying acting as a wall yelled in shock.

”A Darkn Knight!? Whats a Lower-High Level monster doing here!? ” The scout asked.

”Doesn matter! As long as we stick together, everything is all right! ” The Leader yelled.

The yell from the Leader, managed to motivate everyone as they get pumped up to fight.

And so, with all of the hunters having the will to live just to fight another day or see their loved ones again. They stay determined to face the horde of creatures.

As the hordes was marching, the Dark Knight suddenly issues an order to stop with its hand as the army does so. I then pulled out a its sword from its scabbard as he aims it towards the hunters.

”….RAAAGHH! ” The Dark Knight screeched.

As it screeched, the horde of monsters started running towards the hunters as they start attacking them as a fierce fight insues on the stadium.

Jon was currently just behind frontlines as he was stabbing through the meat-wall of hunters with shield to atleast help, while Kendra was firing spells left and right and Kat killing any Giant bats that get near.

We can do this! We can win! ” Jon yelled as he continued to fight.








After a while….




Its now been about nine minutes and fifty seconds as the army of monster were still aggresive on them. The group of hunters were forced on a corner with only a fraction of the group now alive.

Jon, who was one of the surviving members as well as Kat and Kendra were all backed up into a corner as the man that insulter Jon earlier was the one acting as a wall with the leader, archer and a 2 other sword wielders still alive.

”Don worry! we only need to hold out for 6 seconds! ” The leader yelled.

As soon as the leader yelled out those words, the 6 seconds finally ended as a Space Error Portal finally appeared judt across the stadium from where their standing, but the problem is…They were still surrounded.

”Damn it! The exits right there! ” One of the sword wielders yelled.

”Well, only one thing left to do! Live bait! ” The man who insulted Jon earlier said.

As he saud that, he pushs off the monster blocking him by force as he picks up Jon.

”Hey! what the fuuuaaaahhhh! ” Jon yelld as he was thrown.

Jon was thrown towards a side which was both far from the portal and his teammates as the monsters were now all drawn towards him.

”You mother**er! ” Kat yelled in anger

Seeing tha mans action, Kat gets angry as she tries to jump on the man who threw Jon, but was stopped by one of the sword wielders who was around the same level as her.

”What the!? Don you fu- ” Kat was about to yell, but was cut off by getting bonked on the head by the sword user as well as from her previous injuries.

While the two men carried Kat with them, Kendra was also being held uncouncious by the other sword wielder went to her and knocked her out as he then carried her by the shoulders.

”Come on, leader! We can finally get out! ” The man said to the leader.

The leader, who was beyond shocked to what the man did, was now met with a decision to either sacrifice Jon to save himself or rescue him. Needless to say, he made the decision rather quick.

He immediately dashes towards Jons direction as he activates his skill [Shockwave] as he slams his sword to the ground.

The sword then sent a shockwave towards the monsters around who were approaching Jon, as it clears a path for Jon to leave.

”Leader! ” Jon yelled.

”Come on! I refuse to leave a fellow Hunter Behind! ” The leader said to Jon.

Jon then runs up to the leader as they began to run towards the Space Error Portal where the other surviving members already gone through, as well as knocked out Kat and Kendra.

”Were gonna make it! ” Jon yelled in relief.

And so they kept on running as the leader got ahead of Jon and jumps in first. Jon continued running as he dived towards the portal…but…







The portal suddenly vanishes as he lands head-first into the stone brick wall. He manages to block thr impact of the crash as he was now on his knees.

”Wha-what just happened? ” Jon asked in shock.

He then looks back towards the stadium as he sees all of the remaining monsters from the army they faced with his party as a blue screen suddenly appears mid-air in the middle of the stadium.

[Clean up: Kill The Remaining Monsters (0/105)] Is what the text on the screen said.

”…You gotta be kidding me. ”











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