Contractual System: Clarissa’s New Life

Finally at the town\'s lord home

Now she has changed her plan.

She didn grab out the sword because it was still not the time.

”Von, do one more thing. Check their strength and weapon status. Let me know how powerful they are and whether they can figure out our strength if I pretended to be weak as those girls ”. She gave him a task.

It was better than checking it for herself since it will require a bit of time while Von can do the same within a few seconds.

But rather then following her order at once, Von asked, ”So, what about the hair potion and the sword ”.

”Cancel the sword and other things will be same. Now, be quick ”.

Hmm… who is the boss here? You are ordering me around as if its you.

”Von, I can hear you! ” Clarissa let out a sigh.

”Thats because I wanted you to hear it. Now, as for your questions, here are those anima… no, I mean those guys status ”.

When she turned her eyes and looked at those two men. The status on the first appeared in front of her eyes.

Origin: Frostier wizard

Hit Points: 55/100

A sigh of relief escaped her lips and she looked at the other one, who looked relatively weaker than the first person.

Origin: Frostier wizard

Hit Points: 41/ 90

It was a relief that both of them were quite weaker than her and their origin was related to Frostier empire.

Von continued, ”Not everyone can read each other status but they can feel the power essence. But they won be able to if the other party is of higher rank and hides their ability from being seen or felt ”.

He cleared his throat and floated in the air, feeling proud for something, ”As for us, even though we are still at the second level but because I am a dragon and as a dragon, even from the first level, I have the power to hide it from others eyes. So, people will get a wrong status on us rather than the real one ”.

That means, they will believe that I am weak if they saw a fake status regarding me in front of their eyes.

Clarissa smirked. She was a bit worried since she was thinking of getting rid of this town lord who was setting his eyes on young children.

”Here is the level one hair potion! ”.

”Its a reward item and can be used only once. Don worry about it but things that you should note are – it will lose its effect in two hours and you will feel a burning sensation in your chest once it starts to lose it effect. Thats all ”.

”Now cheers on using your first tool in these two years! ”.

Von raised his hand and clapped in excitement while Clarissa drank the whole ceramic bottle.

She took a deep breath and cleared her throat, ”Now, hide back ”.

As she said that, Von disappeared into thin air but in reality, he went inside the spatial ring she was wearing and after he left, a tattoo appeared near her upper left chest.

Her platinum blond hair turned red like the hot burning fire and she started to walk toward the two men, who were taking away the two girls forcefully.

She pretended to bump into one of the men and with that, got their gazes on her sparkling red hair after she fell down on the ground.

I don think they will be fooled by this act of yours – Von.

He started to communicate through brain waves.

Just shut your freaking mouth and sit silently – Clarissa.

Oh, but I can because I forgot to ask what you were planning to do – Von.

Then completely erase it from your mind and sit back. Don disturb me when I am working – Clarissa.

As she stopped the conversation, she slowly got up and looked back at those two men, who has their eyes set at her.

”Shh… so, weak! ” the first men, who was bald mocked Clarissa, ”your hair is of my liking but, it doesn look like you
e are a fire wizard. So, unfortunately, we don need you ”.

What fire wizard!

She threw a look at those two girls and their status showed…

Origin: Fairetal wizard

This shocked her. she should have checked their status, too, before acting.

Hey, Von! Can you change our status and make it appear as if I am a fire wizard? – Clarissa.

I can. But its late. They already have checked your power essence, so, if you change it now, they will be suspicious – Von.

Clarissa sighed.

It seems her luck wasn on her side when she wanted to get rid of that town lord.

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