In the end, she felt… her idea was of no use. Still, not willing to give up, she was going to activate the first level sword and get rid of these two men right in front of all these people when another opportunity came along.

”So, what if she is not a fire wizard. Lets take her along. It isn easy to see young maidens here in this barren land nowadays ”. The bald man said and grinned, holding Clarissa arm and tightening his clasp.

Now, that made sense. In this town, she could mostly see men or a few women who were not young anymore. Even the travellers were in group, so the town lord might not be able to offend them.

The bald man snickered as his eyes roamed at the three weak maidens they have got today.

Greedy for more, he looked around, ”Brat, quickly see, if there is any other pretty girl, here. We can send the fire type to our lord and keep the others to ourselves ”.

”But lord has stated that we must not get any other girl before telling him ”. His colleague refuted, panicking a bit but after getting a slap on his back head, he silently looked around and then shook his head.

Clarissa, my foolish partner, at least pretend to be scared or try to run and if not then they might be suspicious of you – Von.

His cynical words did made sense but crying or acting as if she was afraid when that wasn the case felt a bit hard for her.

But one thing was sure, she disliked this bald man with a dirty personality and hated the fact that he was holding her wrist. So, she quickly shoved his hand and frowned at his face, ”What are you trying to do and where do you want to take me? ”.

”Oh, this one has a spice like personality but no power at all! Its fun! ” the bald man said, his smirk made Clarissa feel disgusted and more when he grabbed her arm again.

”You don need to know yet but don worry, I will make sure that you enjoy your stay with us, now stop persisting and come along ”.

While he dragged away the three girls, the innkeepers and other shop owners acted as if they could see nothing and hear nothing.

The thin girl with a rag on her body walked obediently while the healthy one was whining, struggling hard to escape and as for Clarissa, she was ok until no one was grabbing her hand.

What she wanted to do was to get rid of the so-called town lord, who did such a disgusting thing. Once he is out, no harm will come to these girls and they will continue to live a nice life.

Honestly, Clarissa saw herself in these girls not because they were harassed but because their life changed just like hers. Because they were living in hell, she felt somewhat a familiar feeling and decided to help them. Helping them get back to their normal life, she would feel like there will be time when she can be back to her normal life, too.

It didn take another moment when the three girls were tied to a same rope which ended up being tied in the back of the carriage. They were pushed inside a prison which was normally used to cage animals and the small gate was shut. While the two men sat in front and drove it using two Bulcoz.

Bulcoz were wild animals that looked like bulls from her world but differed a little because of their characteristic. They have one horn in midst of their head and six leg, usually used to drive carriage.

Ugh… my butt has turned plain after sitting in similar kind of carriages which bumps every second!

Clarissa gritted her teeth. All the way to the town lord castle, she has to travel through the bumpy road and finally it was here, the town lord small castle!

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