Considering the Possibility of Falling in Love With the Villain Chapter 13

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Weird atmosphere

The secret realm’s forest is huge and therefore, it has taken a great effort to kill a bunch of low level zombies and mutant animals while exploring it.
Although the level is not too high, too many ants can also kill the elephant, the group’s pace is delayed until nightfall and the team was unable to enter the depths of the forest.

Xu Kai glanced at the sky, waved his hand and said to everyone: “It’s too dangerous to explore the secret realm at night, everyone, we will camp here for the night!”

Everyone knows that the unseen danger is the most dangerous and the most unpredictable.
Although they have night vision equipment, it is unwise to fight in the jungle at night.
Most of the ability users are people who cherish life more than ordinary people.
Naturally, no one objects.

Even if it is said to be camping for the night, in fact, it is just resting on the ground with the sky as the blanket and the ground as the bed.
In this kind of place, taking out sleeping bags and tents and other things that will hinder them when they have to fight at any time are just courting death! In a secret realm where the danger level is extremely dangerous, it is strange that anyone can relax and sleep deeply.
That is why, Xu Kai asked everyone to stop and rest, it is more or less in order to lure high level enemies hidden in the dark.

Most ability users took out a mat or sat or lay down and began to recuperate to restore the power consumed.
The spiritual and wood ability users have deployed defensive warning mechanisms around them.
If an enemy invades, they will inevitably touch these small mechanisms that will issue a warning.
The mechanism set up by the spiritual ability user is invisible to the naked eye and even Shen Qingjia would not be able to detect it if she did not turn on her mutated spiritual power

Different from the defensive methods of the spiritual ability user, the defensive mechanism of the wood ability user does not pay much attention to concealment.
They threw some seeds mixed with wood ability on the ground.
These seeds floated with a few wisps of light green light, soft and bright, and as soon as they fell into the soil they quickly grew into a tender green vine, which climbed up the branches of trees and stretched higher and farther, each leaf turning into eyes that would not get tired in the dead of night.

“Even though I’ve seen it many times, I still think that ability is a very magical thing.” Shen Qingjia saw it with great interest and immediately lay down on the mat made by Zhu Ai, closed her eyes and sighed.

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Today, she was constantly fighting and moving in the jungle.
Even if her body had been energised by ability she could not stand it.
Her whole body was extremely sore.
She just didn’t want to think and just slept like a log.
No matter what, it could wait until tomorrow.

“Don’t try to change the subject.” Zhu Ai glanced at Shen Qingjia, “Get up and wash your face.”

A cloud of water condensed on her hand, soaked the towel she took out from her backpack, wrung it dry, she handed it to Shen Qingjia.

Others ability users were stunned.
In order to lighten their burden, they didn’t bring anything other than food and some necessary items in their backpacks.
But these two bringing towels, handkerchiefs, various snacks, even a pot, it’s really no different from going on a picnic.

Of course, two small backpacks can’t hold so many sundries, but Zhu Ai has the necessary space ability fit for the protagonist in the apocalypse.
The huge space of hundreds of square metres was enough for Shen Qingjia to pack the food, clothing, sundries, guns, knives, and even gasoline that she had collected over the past few months.
Even the dozen large barrels can’t fill a third of the space when they’re all stuffed in.

Normally, fetching things from space is far less troublesome than it is now, as it will come out of space with just a thought, which is much more impressive than taking out things from space before the end of the world.

However, in the post-apocalyptic world, space objects are so eye-catching that Zhu Ai now needs to use her backpack as a cover every time she takes something from space in front of people.
In private, Shen Qingjia always jokes that Zhu Ai is like Doraemon with his 4D pocket, the backpack in her hands is connected to a different dimensional world.

Right now Shen Qingjia is too lazy to even move her fingers, she closed her eyes and said perfunctorily, “But no one else washed, how I could be the only special one.”

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Zhu Ai rolled her eyes at her, “You want to compare with these rough old men who don’t love cleanliness?”

The words she just said… as if the dozen or so female members of this secret realm exploration team are all decorations!

“Anyway I won’t get up.” Shen Qingjia made up her mind to be lazy and half-jokingly said in a daze, “Why don’t you help me wash…”

After a long silence, Shen Qingjia breathed a sigh of relief and drowsiness surged up.
Just when she thought she could meet the Duke of Zhou [1], she suddenly felt cold on her face.

Shen Qingjia was startled and now she is no longer drowsy.

The water on the towel was twisted just right, not only could it wipe off the face without leaving water droplets, the strength was gentle, with a very patient appearance.
Shen Qingjia sniffed, it was as if she could smell the cool, light fragrance of that person’s body.

The person scratched her nose and there was a faint smile in her words, “From a dirty cat to a lazy cat.”

The voice was like a cold spring or like a frosty wind, you look at it from afar and think it is cold, but when you get closer, close to her heart, you realise it is so gentle.

Shen Qingjia opened her eyes and saw Zhu Ai in the twilight.
Even in the dark night, this person is so dazzling, shining like a pearls.
[2] She looks at her quietly, the corners of his lips are slightly raised, it seems… as if she is smiling…

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The moon hid in the clouds, making the night become darker, but Shen Qingjia felt that she saw another bright moon on the ground.

Shen Qingjia stared at her blankly.
At this time, she suddenly felt that the Greatest Villain and the world’s destruction had nothing to do with her.
She didn’t want to care about ability or rebirth, as long as… as long as the person in front of her could smile like this forever.
She thought, if Zhu Ai wanted to destroy the earth, then she would hand her explosives from her back…

It is over! I was successfully brainwashed!! I have become The Greatest Villain’s loyal lapdog!!! [3]

Shen Qingjia smiled and sighed, took the towel in her hand, washed it again with the water that floated in the air under Zhu Ai’s control and wrung it dry.

Zhu Ai looked at Shen Qingjia, “Why, do you think I can’t clean it?”

Shen Qingjia shook her head, knelt on the mat, gently pulled Zhu Ai down and put her head on her lap, “I, Shen Qingjia, never owe anyone, this time I will help you wash.”

The dense forest that surrounds everyone is surrounded by boundless mountains and Shen Qingjia is surrounded by Zhu Ai’s peaceful gaze.

She became the first so-and-so lapdog so-and-so vanguard to be wiped out in the legend of the Greatest Villain and the worst part is, she did it willingly! [4]

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“These two people are too sticky!” A wood ability user that came back to report to Xu Kai after setting up the defence mechanism, glanced at the two and pouted.

The girl who has always had a cold face, is now so meekly pillowed on the weak girl’s lap… This picture is too beautiful, I dare not look at it!!

“Mind your own business!” [5] Xu Kai retracted his gaze and then said nothing.

The wood ability user touched his chin and laughed twice, “I always thought that girls were enemies with each other, scheming to kill each other.”

Xu Kai looked at him with disgust, “You watch the Empresses in the Palace too many times!” [6]

“Anyway, these two girls are so close that they are a little abnormal, even biological sisters aren’t that close.” The wood ability user glanced back and forth, “According to the post-apocalyptic setting, two intimate women with unparalleled beauty will be brought into the harem by a certain Long Aotian-style male protagonist.” [7]

Xu Kai slapped the wood ability user on the head [8] and the disgust expression on his face immediately escalated to disdain, “You’ve read too many harem stallion novels!”

Even if he says that, he is actually suppressing the faint strange feeling in his heart; they are not friends helping each other, not brotherly love, not to mention sisterly love.
That feeling …… how to say it, that intimacy is unstoppable, when those two eyes look at each other, Xu Kai even feels that the whole world does not exist in their eyes, there is only each other.

It’s really… so weird!

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