CrossWorld Mixology Bartending For Another World

A Queen, A Former Hero, And A Newbie In A Bar.

Its been a day now in the realm of the Plains and Queen Lea has been a regular here for two days now. Things took a lot of sudden turn after learning that Master used to be a hero. But why would he take bartending as a retirement plan?

”Say Master why did you take bartending after retiring as a hero? ”

”Well Vic, its a complicated and long story but I was once a hero when I was transferred from our real world. I adventured across worlds but then I reached the point where all of the worlds I visited are now at peace so I decided to retire and Lea here used to be part of my party as a mage. ” Said Mr. Erik.

That took a different turn. He saved multiple worlds and Queen Lea used to be a party member of his group. But its nice that he managed to made the world a whole more peaceful than it is. Its quite nice I suppose.

”Hey, Erik why not you make me a drink. Something you use to give me when we
e adventuring. ” Said Queen Lea.

Master nodded and started to grab a Collins glass, gin, some simple syrup, some lemons, soda water, and ice. He started with pouring a mix of gin, simple syrup, and by squeezing some fresh lemons to make lemon juice. Then he added ice cubes then to top it off with soda water. After that he added the garnish of a maraschino cherry and a slice of lemon.

”Here your majesty, a favorite of yours. A Tom Collins. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Woah, it just looks like the one I drank when we were travelling. ” Said Queen Lea.

”You always say that when I serve you. That drink of yours. ” Said Erik

”Well, its always nice to say it because you only visit me every few months. And that I only drink 2-4 glasses of this magnificent drink of yours from your world. ” Said Queen Lea.

Seems like the two of them are really colleagues. While they
e busy I was serving some of the customers while they were noticing the two talking to each other.

”Hey look ain that the Hero? ” Said by one of the customers.

”Yeah, I heard the Queen and him used to be lovers too. ” Said by another customer.

”Well its not surprising since she always visit him when its our worlds time to have Phantom Cat around. ” Said one of the regulars.

Seems like they are quite a popular duo this night. Well that means Master has some reliable friends out there some where so in a unknown world at least I can feel safe being in a place I never been before.

”Hey, Kid you
e the new employee of the Hero right? ” Said an Old man as I was serving him drinks.

”Yes, why? ”

”The Hero is a nice guy you looked so tensed up working right now. You have to relax there kid you know that man saved my life at one point and he was just like you when he first became a hero. You have to understand how to relax or you might break glass if you
e anxious. ” Said the Old man.

”I see so I just have to relax. Well then thanks for the tip. ”

I guess I was too concerned being in another world that I forgot I have to serve people drinks. The 2nd day and night was a pretty breezy one and its pretty lively for our second day with Master busy with Queen Lea probably keep check with times since they haven seen each other for a while which is pretty reasonable.

There is a surprising amount of customers today from the looks of it. The Old man from yesterday was there also seemingly cheering me on from the distance as my work is a bit hard since I handle most of the customers and regulars. But since Master has been running this bar for more than 20 years now from what he told me at least but I can handle it as well.

”More pints here kid! ” Said one of the customers.

”Coming right up! ”

Well I have more work to do then. From the looks of it at least.

”Seems like you hired a good kid. ” Said Queen Lea as she was looking at Vics working.

”Well he reminded me when I was just a beginner. I did a lot of jobs like him, did a lot of quests, it was tiring but it was well worth the experience of being on the edge. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”You gonna raise him like your own? Will he get and adopt your style that gentlemen style you have. ” Said Queen Lea.

”We can tell but the kid has something going for him. I might teach him a few tricks here and there but he can figure things out on his own. Look at him making drinks and serving them to customers. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”As the former Hero of multiple worlds what do you think of him if he took on your Hero legacy? ” Said Queen Lea in a formal voice.

”Well as the former hero of many worlds. I would take that young man as my pupil and will be taught under my supervision to turn him into a very capable bartender. ” Said Mr. Erik in a formal voice.

I guess they were talking about me. Seeing them laughing and enjoying the night is nice and from the looks of it Master started doing some of his part making it a bit easier to serve the many customers for happy hour right now.

A lot of people are celebrating some kind of celebration one way or the other. Some are drinking after work. Some are just here to relax and unwind which is unusual for me to be honest. Will I see more unusual people from here on out. From the looks of it pretty much what Ive signed up for and what can I expect Master used to be a Hero of many worlds.

Thats a lot of promise I have to fulfill to get my Masters respect. So for now doing my best is the utmost importance.

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