After a long travel while not trying to hurl. I did what Master told me to do when we arrive at a new world. Check around the surroundings and what place we
e in. From the looks of it a bit gloomy, we probably arrived during a rainy day.

The rain seems to have stopped and mostly just grey skies now and that I could see sunlight from a distance but the place we
e in is a bit populated from the looks of it. Houses looked pretty uptown in their designs seems similar to our real world. But after seeing some elves walking around this might be a bit different.

”Seems like a weird time for us to open. But I had to open for today since we don ever close at any weather Id be bad if we did. ” While I was talking to myself after adjusting the sign.

When a vehicle pulled up with 6 guys in black suits came out. This sounds trouble from the looks of it. Oh boy they
e walking towards me, better prepare myself.

”Hey are you open? ” Said one of the suspicious men.

”Y-yes? Are you h-here for a drink? ” Man its hard not to stutter in the presence of these guys.

”Sure we
e here just to order some drinks on to go. ”

As they enter the bar with some kind of malicious intent and sat down a bit disorganized as my Master approached them so I headed behind the counter to observe.

”What brings you here to this fine establishment gentlemen? ” Said Mr. Erik while smiling.

e here to order some of your finest alcohol in this joint. Boss ordered at least 3 cases of your finest spirits do it quickly or no one gets hurt, because we don have a lot of time in our hands. ” Said the representative of the mysterious group.

From the looks of it they look like mafia members… Wait are they?

”Vic, get a trolley give them 3 cases of the prelabeled boxes in the back. ” Said Mr. Erik while staring at the mysterious man.

”Will do Master. ”

For now I have to do what Master says to prevent any problems I don want any fights. Even though I know Master is a Former Hero he probably has a plan if things get hairy. I have to move these boxes and give it to them as quickly but safely as possible.

Man these are heavy cases of alcohol. They are hefty for just glass, good thing we have trolleys here. I can imagine my back breaking if I carry them 1-by-1.

”Heres the cases. ” As I show them the cases of alcohol.

”There we go, boys carry them to the car we
e leaving. ” Said the suspicious man.

”But you hav- ” Master stopped me mid-way by blocking my chest.

”Don worry about them, Vic. Lets get back to work. ” Said Mr. Erik.

Thankfully they did leave immediately.

”Why didn you charge them money? ”

”Well like I said don worry about it. Put a bit of trust in your Master, Vic. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”If you say so. ”

After that intense first impression of this world. I guess times can be rough for beginnings. I wrote down the experience I had on my diary for now since it was a slow day for this world. From the looks of it at least this world we came to is a bit on the shady side of things.

But then again Master isn fazed by it. Well what can I expect for a Former Hero of Multiple Worlds. He probably encountered more sketchier places than this. I need to learn this stoicism of his so I could handle situations like this.

But from the looks of it I haven heard what this world is about since I never told Master whats this place is.

”Hey Master do you have idea on where we are? ”

”Oh, I guess you never told me where we are. We
e in a place filled with families, both dangerous and harmless kind. Lets just say this world is similar to our real world the difference is that society is stuck in the 1920s so Mafias are very rampant in this world. Be careful on who you bump into when walking around here or youll be dead.

There was a monster that used to rule this world that kept everyone at war to each other. He was the one initiating the constant war between Mafias. We slayed the monster and thats that. The place has become quieter than ever before but wars between families aren that uncommon. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”I See so thats how this world works. ”

”Yes, it runs with families in mind. You get to be rough on the edges to survive here. But since we
e just Bartenders they usually don mess with us as long as we provide what they need. They have a code of word here so you can trust their word since if you double-cross anyone here youll be publicly executed. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Sounds harsh but I guess people here have pride on their families. ”

As the first night came by more people came to drink seems like theyll only come to bars at night. Which is not bad to be honest. The difference is everyone is uncomfortably quiet or at least only talking within their limited spaces.

Well seems like this is gonna be a long one here. And oddly enough I feel a bit relaxed for some reason. Maybe because theres no one shouting refills or loud laughs. Here they communicated by hand gestures which I quickly caught on the trend.

I feel like working a bit more serious from the vibe they
e radiating. I don know if this is okay for me or not. Master is a bit more calmer than usual as well he looks smooth mixing drinks with no signs of slowing down.

I guess this is gonna be a long and quiet 3 days and nights of my life. Hopefully nothing too sketchy happens or at worst a fight between families here.

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