My name is Vic, and Im an apprentice at this bar. My master and boss Erik are preparing the bar for my first day as an apprentice in this traveling known and well-respected bar named the Phantom Cat its is a bar that only appears in another world for three days and three nights.

e restocking the bar with enough food and alcohol for us to last at least 3 to 6 months of traveling. In this bar, we serve drinks to the people of another world, where our drinks are exotic and rare to their tastes. I have just recently been hired by my boss just a few months ago, and Ive finally understood some of the basics of bartending and making cocktails.

Todays location is somewhere in the Kingdom of Revoir. A kingdom famed for being one of the best in the world that we
e visiting. And its king, King Mythros, is a regular to the bar, surprisingly.

”Ah, Sir Erik, I see you are present today. Could I have one of the best beers from your world, please? Also, make it ice cold too. ” Said King Mythros

”One pint of beer for his Majesty. Happy to see you today. ” Said Erik as he pulled the taps pouring in one cold glass of beer, then passed it to his Majesty.

”I see that theres a new boy that is helping you in the bar, Sir Erik. ” Said the king as he drank the beer.

”Hes my new apprentice. Soon he will become a full employee once he understands the ropes of my bar. ” Said Erik.

”Ah, pour me another one, Sir Erik. Say, what is your name, son? ” Said the king looking at me.

”My name is Vic, your Majesty. Im helping my master in the bar for the next few years. hopefully, I could achieve my masters expec

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