Contractual System: Clarissa’s New Life

Finally at the town\'s lord home

His situation was horrible. He incessantly repeated the same words and when he looked into her eyes, he grabbed her neck violently.

Clarissa felt out of breath because of being strangled.

The fact that he was just like a puppet without a mind after losing his crystal was as clear as the sky. So, even if Fairetal wizards survives after losing their crystal, they will end up being in a miserable situation and in the end, death will greet them.

Clarissa quickly poured two tablets from the ceramic bottle she got from her system to heal this guy and later, kicked him to escape from his grip after she stabbed his back with the crystal that was overflowing with fire power.

There was no need to stab it! It will be absorbed in his body ultimately – Von.

Von gave a pretty savage reply to her deeds but Clarissa was panting hard while holding lightly near her neck.

That crazy man, I would have smacked him if not for him being a crazy for real.

Clarissa panted and looked at the other two girls, ”Are you alright? ” she asked even though she herself felt like something was stuck near her neck after being strangled.

The healthy one with pairs of red eyes nodded while the thin and weak girl let out a sigh and plopped on the ground wondering if her bad fortune was going to end with this.

She closed her eyes and placed her arm over her forehead.

Remembering her beautiful face and healthy body when she was in the capital and living a nice life. Will there be a day when she gains her freedom and her life back?

She wandered.

She was pretty sure when those two men came to the inn and dragged her away that she was about to die today since her energy was at dead end.

Once her crystal stone runs out of the life energy after it was sucked by this old fart, she was sure that she will meet her end but things didn go the way it was destined.

Should I be happy about it?

She opened her hazy eyes and looked at the girl, who has the same power as her. she was crying while holding her hand although they were strangers.

She knew the other girl situation. Her parents sold her but this girl was still willing to trust someone and at that a stranger!

This was amusing.

Nea has promised herself to never trust anyone after she was sold to the innkeeper by her own friends just for a tiny amount of money. She has no hope in life and knowing that today was the end for her life, she was pretty happy to end this miserable life of hers.

She threw a look at the strange woman who changed everything and sat back after a bit of struggle and help from the other red-haired girl, ”You… ”.

She tried to speak loudly so that her voice could reach Clarissa and said, ”Who are you? Why did you help us? Whats your motive? ”.

Clarissa was sitting on the sill of the door and taking a breath of relief when her attention was caught by the girl and she replied after getting up, ”You didn ask me this when you rushed to hit that old lord and also when you took my help ”.

”Thats because… because I wanted to pour out my anger at him. Now that he is done for, let me know if you are the same as him. Do you want my power, too? ”.

Her eyes with big dark round circle looked seriously at Clarissa as she asked about her motive.

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