Third day rises and the sun shines down on the great green plains. Ruled by Queen Lea also known as the Lady in Green. And shes a regular at my Masters bar the Phantom Cat. Her favorite drink is Tom Collins specifically made by Master himself the drink must be made by him. Rumor states that she used to be a lover of Master but that seems to be true from the way they communicate.

But from what Master told me she was really was an ex-lover of Master. But from the looks of it they
e in great terms probably because they had different goals at hand that they separated. Seems pretty reasonable for a break up if you asked me. Since itll benefit both of their futures in their own ways.

”Hey Vic we need more pints here! ” Said one of the regulars.

Well even in the day theres still a lot of customers most are travelers stopping by for a drink. Since conveniently we
e placed along the path towards the Kingdom of the Plains. Lots of different strangers every few minutes its a great view on how many people enters the bar without any problem.

Meanwhile Master and Queen Lea are still having their time over at the counter.

”Seems like your pupil is staring at us again. ” Said Queen Lea.

”Well let him have his observations. The kid makes a observation diary just recently hes probably learning stuff along the way which is not bad ain it right? ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Yeah, say can you make me a different drink this time I know you have more than just my favorite drink right? Give me a drink that reminds me of breezy summer. ” Said Queen Lea.

”Summer, huh? I have a drink for that. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Show me your magic Erik. ” Said Queen Lea.

”Firstly we need our shaker right here and our ingredients which consists of mint leaves, rum, lime juice, soda water, and simple syrup so we can begin our drink. To begin our drink you grab a couple of mint leaves and a drizzle of simple syrup onto our shaker then we muddle it in with our muddler here. We get those mint extracts and that sugar mixed in real well.

Then we add our rum, lime juice, and ice to our shaker and we shall begin the shaking. Next is to get a highball glass a bit wider than a Collins glass. On it we add fresh ice then we strain the drink from our shaker to our highball glass then to top it off we put soda water. Then we garnish with a lime wheel and some more mint leaves and voila. A Mojito. ” Said Mr. Erik

”Ooh, its a bit green. It reminds of the forest. Well then lets try this Mojito of yours Erik. ” Said Queen Lea as she takes a sip from the straw.

”Whats it like to drink summer? ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Its very refreshing. Wow, Erik this is a different feeling. I like this new drink well from the looks of it I can feel it that youve been making this drink a lot back then. ” Said Queen Lea.

”Glad that you liked it. Its unusual for you to drink other cocktails than just Tom Collins. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Erik… When will we come back together? ” Said Queen Lea twirling her fingers on the counter.

”Well you know I can do that right Lea. You and I maybe ex-lovers and I did love you with all I had when we were adventuring. Sometimes we have to be the better person than we think we are. I know its hard for me to accept this but it has been over 100 years now we can still be colleagues. Don worry your drinks are always free for me. ” Said Erik

”I guess that will do. ” As Queen Lea lunges forward to kiss Mr. Erik on the cheek.

”Thats for making me wait so long Erik. ” Said Queen Lea.

Meanwhile back to Vic.

Seems like she still loves Master. From the looks of it he served her a Mojito which is a very nice drink.

”Hey look ain that her Majesty? ”

”Yeah and thats the Former Hero. ”

”Seems like the rumors are true being that the Former Hero was Her Majestys ex-lover. ”

”What a sight to behold. Truly living legends I wish I could have seen them in their former glory. ”

The customers are taking the notice of the twos public display of affection. The more this bar gets interesting the more I get motivated to work harder. Since Ill from the looks of it at least learning a lot from Master.

Night falls after a few hours in. And more people flocked in since this is gonna be our last night here before we move again. Happy hour is upon us and a lot of people are drinking. I must keep up with the demand and the amount of customers piling on. Master on the other hand is already handing out pints after pints.

I mustn slow down as well. I have to do my best as well, since from the looks of theres more people here than the 3rd night at last kingdom we went to. I didn expect that the bar would be this crowded though this is the first time Ive seen this many people apart from clubs from our real world.

Me and Master worked our butts off for the entire happy hour until the bar settled down to a few regulars again while Queen Lea observes us from the distance sipping her Mojitos. From the looks of it she got her eyes on Master as usual.

”Hey, Im not just eyeing your Master. Im observing everyone here. ” Said Queen Lea as she pouts.

”Well some one is a sourpuss. Don worry Vic shes not planning anything shes just interested on how you are trying to grow up to my expectations. ” Said Mr. Erik

”I see… Wait? You know I was trying my best? ” I was flustered that he knows this.

”Well your movements is pretty obvious you don need mind reading to know that. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Oh, look at the time. Its closing time see you soon again Erik. Don forget about me. ” Said Queen Lea.

”How would I forget anyone Lea. Be safe out there. ” Said Mr. Erik.

So this is how they say their goodbyes. It is indeed sad to see your past loved one leaving so soon. But we have a business to run. And Master isn stopping here since we have to satisfy other people. And here we go again with the cross world travel I might hurl again.

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