A year… the whole year I spent on that island. That was traumatizing.

Clarissa let out a sigh and darted a fierce glance at dragon Von, ”If only you had given me a manual that could be learnt within a few hours, I wouldn had spent a year inside the cave and then a half year travelling in the Ehsis empire while the other half reaching the Lionet empire ”.

Dissatisfaction was written all over her face. She was furious because this damn dragon who holds a lot of treasures, didn even gave her a vehicle to travel and she has to work to earn in this odd place.

Her lips twitched as she exhaled in dismay and averted her gaze from him while frowning.

”What? Do you have something to tell me, then say so, why are you overacting and there is no such thing as easy learning ”. He urged deeply and took a deep breath to calm himself.

Clarissa harrumphed, ”But you told me that you have manuals that can teach me new skills within a few minutes ”.

”Liar ”. She muttered and crossed her arms.

That reddened the cheeks of the white dragon. His blood boiled because, it wasn the first time this girl was arguing with him on this matter and it wasn the first time either that he explained why they has to take the long route.

Again, he took a few deep breaths and after swallowing his anger, he said calmly, ”Thats because only stat points can unlock those manuals. But in the current period or the time we first met, we had no more than a few points that could only provide you with skills that could be learned in a long time ”.

”And to get enough stat points to unlock the skills, you must fight and to fight you must learn skills, so, in the end, we had to go for the hard work! ” he panted after explaining it to her and dropped his head over her shoulder, feeling tired and hungry.

”Well, this dragon king will forgive you for your foolishness, so take me to the market and feed me some delicious-delicious meal. I am hungryyy! ”.

Hearing him exaggerate the last word, Clarissa stomach grumbled.

It wasn like she didn knew why it took her two years to reach where she was now but she can help but vent her irritation on him since there wasn any other escape goat to use at all.

Her choice four years ago was to accept and make a pact with Hilden Von Finnic Ladamour, the dragon who was her last hope. She wasn going to accept it but when he talked about revenge, her blood suddenly boiled without her realizing, she was desperately wanting to seek revenge from the person, who destroyed her normal life.

”Ok, lets go. But we only have a few gold coins left. It can feed us for long ”. She said and jumped down from the cliff. The cliff which was twenty inch high, seemed nothing in front of her.

She moved gorgeously, supporting herself by kicking the small rocks of the cliff and lastly landing safely. Her hand touched the ground while the leg was spread and she slapped her hands and stood properly.

”So, are you going to hide as you used to do? Though, I don really understand that move of yours, but its ok, until it doesn cause me trouble, I am ok with it ”. Clarissa sounded mean.

Von let out a sigh and quickly transformed into a little white furry fox since if others saw a dragon on a noob neck, they might try to kill her to end the blood pact and snatch him from her.

And judging from how weak Clarissa was, she won be able to survive in a land such as Lionet where only powerful people known as wizards, gathers.

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