Contractual System: Clarissa’s New Life

New experience of a different world!

”It started with the new house my parents bought on the outskirt of Venno when I was 17. The first day we moved to the house, our life turned upside down when a creepy green branch coming from an uncanny door that was covered in blood dragged us to the hell.

The strange door vanished after leaving us in a different world under the dark sky.

I, Clarissa Colon, was their only child and was left alone after my parents were murdered brutally by a man whose intentions were unknown.

On the surface, he didn have that killing intent toward me as he had toward my parents… rather it was a more on the vicious side.

And then after running for a few meters and crossing this weird forest and its trees whose branches moves, I fell from a cliff and came across you.

I told you the situation that dropped me here in this world, now its your turn, tell me a way to go back to my own world? ”.

Clarissa glanced at her contractual partner while walking on a land that was dry with no sign of greenery.

The dragon swirling around her neck let out a sigh, ”Your story is good. I pretty much want to see that other world from my own eyes but its a pity… that I have no idea how to travel across a world ”.

”Huh… I heard that dragons could but you seem to be an exception ”. She sounded sarcastic.

Its been 2 years since she has been in this world were lived different creatures. Many had a similar body structure as hers while some had a bit of differentiation.

This world is ruled by five biggest empire and their emperors and none of them could be called what Clarissa call as a normal human.

Their physical feature is similar to humans but their strength exceeded that of a monster.

Within those five empires, there are small kingdoms that are ruled by different kings under the jurisdiction of their respective emperor.

The Fairetal empire, ruled by the fairy king and people there generally belongs to different fairy classes.

The Mer empire, ruled by the mermaid king and people there are all water creatures who has a time limit of staying on the land.

The land of Forstier, ruled by those who can use their mental ability. People here are famous for being sly and having a merciless personality.

The land of Ehsis, the weakest land with weakest people who have no power and depend on contract with different beasts found in their land. These kinds of contractual beast have a system that help people gain what they desire at a certain cost that varies according to the situation.

And the last but the unique land, the kingdom of Lionet Alasac. The name of the kingdom desc

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