Me and my Master is about to finish for the day and preparing to leave for our first world transfer. After a good 3 days and 2 nights. This is gonna be our last night with these customers seeing them drinking their hearts out is a sight to see.

Some of them are sad because we
e gonna leave by tomorrow morning and won be back for a while until the next shift. It is tragic that we have to do this every few days. But my Master said that.

3 days and 3 nights is enough for a place to remember your foothold here in this world. Those were the words he told me when explaining me why we have to leave every time we shift worlds. Everyone from the kingdom is crowding around the bar since its gonna be a long night and a long goodbye for them.

”Vic, you okay handling more of the customers over there? ” Said Mr. Erik.

”I can handle them over here just fine. ” While I was serving the majority of the customers their pints.

The bar is very lively at the very last moment before we transfer out as what my Master told me before I got hired. I can imagine how he would handle this bar with this many people every last night. But then again this is his pride and joy and he has been serving drinks for a lot of people for years now.

”Seems like you
e happy on seeing everyone drinking there, Vic. ” Said Mr. Erik as he pats me on the shoulder.

”Master! You surprised me there. ”

”Soon Vic this bar will be your legacy too. Now, not that Im implying that you would take over it. But this will be a common sight to you everyday working here. ” Said Mr. Erik.

I see the small joys seeing those happy customers drinking away to their last pints before we leave by the time the clock strikes 10 pm everyone leaves giving their farewell gifts as well. The warm fuzzy feeling of the bar slowly fades into a cherished memory until the next cycle I guess.

”Alright Vic. Time to prepare for the transfer you ready? The next realm will be unknown to us and I don know which world is next but I know this is gonna be your first time on this long journey so brace yourself well be transferring now. ”

I sat down on a chair while I feel the room shifting in directions I can tell but I know we
e moving across worlds and realms. Master looks so unfazed right now but knowing he owns this bar and he has been working here for 20+ years or so probably made him used to the forces Im feeling it right now.

I was looking at the wall decoration filled with pictures of worlds my Master went to. I stared at the wall trying to not get motion sickness. My Master looked smug at me while I try not to hurl from the feeling of transferring since its different from transferring from the real world to the kingdom.

”Vic you feel sick? ” Said Mr. Erik while being smug.

”Master do we have to do this every 4th day? ”

”Yes, you have to experience more cross-world transport to get used to it. Oh by the time we stop check the outside world and explain the details of it to know where we are, okay? ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Wait, we haven stopped? ”

”Well I haven asked you to go outside yet did I? ” Said Mr. Erik.

Well from the looks of it this is gonna be a long journey. Im curious on how Master could handle this easily hes not even moving while I feel my insides moving from the forces we
e going through.

e arriving soon Vic you better prepare to scout out and prepare the sign as well. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Wi-will do… ” I feel sick from my first cross-dimension travel. I went outside to look around and… Woah… The view is amazing being on a grassy plains with a river nearby this is an interesting world with small creatures walking around by the grasslands.

I place the sign outside and opened up the bar for today after that I headed back inside. To check with Master to report on where we are.

”We seems to be in a grassy plains Master. You have any idea where this is? ”

”Ah, I see we
e in this world. Well meet a regular pretty soon she knows this world pretty well. Don worry this is not some very high ranking person trust me. ” Said Mr. Erik.

After taking that into note some customers entered the bar and had a slow day for our opening day here in this world. Which is odd I guess since back in the real world people usually flock around a newly opened bar to check if the place is nice. I guess this world we went to is different.

A few hours later into the shift…

A beautiful woman entered seemingly dressed for the night. And immediately started hitting on Master as soon as she sat on the bar stool. Quite surprising my Master attracts the ladies at that age.

”You know kid I can read your mind. Your master right here is as young as ever. ” Said the lady

”Oh please that was years ago Lea. Im pass my prime already. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Wait Master. Is she the regular you were talking about? ”

”Yes, Vic well it might a common sight for you in the next few weeks. But shes Queen Lea the Queen of the Plains. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Well now you haven aged that bad Erik. As a former hero you know better than that. ” Said Queen Lea.

”Oh, WAIT! MASTER YOURE A FORMER HERO?! ” I must be mishearing that. Master has been working on the bar through out his life he couldn be.

”Well, I was a Hero… 150 years ago that is. ” Said Mr. Erik as he gets embarrassed on how long that was ago.

No fricking way. Thats impossible, Master couldn be over 200 years old by now. Hes human he clearly looks one.

”Now now Vic is your name right? Erik here has been blessed by a goddess at one point and extended his life at a length longer than a human would normally live in. ” Said Queen Lea.

Well this workplace has certainly gotten different the more I stay here but I have to get used to it since Im gonna be working here full time.

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