Chapter 8: Zombies Besiege the City!

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Shen Qingjia and Zhu Ai established this place as their temporary stronghold and began to target the zombies in the urban areas after the zombies in the industrial zones had been cleared one after another.

More than two months later, Shen Qingjia’s power broke through the second level and advanced to the third level under the constant absorption of the corpse nuclei.

Zhu Ai had already reached the third level and was on her way to breaking through to the fourth level.
Compared to advancing levels, Shen Qingjia was more happy that Zhu Ai’s space had also grown.
Previously, Zhu Ai’s space could only contain inanimate or dead things.
Although animals could still not be brought into the space, plants were able to grow inside and the harvest cycle was much shorter than that of ordinary plants outside the space.
With the continuous growth of space, it could be possible for animals and even human beings to survive there in the future.*

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*T/N: Teeheehee, Shen Qingjia is like, wow a place to hide


Although fish was rich in nutrients, Shen Qingjia couldn’t stand eating fish every meal in the past two months.
It was a great pleasure to finally have fresh fruits and vegetables.

“Maybe in the future, this space will grow into a new world.” Zhu Ai lifted her head, looking forward to the harvest with a girlish expression.

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Looking at her beautiful daydreaming face from the side, Shen Qingjia’s mood was very complex.
Such a beautiful person will be extremely popular in the future which will eventually lead to ruin… Oh, no! With my knowledge of the future, why let Zhu Ai repeat that tragic fate? If she planned to keep her own small life, she should at least convince the villain BOSS to abandon the idea of exterminating the world!

Wasn’t she a loser in her previous life that had now become an ability user? Indeed, the previous life can leave a large impression enough to restrict rebirth! If the reborn dare not change history, how can they not be ashamed to say that they are reborn?!

The more she thought about it, the more she felt it was feasible, and at once became full of motivation.
Suddenly, the sound of around ten wild animals roared from the city center.
In such a desolate place, it seemed particularly prolonged and mournful.
The pressure of high-ranking zombies fanned out, like soldiers blowing the horn of the charge.

There was silence among the zombies wandering around the city, and then, in schools, floors, hotels, or amusement parks, no one knew where the zombies were first to open their mouths.
One after another, there were successive low-pitched hoarse roars, and the roars of nearly a million zombies converged into a violent torrent of sounds and explosions.
The enormous momentum, bit by bit, destroyed the hope of surviving for the humans in the city center.

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Naturally, the movement of mankind was to heaven, but naturally it’s the end of the song that sends mankind to hell.*
*T/N: I think this means, people tend to be hopeful but when reality hits, it’s hard for people to maintain their resilience

“Corpse tide?”

Unlike the despair of the human beings within the city, Zhu Ai and Shen Qingjia’s faces had a little joy.
Somewhere in Y city, deep in the ruined buildings, more than a dozen well-equipped soldiers stared at the zombies slowly approaching in the distance.
Unlike most of the survivors who were still ignorant and unwilling to believe that the Apocalypse was real, they could be called “warriors” in terms of both physical and psychological qualities.

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This was the first team of ability users dispatched by the southwest base of Y city.
All of them were level 2 ability users.
They were proficient in hiding and evading attacks.
Their task was to find out any news and try to eliminate the high-ranking zombies in this corpse tide.

“In fact, it is entirely predictable that the corpses are killing and devouring each other at the same time.
Their speed of improvement in ability and fighting skills is much faster than that of human beings and maggots!” A steady female voice said.

This woman had a pair of eyes that made her face delicate and pretty along with a calm and capable temperament.

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