After the hectic place that is yesterday. And gaining more experience as days go by. Well to be honest Ive been only working here for 8 days. I can imagine whats next, but as soon as we arrived while I was gonna put the sign out… A man suddenly entered the bar looking very down and immediately sat on the bar stool by Masters counter.

Kinda rude suddenly entering the bar thats just about to open. But from the looks of it the person looked in pain I guess. Well better clean the tables now.

”Hey, Drac been a while. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Hi, Erik. Could you make me a drink to forget about her. ” Said Drac.

”You and your wife got into a fight? ” Said Mr. Erik.

Oh, the guy seems like he had it tough I guess.

”Hey, Vic this is the only customer well have for today. Don worry about the details just do as I say okay? ” Said Mr. Erik.

Wait really? Hes the only one? Just one customer for today?

”Hey Master why do we only have 1 customer today? ”

”Oh yeah, Drac this is my apprentice Vic. Vic this is Dracula, just call him Drac he doesn like it when you use his full name. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Been a while since Ive seen a normal human for once. ” Said Drac.

”What about me though? ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Since when did you become normal? Like since when? ” Said Drac.

”I get that a lot. Oh, by the way can you explain to Vic why you
e the only customer of this world. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Well one Im the only vampire that can withstand this mans presence. ” Said Drac.

”I see… What drink are you gonna make today Master? ”

”Ah yes Ill make one for the sad man sitting right here right now. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Hey, you calling me a sad man is a low blow dude. ” Said Drac.

Seems like the two of them are close. Is this the power of a true regular?

”Ill make something that will bring you back in shape, well kind of, but you get what I mean. ” Said Mr. Erik.

The light-hearted environment in this empty bar is filling enough that it doesn feel dead inside the quiet bar. I had to sweep up the floors for now. Ill try to keep up listening to their conversation.

”Okay, Vic you must be listening to our conversation here but do try to keep up indeed this drink will be a surprising one for him and you. The ingredients you need is celery salt, lime wedges or lemon, Vodka as our spirit, some tomatoes, horseradish, some kind of hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, smoked paprika, and ground pepper. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Hey Erik… That sounds like a food recipe are you sure thats a drink? ” Said Drac.

”Trust me on this one. First we prepare our glass, get a plate then pour on some celery salt on the plate. Then use one of your lime or lemon wedges and rub the juices of the wedge on the lip of the glass. After that you rim the glass with the celery salt you poured on the plate. Finally you fill the glass with ice and set it aside for now.

Then we prepare the drink itself. Squeeze some lime and lemon wedges on your shaker, then add vodka, tomato juice I prefer it freshly squeezed, horseradish, the hot sauce you have at hand, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, smoked paprika, and some of the celery salt. After that add ice and begin shaking but do it gently. Then strain the drink on the prepared glass we had on the side and there we go.

A drink that will remind you of who you
e part of Drac. A Bloody Mary. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Woah, this looks really different. The ingredients you used sounds like a soup recipe to be honest. ” Said Drac.

A Bloody Mary huh. Classic drink but its weird that Master offered it to him. Then again remember Master works in intricate ways I can really do a good read on his actions. Hes too unpredictable at times. I do need to up my game if Master is that unpredictable.

”Hey can I ask what kind of relationship you and Master have? Seems like you know each other too well from the looks of it. ”

”Ah, I haven told you I used to be part of his adventure team. ” Said Drac.

”Yeah, Drac was our guy when we get to sketchy situations. He was our crisis control, he gives us a heads up when problems arises and when escapes are mandatory. And he can teleport to the nearest injured person out of the battlefield. So he was also our support. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”But due to how inhumane Erik is. I don even know why hes identified as a human when clearly he has the capabilities to become a demi-god. ” Said Drac.

”Well things are complicated. Lets just say I was a gifted at the time. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Gifted? Heck, you
e more like a monster if this kid saw you at your full potential. ” Said Drac.

”Lets not scare my apprentice Im no longer that active as before. Though I can still feel the Goddesss gifts. But now I just do cocktails for other worlds. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Yeah, naming your bar the Phantom Cat really does give respect to our adventuring days. Also damn, this Bloody Mary is great. Can you make me more of it? ” Said Drac.

”Sure thing more Bloody Marys coming up. ” Said Mr. Erik.

From the looks of it I can be really get surprised anymore. Master has gone through a lot of adventures and trials. I can really reach his level of potential but since Im just a normal human. I can really reach the levels of experience like my Master. So the best case I can do is just learn as much as I can while I live.

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