Name: Clarissa Colon

Race: Human

Hit Points: 667/1000

Mana: None

Divine strength: None

Contractual partner: Royal dragon Von

Level: 2

Daily quest: Match (0/5)

Available Stat Points: 40

Available Skill Points: 29

Current Exp: 225/1000

After having some food, Clarissa checked her current status window. Her status was not so good. She only had hit points and no mana or divine powers while her partner strength was pretty nice.

All they need to do was have a duel or fight someone and increase their level. With each level increase, their stat points and experience points would increase and they would get a reward.

While some had their own strength and power to fight, some depended on their contractual partner. They merge their strength at the time needed and this adds on help while fighting an opponent.

There were also some cases where people who are not from the Ehsis empire also have contractual partner while having their own powers at the same time.

But contractual partners are called egoistic, they only lend their powers to those who have no mana, divinity or spiritual strength so, those cases were very rare where contractual beasts form bond with an already powerful person.

A deep sigh escaped her lips as she looked at Von, who has stuffed himself with all the food.

Unlike her world that followed modernisation, the people in this world were still living in the medieval era. And currently while traveling to the Lionet empire, Clarissa came across the town of Calin which appeared to be a famine area.

Rough road with scarcity of water and food. Travelers were more in number than the people staying at this place.

Small inns were set at a few numbers of markets.

”I didn like the food they made here. They charge more than they should for the amount and quality of food they provided us with, ” she murmured, complaining Von about the piece of bread she got with a bowl of soup while keeping her palm under her cheeks.

Von scoffed and ignored her. It was already enough that while traveling through the odd routes they were able to get some food or else, they might have to starve for days.

”Well, how long before we reach the centre of the Lionet fiefdom? Show me the map, will you? ” she asked for the map almost forgetting that it will be shown in front of her eyes where she checks her status. ”Oh, beats me! ”.

She shook her head while realizing her mistake and let out a sigh. Even after having their meal, Clarissa was still sitting on the dining table made of woods and looked old.

Beside her, there were a few more dining tables which were fully occupied. A man in his forties stopped in front of her.

She lifted her head and her tired eyes stopped at his stern face.

He was wearing a blue turban and t-shirt with full sleeves. Not a trouser but a weird looking skirt that came down his knees. It wasn just him but everyone living there wore the same kind of dress expect for the travellers.

”You are done with eating, right? Now leave! ” he waved his hand to shoo her away. His expression showed that he was looking at a pest rather than a human.

Clarissa threw a look at Von. He was so, irritated by the impoliteness of the innkeeper that he quickly mumbled Clarissa, ”Girl, take my power and beat this dirty man. I want him on his knees ”.

Thankfully no one heard him, so it didn become a bigger mess.

She got up and slightly bowed her head, ”Ok ”.

”What!! ” Von screamed.

Clarissa grabbed him when he started to shout in shock, ”Why are you letting him off? Get this brat, beat him up and increase our level. After that, we can skip traveling by leg or getting help from another traveller ”.

That was a tempting offer. Clarissa bit her lips but shook her head.

No, need. There is no reason to start a fight because of such thing. Lets go.

She communicated through brain waves.

Its a type of communication that removes the barrier between the partners under contract so, they could speak and plan without opening their mouth.

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